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Titanic And The Second Voyage

Author : Burnett Dorris
ISBN : 9781467070898
Genre : Transportation
File Size : 29. 82 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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It's a race against time. Since the first Titanic had sailed the North Atlantic back in April 14,th 1912. Since then, people all over the world love talking about the beautiful Ocean liner the Titanic. They talk about how beauiful the Vessel was. Scientists would explore the ship that is laying on the Ocean floor of the Atlantic. Scientists had brought back items that lived in the sea for many years. Scientists had even brought back a part of the ship, but what about the ship itself? Scientists would say, it is very impossible to bring s ship that size back to the surface. But could they rebuild a ship that size again and make it look like the real Titanic? The tax payers would say, no, no way because it would cost them to much money, and it may hit another Iceberg and sink again. No one really talks about rebuilding the Titanic. Since the Titanic is gone it is just a memory or is it? In this story it had been done. The Titanic has been reborn. The race continues on.


Author : Senan Molony
ISBN : 9781781176382
Genre : History
File Size : 81. 8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Senan Molony caused a worldwide media flurry in 2017 by revealing publicly that there was an uncontrolled coal bunker fire on the Titanic. Experts said the fire would have significantly weakened a linchpin bulkhead, the failure of which hastened the sinking. The Titanic might otherwise have lasted until daylight, with many more being saved by a flotilla of arriving ships. In Titanic: why she collided, why she sank, why she should never have sailed, Senan goes much further and outlines numerous theories about what led to the Titanic’s sinking. Senan appeared on CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC, along with NPR (National Public Radio) in the US after his Channel 4 documentary Titanic: The New Evidence, on which this book is based, was aired.

Exploring The Britannic

Author : Simon Mills
ISBN : 9781472954930
Genre : History
File Size : 21. 47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Launched in 1914, two years after the ill-fated voyage of her sister ship, RMS Titanic, the Britannic was intended to be superior to her tragic twin in every way. But war intervened and in 1915 she was requisitioned as a hospital ship. Just one year later, while on her way to collect troops wounded in the Balkans campaign, she fell victim to a mine laid by a German U-boat and tragically sank in the middle of the Aegean Sea. There her wreck lay, at a depth of 400 feet, until it was discovered 59 years later by legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau. In 1996 the wreck was bought by the author of this book, Simon Mills. Exploring the Britannic tells the complete story of this enigmatic ship: her construction, launch and life, her fateful last voyage, and the historical findings resulting from the exploration of the well-preserved wreck over a period of 40 years. With remarkable sonar scans and many never before seen photographs of the wreck, plus the original Harland & Wolff ship plans, not previously published in their entirety, Exploring the Britannic finally details how the mysteries surrounding the 100-year-old enigma were laid to rest, and what the future might also hold for her.

Popular Fads And Crazes Through American History 2 Volumes

Author : Nancy Hendricks
ISBN : 9781440851834
Genre : History
File Size : 20. 45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This informative two-volume set provides readers with an understanding of the fads and crazes that have taken America by storm from colonial times to the present. Entries cover a range of topics, including food, entertainment, fashion, music, and language. • Presents well-researched, factual material accessibly and engagingly • Presents what was popular in each decade through short sidebars • Illustrates what today's readers have in common with Americans of the past • Includes a historical overview of each decade • Contains a Glossary of Slang, a bibliography, and suggestions for further reading on each decade

Titanic Captain

Author : Gary Cooper
ISBN : 9780752467771
Genre : Transportation
File Size : 23. 10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Commander Edward John Smith's career had been a remarkable example of how a man from a humble background could get far in the world. Born to a working-class family in the landlocked Staffordshire Potteries, he went to sea at the age of 17 and rose rapidly through the ranks of the merchant navy, serving first in sailing vessels and later in the new steamships of the White Star Line. By 1912, he as White Star's senior commander and regarded by many in the shipping world as the 'millionaire's captain'. In 1912, Smith was given command of the new RMS Titanic for her maiden voyage, but what should have been among the crowning moments of his long career at sea turned rapidly into a nightmare following Titanic's collision with an iceberg. In a matter of hours the supposedly unsinkable ship sank, taking over 1,500 people with her, including Captain Smith.

The Last Titanic Expedition

Author : Chris Morrisey
ISBN : 9781467062305
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 51. 49 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Writer David Scott spent years working for the Silicon Valley Voice, a regional newspaper based in San Jose. After leaving the Voice and embarking on an independent writing career, David secures a contract to write a documentary about Deep Blue Light, a Silicon Valley-based company that specializes in deep-sea recovery. Deep Blue Light is led by James Hasley Hawthorne, an ambitious, publicity–seeking Chief Executive Officer. Recently appointed to CEO following the retirement of his father, Hawthorne is determined to take Deep Blue Light in a completely new direction. In an effort to bring him international acclaim, Hawthorne builds the largest, most modern deep-sea recovery vessel in the world. His goal is to sail this new recovery vessel to the North Atlantic Ocean and retrieve the bow section of the Titanic, which has been resting on the floor of the Atlantic for 100 years. The adventure takes David from the placid shores of the San Francisco Bay to the heaving seas of the North Atlantic Ocean. He is given a front-row seat to one of the grandest endeavors in modern history. Join David Scott on his incredible journey.

Titanic Style

Author : Grace Evans
ISBN : 9781620877401
Genre : History
File Size : 35. 27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Titanic Style explores the world of fashion and dress at the time of RMS Titanic’s famous voyage. We are taken through the wardrobes of passengers and crew of all classes and ages, from the most intimate undergarments to the warm overcoats needed on that last fearful cold night. The ship was a microcosm of post-Edwardian society, in which everyone belonged to a particular class and dressed accordingly. The luxurious attire of the ladies in first class, the cream of European and American society, was changed several times a day, while the more sober and conservative clothes of the men of all ranks subtly conveyed their status, and children were dressed to enhance their social standing. We also visit the families below deck, dressed in second-hand or homemade clothes, heading for a new life in a country free of repressive class distinction. Stories and records of individual passengers and crew members are woven into the narrative to give an engaging account of what life was really like on board the world’s most famous ocean liner.

Titanic And Other Ships

Author : Charles Herbert LIGHTOLLER
ISBN : 9781446131770
Genre :
File Size : 36. 86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Lightoller remarkably swam away from the sinking Titanic and avoided being sucked under. This is just one of the incredible escapes described in this book.

The Lost Ship Ss Waratah

Author : P. J. Smith
ISBN : 075245157X
Genre : History
File Size : 22. 83 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The lost ship SS Waratah

The Sinking Of The Titanic

Author : Jim Whiting
ISBN : 9781612289403
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 68. 69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The sinking of the ocean liner Titanic in 1912 was one of the most famous events of the twentieth century. The ship was the largest and most luxurious passenger liner of the age. While she was being built, Titanic was described as “practically unsinkable.” Yet she went down on her maiden voyage after striking an iceberg. More than 1,500 passengers and crew members perished in the frigid waters of the North Atlantic. Nearly all died because the ship didn’t carry enough lifeboats. Yet according to the shipping regulations at the time, Titanic actually carried more lifeboats than she was legally required to. Many people also believe that the ship was traveling too fast. Yet her captain wasn’t doing anything different than nearly every other liner at that time. The sinking attracted worldwide media interest. This interest has never lessened. The loss of the Titanic is just as fascinating today as it was on the day it occurred.


Author : Peter Boyd-Smith
ISBN : STANFORD:36105043366298
Genre : Shipwrecks
File Size : 40. 63 MB
Format : PDF
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Robert Ballard S Titanic

Author : Robert D. Ballard
ISBN : 0760793891
Genre : Shipwrecks
File Size : 31. 99 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Titanic 100th Anniversary Edition

Author : Stephanie Barczewski
ISBN : 9781441193087
Genre : History
File Size : 21. 9 MB
Format : PDF
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In a night of unforgettable tragedy, the world's most famous liner struck an iceberg on 14 April 1912 and sank. Over 1500 people died. Whose fault it was, and how the passengers and crew reacted, has been the subject of continuing dispute over the 100 years since the disaster. This is an account of Titanic's tragic maiden voyage which also focuses on some of those who died: among them Titanic's captain Edward Smith and builder Thomas Andrews, John Jacob Astor, the richest man on board, and the bandmaster, Wallace Hartley, who played as the ship sank. In this centenary edition Stephanie Barczewski traces the events of that fatal night. Many of those who died were treated as heroes and how these men were remembered says much about contemporary values of manhood, chivalry and national pride. Titanic: A Night Remembered also sets the liner in the context of three ports: Belfast, where she was built; Southampton, which lost 600 citizens as members of her crew; and Queenstown in Ireland, her last port of call.

The Titanic

Author : Eugene L. Rasor
ISBN : 031331215X
Genre : History
File Size : 68. 83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The most dramatic marine disaster of modern times, the RMS Titanic tragedy captured the attention of the entire world. The intensity of interest in the catastrophe has increased, particularly after discovery of the wreck off the coast of Newfoundland in the mid-1980s. The resulting literature is vast, including both scholarly and popular sources. Providing a critical and historiographical overview of that literature, this book offers a useful guide to researchers interested in the Titanic.

Titanic The Myths And Legacy Of A Disaster

Author : Roger Cartwright
ISBN : 9780752467719
Genre : Transportation
File Size : 41. 51 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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On 15 April 2012, 100 years will have passed since the Royal Mail Steamer Titanic hit an iceberg and foundered in the North Atlantic with the loss of 1,503 lives. Had the disaster not occurred, what is now the best-known ship in the world would have lost the title of the largest liner within just two years. She was certainly not the fastest passenger ship of the time and can be considered a technological throwback, yet Titanic captures the imagination like no other. This book seeks to explore the myths and the truth about Titanic and explores the legacy that has made the ship so well known. Why was she built? Who really owned her? Why was nobody ever proved negligent? How has today's transportation been made safer by Titanic? Have we really learned the right lessons? Perhaps not! Since 1912 there have been worse disasters yet none has replaced Titanic in the popular consciousness. Her legacy exists in procedures, building regulation, navigational practice, statues, poems, novels, movies and even a musical. This book explores why.

Sinking Of The Titanic

Author : Jay Henry Mowbray
ISBN : 9780486134567
Genre : Transportation
File Size : 29. 20 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Spellbinding reports by survivors, rescuers, and others of boarding the lifeboats, parting with loved ones, watching the ship sink, and drifting until rescue. Remarkable 1912 "memorial edition," published shortly after the tragedy. Rare photographs.

101 Things You Thought You Knew About The Titanic Butdidn T

Author : Tim Maltin
ISBN : 9781101558935
Genre : History
File Size : 62. 99 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 556
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April 15th, 2012, will be the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. People have an endless fascination with the Titanic, yet much of what they know today is a mixture of fact and fiction. In one hundred and one brief and engaging chapters, Tim Maltin, one of the foremost experts on the Titanic, reveals the truth behind the most common beliefs about the ship and the night it sank. From physics to photographs, lawsuits to love stories, Maltin doesn't miss one tidbit surrounding its history. Heavily researched and filled with detailed descriptions, quotes from survivors, and excerpts from the official inquiries, this book is guaranteed to make readers rethink everything they thought they knew about the legendary ship and its tragic fate.


Author : Rupert Matthews
ISBN : 9781848589490
Genre : History
File Size : 36. 85 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 978
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The sinking of the liner Titanic on its maiden voyage in 1912 is one of the most dramatic stories in maritime history, fascinating people to this day. The author takes a fresh and updated look at a tragedy beyond compare, asking, "How could it happen?"

The Titanic For Dummies

Author : Stephen J. Spignesi
ISBN : 9781118177662
Genre : History
File Size : 21. 57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Examines the building of the Titanic, life onboard during its maiden voyage, tragic decisions made that fateful night, the discovery of the wreck and all the controversies surrounding one of the worst naval disasters of all time. Original.

Titanic Remembered

Author : Alan Ruffman
ISBN : 9780887804670
Genre : History
File Size : 78. 66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The sinking of the ocean-liner Titanic in April of 1912 captured the attention of the world; as the nearest large port to the site of the disaster, Halifax became the focus of the world's grief. Today, visitors from around the world come to see the many unique artefacts in the Titanic collection of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, a permanent exhibit that recounts the story of Titanic and the city's role in the disaster. This book focuses on the aftermath of the disaster, examining how people came to terms with the impact of the sinking and recounting the touching stories of some of the victims and survivors.

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