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Yeats S Worlds

Author : David Pierce
ISBN : 0300063237
Genre : Poetry
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Author : Richard J. Finneran
ISBN : 0472113348
Genre : Literary Criticism
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The most recent volume of this distinguished annual

W B Yeats And World Literature

Author : Barry Sheils
ISBN : 9781317000785
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 85. 17 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Arguing for a reconsideration of William Butler Yeats’s work in the light of contemporary studies of world literature, Barry Sheils shows how reading Yeats enables a fuller understanding of the relationship between the extensive map of world literary production and the intensities of poetic practice. Yeats’s appropriation of Japanese Noh theatre, his promotion of translations of Rabindranath Tagore and Shri Purohit Swãmi, and his repeated ventures into American culture signalled his commitment to moving beyond Europe for his literary reference points. Sheils suggests that a reexamination of the transnational character of Yeats's work provides an opportunity to reflect critically on the cosmopolitan assumptions of world literature, as well as on the politics of modernist translation. Through a series of close and contextual readings, the book demonstrates how continuing global debates around the crises of economic liberalism and democracy, fanaticism, asymmetric violence, and bioethics were reflected in the poet's formal and linguistic concerns. Challenging orthodox readings of Yeats as a late-romantic nationalist, W.B. Yeats and World Literature: The Subject of Poetry makes a compelling case for reading Yeats’s work in the context of its global modernity.

Yeats S Heroic Figures

Author : Michael A. Steinman
ISBN : 0873956982
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 23. 25 MB
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Heroic man and "the lies of history," the myths that surrounded them, were vital to the Irish poet William Butler Yeats. This study examines the four Anglo-Irish historical figures who dominated his life and art: Oscar Wilde, Charles Stewart Parnell, Jonathan Swift, and Roger Casement. All were creators--whether they conceived their life artistically, conceived an intellectual vision of Ireland free, or made lasting art. Their powers were matched by the magnitude of their defeat, for all, except Swift, were violently crucified by the mob for their irregular private lives. In defeat, however, they revealed transcendent heroism, as they faced their enemies with aristocratic disdain and unfailing bravery. Their constantly recreated heroic images inspired and haunted Yeats in art and politics, showed him ways to remake himself and to reconcile his devotion to art with his duty to Ireland. Yeats's Heroic Figures traces the intersections of the vivid figures in the "human drama" Yeats saw as history from 1883 to 1938, and considers their shaping forces upon Yeats's art, philosophy, and life. It is the first study to consider these four heroes together, and it brings to light much material previously neglected in comprehensive studies of Yeats.

The Irish Ulysses

Author : Maria Tymoczko
ISBN : 9780520330238
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 72. 82 MB
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This title is part of UC Press's Voices Revived program, which commemorates University of California Press’s mission to seek out and cultivate the brightest minds and give them voice, reach, and impact. Drawing on a backlist dating to 1893, Voices Revived makes high-quality, peer-reviewed scholarship accessible once again using print-on-demand technology. This title was originally published in 1994.

Restless Secularism

Author : Matthew Mutter
ISBN : 9780300221732
Genre : Literature, Modern
File Size : 49. 36 MB
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Cover -- Half Title -- Title -- Copyright -- Contents -- Acknowledgments -- List of Abbreviations -- Introduction: Modernist Secularism and Its Discontents -- ONE: "The World Was Paradise Malformed": Poetic Language, Anthropomorphism, and Secularism in Wallace Stevens -- TWO: "Tangled in a Golden Mesh": Virginia Woolf and the "Deceptiveness" of Beauty -- THREE: "Homer Is My Example": Yeats, Paganism, and the Emotions -- FOUR: "The Power to Enchant That Comes from Disillusion": W.H. Auden's Anti-Magical Poetics -- Conclusion: Evil and the Adequacy of the Earth -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Credits -- Index -- A -- B -- C -- D -- E -- F -- G -- H -- I -- J -- K -- L -- M -- N -- O -- P -- R -- S -- T -- U -- V -- W -- Y

Did External Barriers Cause The Marginalization Of Sub Saharan Africa In World Trade?

Author : Azita Amjadi
ISBN : 0821338269
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 63. 20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Urban Management Programme Paper No. 20. Reviews the specific actions that municipalities and city governments may take in contributing to urban poverty reduction. The paper highlights example of issues, options, and constraints that urban governments must address in fighting poverty. It focuses on municipalities and other city-level government entities as a critical institutional level of intervention. Other language editions available: French--Stock No. 13814 (ISBN 0-8213-3814-5); English--Stock No. 13716 (ISBN 0-8213-3716-5).

Celtic Culture A Celti

Author :
ISBN : 9781851094400
Genre : Civilization, Celtic
File Size : 86. 87 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Mandelstam S Worlds

Author : Andrew Kahn
ISBN : 9780192599834
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 37. 43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Rightly appreciated as a 'poet's poet', Mandelstam has been habitually read as a repository of learned allusion. Yet as Seamus Heaney observed, his work is 'as firmly rooted in both an historical and cultural context as real as Joyce's Ulysses or Eliot's Waste Land.' Great lyric poets offer a cross-section of their times, and Mandelstam's poems represent the worlds of politics, history, art, and ideas about intimacy and creativity. The interconnections between these domains and Mandelstam's writings are the subject of this book, showing how engaged the poet was with the history, social movements, political ideology, and aesthetics of his time. The importance of the book also lies in showing how literature, no less than history and philosophy, enables readers to confront the huge upheaval in outlook can demand of us; thinking with poetry is to think through the moral compromise and tension felt by individuals in public and private contexts, and to create out of art experience in itself. The book further innovates by integrating a new, comprehensive discussion of the Voronezh Notebooks, one of the supreme achievements of Russian poetry. This book considers the full political dimension of works that explore the role of the poet as a figure positioned within society but outside the state, caught between an ideal of creative independence and a devotion to the original, ameliorative ideals of the revolution.

In Other Worlds

Author : Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
ISBN : 9781135070816
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 70. 15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In this classic work, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, one of the leading and most influential cultural theorists working today, analyzes the relationship between language, women and culture in both Western and non-Western contexts. Developing an original integration of powerful contemporary methodologies – deconstruction, Marxism and feminism – Spivak turns this new model on major debates in the study of literature and culture, thus ensuring that In Other Worlds has become a valuable tool for studying our own and other worlds of culture.

W B Yeats S A Vision

Author : Neil Mann
ISBN : 9780983533924
Genre :
File Size : 51. 26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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W. B. Yeats's "A Vision": Explications and Contexts' is the first volume of essays devoted to 'A Vision' and the associated system developed by W. B. Yeats and his wife, George. 'A Vision' is all-encompassing in its stated aims and scope, and it invites a wide range of approaches-asdemonstrated in the essays collected here, written by the foremost scholars in the field. The first six essays present explications of broader themes in 'A Vision' itself: the system's general principles; incarnate life and the Faculties; discarnate life and the Principles; how Yeats relates his own work to other philosophical approaches; and his consideration of the historical process.A further three essays include an examination of the elusive 'Thirteenth Cone', a consideration of astrological features in the automatic script, and a view of the poetry within 'A Vision'. The final five essays look at contextual themes, whether of collaboration and influence-between husband, wife,and spirits, or with another poet-or the gender perspective within these interrelations, the historical context of Golden-Dawn occultism or the broader political context of fascism in the 1920s and 1930s. Throughout, the different contributors take a variety of stances with regard to texts and theautomatic script. This is an important contribution to Yeats scholarship in general and a landmark in studies of 'A Vision'.

Actual Minds Possible Worlds

Author : Jerome Bruner
ISBN : 9780674253131
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 66. 44 MB
Format : PDF
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In this characteristically graceful and provocative book, Jerome Bruner, one of the principal architects of the cognitive revolution, sets forth nothing less than a new agenda for the study of mind. According to Professor Bruner, cognitive science has set its sights too narrowly on the logical, systematic aspects of mental life—those thought processes we use to solve puzzles, test hypotheses, and advance explanations. There is obviously another side to the mind—a side devoted to the irrepressibly human acts of imagination that allow us to make experience meaningful. This is the side of the mind that leads to good stories, gripping drama, primitive myths and rituals, and plausible historical accounts. Bruner calls it the “narrative mode,” and his book makes important advances in the effort to unravel its nature. Drawing on recent work in literary theory, linguistics, and symbolic anthropology, as well as cognitive and developmental psychology, Professor Bruner examines the mental acts that enter into the imaginative creation of possible worlds, and he shows how the activity of imaginary world making undergirds human science, literature, and philosophy, as well as everyday thinking, and even our sense of self. Over twenty years ago, Jerome Bruner first sketched his ideas about the mind’s other side in his justly admired book, On Knowing: Essays for the Left Hand. Actual Minds, Possible Worlds can be read as a sequel to this earlier work, but it is a sequel that goes well beyond its predecessor by providing rich examples of just how the mind’s narrative mode can be successfully studied. The collective force of these examples points the way toward a more humane and subtle approach to the investigation of how the mind works.

Poems About The Natural World

Author : Evan Voboril
ISBN : 9781406272901
Genre : American poetry
File Size : 41. 35 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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"This book invites the reader to jump into a selection of poems about the natural world written by people from different places and times. It gives the reader the keys needed to unlock poems. It equips the reader to explore the meanings that a poem has, and it explains the techniques poets use to create their effects" --

Journey To Diverse Microbial Worlds

Author : Joseph Seckbach
ISBN : 9789401142694
Genre : Science
File Size : 48. 31 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In this Journey to Microbial Worlds we present the diversity of microorganisms, from the state of fossil microbes in Archaean age rocks to the possibilities of extraterrestrial life. This volume discusses the extremophiles living in harsh environments (from our anthropocentric point) and describes them in considerable detail. Some chapters also review topics such as symbiosis, bacterial luminescence, methanogens, and petroleum-grown cells. The final chapters of this book shed new light on astrobiology and speculate on extremophiles as candidates for extraterrestrial life. All chapters are updated to the latest research level.

Yeats S Political Identities

Author : Jonathan Allison
ISBN : 0472104454
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 66. 77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Collects some of the most trenchant essays of the last three decades on Yeats's politics

Irish Poetry Politics History Negotiation

Author : S. Matthews
ISBN : 9781349252909
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 58. 70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The award of the 1995 Nobel Prize for Literature to Seamus Heaney recognized not only the aesthetic achievement of his work, but also its political urgency. Here Steven Matthews presents a genealogy of Irish poetry which centres upon Heaney's recent preoccupation with the relations between poetry, politics and history. Writing from the perspective of Irish critical responses to the poetry, he discusses a wide range of work from John Hewitt through Heaney himself to Paul Muldoon. All of these poets have been inspired directly or indirectly by the situation in the North of Ireland. Placing the poems in their historical context, the author also analyses how these poets have reacted to the influence of W.B. Yeats. This important book offers a new approach to Irish poetry, linking it for the first time to the crucial political and historical events which lie at its centre.

Edward Thomas And World Literary Studies

Author : Andrew Webb
ISBN : 9781783162833
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 51. 92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Edward Thomas and World Literary Studies offers a revelatory re-reading of Edward Thomas. Adapting Pascale Casanova’s vision of ‘world literature’ as a system of competing national traditions, this study analyses Thomas’s appropriation of Anglocentric British literary culture at key moments of historical crisis in the twentieth century: after the First World War, either side of the Second World War, and with the resumption of war in Ireland in the 1970s. It shows how the dominant assumptions underpinning the discipline of English Literature marginalise the Welshness of Thomas’s work, before combining this revised ‘world literature’ model with fresh archival research to reveal how Thomas’s reading of Welsh culture – its barddas, folk and literary traditions – is central both to his creation of an innovative body of poetry and to his extensive, and relatively neglected, prose. This study is groundbreaking in its contribution to recent debates about devolution and independence for Britain’s constituent nations.

Picture World

Author : Rachel Teukolsky
ISBN : 9780198859734
Genre : Art
File Size : 56. 23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The modern media world came into being in the nineteenth century, when machines were harnessed to produce texts and images in unprecedented numbers. In the visual realm, new industrial techniques generated a deluge of affordable pictorial items, mass-printed photographs, posters, cartoons, and illustrations. These alluring objects of the Victorian parlor were miniaturized spectacles that served as portals onto phantasmagoric versions of 'the world.' Although new kinds of pictures transformed everyday life, these ephemeral items have received remarkably little scholarly attention. Picture World shines a welcome new light onto these critically neglected yet fascinating visual objects. They serve as entryways into the nineteenth century's key aesthetic concepts. Each chapter pairs a new type of picture with a foundational keyword in Victorian aesthetics, a familiar term reconceived through the lens of new media. 'Character' appears differently when considered with caricature, in the new comics and cartoons appearing in the mass press in the 1830s; likewise, the book approaches 'realism' through pictorial journalism; 'illustration' via illustrated Bibles; 'sensation' through carte-de-visite portrait photographs; 'the picturesque' by way of stereoscopic views; and 'decadence' through advertising posters. Picture World studies the aesthetic effects of the nineteenth century's media revolution: it uses the relics of a previous era's cultural life to interrogate the Victorian world's most deeply-held values, arriving at insights still relevant in our own media age.

Border States In The Work Of Tom Mac Intyre

Author : Catriona Ryan
ISBN : 9781443836715
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 21. 11 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This work analyses the prose and drama of the Irish writer Tom Mac Intyre and the concept of paleo-postmodernism. It examines how Mac Intyre balances traditional themes with experimentation, which in the Irish literary canon is unusual. This book argues that Mac Intyre’s position in the Irish literary canon is an idiosyncratic one in that he combines two contrary aspects of Irish literature: between what Beckett terms as the Yeatsian ‘antiquarians’ who valorize the ‘Victorian Gael’ and the ‘others’ whose aesthetic involves a European-influenced ‘breakdown of the object’ which is associated with Beckett. Mac Intyre’s experimentation involves a breakdown of the object in order to uncover an unconscious Irish mythological and linguistic space in language. His approach to language experimentation is Yeatsian and this is what the author terms as paleo-postmodern. Thus the project considers how Mac Intyre incorporates Yeatsian revivalism with postmodern deconstruction in his drama and short stories.

Contemporary Literary Critics

Author : NA NA
ISBN : 9781349814756
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 78. 72 MB
Format : PDF
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A reference guide to the work of 115 modern British and American critics.

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