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Urban Rituals In Sacred Landscapes In Hellenistic Asia Minor

Author : Christina G. Williamson
ISBN : 9004461272
Genre : Cities and towns, Ancient
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"In Urban Rituals in Sacred Landscapes in Hellenistic Asia Minor, Christina G. Williamson examines the phenomenon of monumental sanctuaries in the countryside of Asia Minor that accompanied the second rise of the Greek city-state in the Hellenistic period. Moving beyond monolithic categories, Williamson provides a transdisciplinary frame of analysis that takes into account the complex local histories, landscapes, material culture, and social and political dynamics of such shrines in their transition towards becoming prestigious civic sanctuaries. This frame of analysis is applied to four case studies: the sanctuaries of Zeus Labraundos, Sinuri, Hekate at Lagina, and Zeus Panamaros. All in Karia, these well-documented shrines offer valuable insights for understanding religious strategies adopted by emerging cities as they sought to establish their position in the expanding world"--

Ritual And Economy In Metropolitan China

Author : Carsten Herrmann-Pillath
ISBN : 9780429748950
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 63. 51 MB
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This book focuses on Shenzhen, one of China’s most globalized metropolises, a leading centre of high-tech industries and, as a melting pot of migrants from all over China, a place of vibrant cultural creativity. While in the early stages of Shenzhen’s development this vibrant cultural creativity was associated with the resilience of traditional social structures in Shenzhen’s migrant ‘urban villages’, today these structures undergird dynamic entrepreneurship and urban self-organization throughout Shenzhen, and have gradually merged with the formal structures of urban governance and politics. This book examines these developments, showing how important traditional social structures and traditional Chinese culture have been for China’s economic modernization. The book goes on to draw out the implications of this for the future of Chinese culture and Chinese economic engagement in a globalized world.

The Peoples Of Anatolia

Author : Jeremy LaBuff
ISBN : 9789004519510
Genre : History
File Size : 56. 71 MB
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This work critiques studies of the peoples of Anatolia that overestimate the importance of regional ethnic identities and explain cultural change via Hellenization, instead highlighting local forms of belonging and non-binary views of cultural dynamics.

Sacred Thresholds The Door To The Sanctuary In Late Antiquity

Author : Emilie M. van Opstall
ISBN : 9789004369009
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 23. 78 MB
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Sacred Thresholds. The Door to the Sanctuary in Late Antiquity offers a far-reaching account of liminal spaces within Christian and pagan sanctuaries, with interdisciplinary and diachronic perspectives on the experience of those who crossed from the worldly to the divine, both physically and symbolically.

Economy Of The Sacred In Hellenistic And Roman Asia Minor

Author : Beate Dignas
ISBN : 9780191581960
Genre :
File Size : 62. 57 MB
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This original study challenges the idea that sanctuaries in Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor were fully institutionalized within the poleis that hosted them. Examining the forms of interaction between rulers, cities, and sanctuaries, the book proposes a triangular relationship in which the rulers often acted as mediators between differing interests of city and cult. A close analysis of the epigraphical evidence illustrates that neither the Hellenistic kings nor the representatives of Roman rule appropriated the property of the gods but actively supported the functioning of the sanctuaries and their revenues. The powerful role of the sanctuaries was to a large extent based on economic features, which the sanctuaries possessed precisely because of their religious character. Nevertheless, a study of the finances of the cults reveals frequent problems concerning the upkeep of cults and a particular need to guard the privileges and property of the gods. Their situation oscillated between glut and dearth. When the harmonious identity between city and cult was disturbed, those closely attached to the cult acted on behalf of their domain.

Experiencing Dodona

Author : Diego Chapinal-Heras
ISBN : 9783110727722
Genre : Religion
File Size : 62. 54 MB
Format : PDF
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A monograph concerning the sanctuary of Dodona and its role in the political context of Epirus might be a remarkable input. Located in a region that has received more interest in the last years, this book attempts to analyze the way the shrine evolved in connection with the political developments of its surrounding region. The study employs a diachronic perspective and emphasizes throughout that religion was a dynamic, not a static, phenomenon. The chronology of this research extends from the Archaic to Hellenistic periods. Its key novelty is that it offers an entirely new holistic approach to an ancient religious site by considering its polyfunctionality. At the same time that it presents a state-of-the-art analysis of the shrine of Dodona and contributes with a new theory concerning the function of some structures located in the sacred area, it also highlights the close connection between a settlement and its region. For this reason, the aim is to become a reference work that allows continuing the current trend of studies focused on Epirus, a territory traditionally considered as secondary.

Cityscapes And Monuments Of Western Asia Minor

Author : Eva Mortensen
ISBN : 9781785708398
Genre : History
File Size : 89. 41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Cityscapes consist of houses, streets, civic buildings, sanctuaries, tombs, monuments, and inscriptions created by multiple generations of citizens and foreigners with an interest in the city; they are interpreted and reinterpreted as expressions of past lives, changing relations of power, memories, and various identities. The present volume publishes 25 contributions written by scholars specializing in the history and archaeology of western Asia Minor. New and well-known material – literary, epigraphical, numismatic, and archaeological – is presented and analyzed through the twin lenses of memory and identity. The contributions cover more than 1000 years of cultural diversity during changing political systems, from the Lydian and Persian hegemony in the Archaic period through Athenian supremacy and Persian satrapal rule in the Classical period, then autocratic kingship in Hellenistic times until, finally, more than half a millennium of Roman rule. Identities are voiced through several media and visible at many levels of the ancient societies. So are the places of memory – the Lieux de Mémoire – and the studies presented here provide new insights into how human beings chose, deliberately or subconsciously, to commemorate their past and their ancestors, and how identity was displayed and expressed under shifting political rule.

Historia Archaeologica

Author : Sebastian Brather
ISBN : 9783110223378
Genre : History
File Size : 45. 50 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The 70th birthday of Heiko Steuer, Professor of Pre- and Protohistory at Freiburg University from 1984 to 2005, andfor many years one of the editors of the Reallexikon der Germanischen Altertumskunde, has been the occasion for the presentation of this collection of 35 papers. The six sections cover Steuer s research fields: 1. Prehistory, 2. Antiquity, 3. The Early Middle Ages in West and South Europe, 4. The Early Middle Ages in Northern Europe, 5. The High and Late Middle Ages, 6. The history of scholarship and matters of method."

The Power Of Urban Water

Author : Nicola Chiarenza
ISBN : 9783110677126
Genre : History
File Size : 31. 45 MB
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Wasser ist eine globale Ressource für heutige Gesellschaften – Wasser war eine globale Ressource vormoderner Gesellschaften. Die manigfaltigen unterschiedlicher Wassersysteme für Prozesse der Urbanisierung und das urbane Leben in der Antike und dem Mittelalter ist bislang kaum erforscht. Die zahlreichen Beiträge dieses Bandes fragen nach der grundlegenden kulturellen Bedeutung von Wasser ( bzw. power of water) in der Stadt und Wasser für die Stadt aus unterschiedlichen Perspektiven. Symbolische, ästhetische oder kultische Aspekte werden ebenso thematisiert wie die Rolle von Wasser in Politik, Gesellschaft oder Wirtschaft und dem alltäglichen Handeln, aber auch in Stadtplanungsprozessen oder städtischen Teilräumen. Nicht zuletzt stellen die Gefahren von verschmutzten Wasser oder Überschwemmungen die städtische Gesellschaft vor Herausforderungen. Die Beiträge diesen Band lenken den Blick auf die komplexen und vielfältigen Beziehungen zwischen Wasser und Menschen. Das Sammelwerk präsentiert die Ergebnisse einer internationalen Tagung in Kiel 2018. Es wendet sich gleichermaßen an Leser aus den altertumskundlichen wie mediävistischen Fächern und darüberhinaus an alle Interessierten, die sich über die Vielfalt von Wassersystemen im Stadtraum der Antike und des Mittelalters informieren möchten.

Olympia 1875 2000

Author : Helmut Kyrieleis
ISBN : 380532989X
Genre : Excavations (Archaeology)
File Size : 33. 25 MB
Format : PDF
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Author : Greg Woolf
ISBN : 9780190687458
Genre : History
File Size : 32. 93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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First edition published by Oxford University, 2012.

Late Antiquity

Author : Glen Warren Bowersock
ISBN : 0674511735
Genre : History
File Size : 58. 82 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A colorful tour of late antiquity covers late Roman, Byzantine, Sassanian, and early Islamic culture and discusses topics ranging from angels in Islam, concubinage, barbarians and ethnicity, and empire building.

The Ancient City

Author : Arjan Zuiderhoek
ISBN : 9780521198356
Genre : History
File Size : 52. 69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Provides a survey of modern debates on Greek and Roman cities, and a sketch of the cities' chief characteristics.

Interpreting Late Antiquity

Author : Glen Warren Bowersock
ISBN : 9780674005983
Genre : History
File Size : 44. 73 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The era of late antiquity—from the middle of the third century to the end of the eighth—was marked by the rise of two world religions, unprecedented political upheavals that remade the map of the known world, and the creation of art of enduring glory. In these eleven in-depth essays, drawn from the award-winning reference work Late Antiquity: A Guide to the Postclassical World, an international cast of experts provides essential information and fresh perspectives on this period's culture and history.

A Companion To Roman Religion

Author : Jörg Rüpke
ISBN : 9781444339246
Genre : History
File Size : 33. 61 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A comprehensive treatment of the significant symbols and institutions of Roman religion, this companion places the various religious symbols, discourses, and practices, including Judaism and Christianity, into a larger framework to reveal the sprawling landscape of the Roman religion. An innovative introduction to Roman religion Approaches the field with a focus on the human-figures instead of the gods Analyzes religious changes from the eighth century BC to the fourth century AD Offers the first history of religious motifs on coins and household/everyday utensils Presents Roman religion within its cultural, social, and historical contexts

Encyclopedia Of Ancient Greece

Author : Nigel Wilson
ISBN : 9781136787997
Genre : History
File Size : 68. 17 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Examining every aspect of the culture from antiquity to the founding of Constantinople in the early Byzantine era, this thoroughly cross-referenced and fully indexed work is written by an international group of scholars. This Encyclopedia is derived from the more broadly focused Encyclopedia of Greece and the Hellenic Tradition, the highly praised two-volume work. Newly edited by Nigel Wilson, this single-volume reference provides a comprehensive and authoritative guide to the political, cultural, and social life of the people and to the places, ideas, periods, and events that defined ancient Greece.

Comparing The Ptolemaic And Seleucid Empires

Author : Christelle Fischer-Bovet
ISBN : 9781108479257
Genre : History
File Size : 22. 42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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First comparative analysis of the role of local elites and populations in the formation of the two main Hellenistic empires.

Romanization In Palestine

Author : Reuben Yat Tin Lee
ISBN : UOM:39015052981829
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 69. 5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This study challenges the view that Romanisation meant `becoming Roman' in one way or another, with new cultural and ethnic identities being marked through changes in material culture. Taking Palestine as his case study, from the time of Herod the Great to AD 70, Reuben Yat Tin Lee looks at Romanisation from the Jewish perspective.

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