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The Sounds Of Place

Author : Denise Von Glahn
ISBN : 0252086074
Genre : Music
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"Focusing on instrumental works of high-art music, Von Glahn analyzes thoroughly the soundscapes of fourteen diverse composers who have commemorated American places. Organized chronologically, the volume looks at such distinctive American musical voices and works as Anthony Philip Heinrich, The War of the Elements and the Thundering of Niagara; Charles Ives, The Housatonic at Stockbridge and From Hanover Square North, at the End of a Tragic Day, the Voice of the People Again Arose; Aaron Copland, Quiet City and Music for a Great City; Duke Ellington, Harlem; Roy Harris, Cimarron; Ferde Grofé, Grand Canyon Suite; Robert Starer, Hudson Valley Suite; and Steve Reich, Vermont Counterpoint and New York Counterpoint"--

The Sounds Of Language

Author : Henry Rogers
ISBN : 9781317877769
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 28. 18 MB
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Phonetics is the scientific study of sounds used in language- how the sounds are produced, how they are transferred from the speaker to the hearer and how they are heard and perceived. The Sounds of Language provides an accessible, general introduction to phonetics with a special emphasis on English. Focusing on the phonetics of English, the first section allows students to get an overall view of the subject. Two standard accents of English are presented- RP (Received Pronunciation), the standard accent of England, and GA (General American), the standard accent throughout much of North America. The discussion is arranged so that students can read only the RP or GA portions, if desired. Sixteen additional accents of English spoken around the world are also covered to provide students with wider international coverage. The author then moves on to introduce acoustics phonetics in an accessible manner for those without a science background. The last section of the book provides a detailed discussion of all aspects of speech with extensive examples from languages around the world. Containing student-friendly features such as extensive exercises for practising the sounds covered in each chapter; a glossary of technical terms; instructions on how to write phonetic symbols; the latest International Phonetic Alphabet chart and a detailed list of English consonantal variants, The Sounds of Language provides an excellent introduction to phonetics to students of linguistics and speech pathology and students of English as a second language.

The Sounds Of Spoken English

Author : Walter Rippmann
Genre : Music
File Size : 24. 29 MB
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As the title of this book is ambitious, and the sub-title may not suffice to indicate its limitations, it is well to warn the reader that he will find no exhaustive treatment of English speech sounds. That would have required knowledge greater than mine, and more space than was at my disposal. The little book is an attempt to gain fellow-workers in a field which is unduly neglected, yet full of promise. Fascinating indeed are the problems afforded by the speech of those around us; perplexing often, stimulating to further inquiry. It was in teaching the pronunciation of foreign languages that I first realised how important it is to acquire a knowledge of the sounds of the mother tongue. Before the learner can acquire the fresh habits of speech peculiar to the foreign language, his teacher must know clearly what distinguishes the new sounds from those familiar in the mother tongue, for only then can the foreign pronunciation be imparted in a methodical way. It has been shown convincingly that it is vain to trust altogether to imitation, however correct and clear may be the pronunciation of the teacher. The book may therefore be useful to the teacher of foreign languages; but it is intended also for a larger circle. In our Training Colleges, noted for earnest work, the importance of the spoken language has long been felt, and much attention has been devoted to the cultivation of the voice. My object has not been to write on voice production, though occasional reference to the subject has been made. It has not been my aim to say how the language ought to be spoken, to improve upon the ordinary speech of our day, but to represent it to the best of my ability, and to enable others to distinguish speech sounds when they hear them. If it be desirable to improve upon our speech, its present condition and tendencies must first be determined. The difficulties of the undertaking have been considerable; I confess that I have often given my impressions rather than the well-substantiated results of observation. I am confident that particularly those who have had no phonetic training will regard as slipshod some of the pronunciations which I state to be usual. I can only ask them to put aside all preconceived notions of what is "correct," and to listen carefully to the unconstrained speech of their friends. If they still find that the facts do not bear out what is here stated, they will do me a service by sending me their corrections. The learned critic who chances to take up this book may feel offended that I should have treated phonetics in so conversational a tone, and disappointed at finding little or nothing with which he is not well acquainted. My endeavour has been to put things very simply, and to make the beginner in phonetics hear for himself. It is only a first step; but I am not without hope that some will be induced to take a second step and a third, until the number of students is far larger than at present. The teachers in our schools have had scant opportunities for ear-training, and the mother tongue has sadly suffered. I have been much encouraged in my work by the generous help of friends; to Prof. A. T. Baker, Mr W. Osborne Brigstocke, Principal A. Burrell, Dr E. R. Edwards, Miss E. Fogerty, Mr W. W. Greg, Dr H. F. Heath, Dr R. J. Lloyd, Mr R. B. McKerrow, and Prof. G. C. Moore Smith, I am much indebted for useful and suggestive criticisms.

Acoustics Of Bangla Speech Sounds

Author : Asoke Kumar Datta
ISBN : 9789811042621
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 39. 12 MB
Format : PDF
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This book presents the consolidated acoustic data for all phones in Standard Colloquial Bengali (SCB), commonly known as Bangla, a Bengali language used by 350 million people in India, Bangladesh, and the Bengali diaspora. The book analyzes the real speech of selected native speakers of the Bangla dialect to ensure that a proper acoustical database is available for the development of speech technologies. The acoustic data presented consists of averages and their normal spread, represented by the standard deviations of necessary acoustic parameters including e.g. formant information for multiple native speakers of both sexes. The study employs two important speech technologies:(1) text to speech synthesis (TTS) and (2) automatic speech recognition (ASR). The procedures, particularly those related to the use of technologies, are described in sufficient detail to enable researchers to use them to create technical acoustic databases for any other Indian dialect. The book offers a unique resource for scientists and industrial practitioners who are interested in the acoustic analysis and processing of Indian dialects to develop similar dialect databases of their own.

The Sounds Of Early Cinema

Author : Domitor Conference 1998 (Library of Congress)
ISBN : 0253214793
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 59. 23 MB
Format : PDF
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The Sounds of Early Cinema is devoted exclusively to a little-known, yet absolutely crucial phenomenon: the ubiquitous presence of sound in early cinema. "Silent cinema" may rarely have been silent, but the sheer diversity of sound(s) and sound/image relations characterizing the first 20 years of moving picture exhibition can still astonish us. Whether instrumental, vocal, or mechanical, sound ranged from the improvised to the pre-arranged (as in scripts, scores, and cue sheets). The practice of mixing sounds with images differed widely, depending on the venue (the nickelodeon in Chicago versus the summer Chautauqua in rural Iowa, the music hall in London or Paris versus the newest palace cinema in New York City) as well as on the historical moment (a single venue might change radically, and many times, from 1906 to 1910). Contributors include Richard Abel, Rick Altman, Edouard Arnoldy, Mats Björkin, Stephen Bottomore, Marta Braun, Jean Châteauvert, Ian Christie, Richard Crangle, Helen Day-Mayer, John Fullerton, Jane Gaines, André Gaudreault, Tom Gunning, François Jost, Charlie Keil, Jeff Klenotic, Germain Lacasse, Neil Lerner, Patrick Loughney, David Mayer, Domi-nique Nasta, Bernard Perron, Jacques Polet, Lauren Rabinovitz, Isabelle Raynauld, Herbert Reynolds, Gregory A. Waller, and Rashit M. Yangirov.

Music Modernity And Locality In Prewar Japan Osaka And Beyond

Author : Alison Tokita
ISBN : 9781317091639
Genre : Music
File Size : 32. 51 MB
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This anthology addresses the modern musical culture of interwar Osaka and its surrounding Hanshin region. Modernity as experienced in this locale, with its particular historical, geographic and demographic character, and its established traditions of music and performance, gave rise to configurations of the new, the traditional and the hybrid that were distinct from their Tokyo counterparts. The Taisho and early Showa periods, from 1912 to the early 1940s, saw profound changes in Japanese musical life. Consumption of both traditional Japanese and Western music was transformed as public concert performances, music journalism, and music marketing permeated daily life. The new bourgeoisie saw Western music, particularly the piano and its repertoire, as the symbol of a desirable and increasingly affordable modernity. Orchestras and opera troupes were established, which in turn created a need for professional conductors, and both jazz and a range of hybrid popular music styles became viable bases for musical livelihood. Recording technology proliferated; by the early 1930s, record players and SP discs were no longer luxury commodities, radio broadcasts reached all levels of society, and ’talkies’ with music soundtracks were avidly consumed. With the perceived need for music that suited 'modern life', the seeds for the pre-eminent position of Euro-American music in post-Second-World war Japan were sown. At the same time many indigenous musical genres continued to thrive, but were hardly immune to the effects of modernization; in exploring new musical media and techniques drawn from Western music, performer-composers initiated profound changes in composition and performance practice within traditional genres. This volume is the first to draw together research on the interwar musical culture of the Osaka region and addresses comprehensively both Western and non-Western musical practices and genres, questions the common perception of their being wholly separate domains

The Sounds Of Language

Author : Elizabeth C. Zsiga
ISBN : 9781118340608
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 57. 11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Sounds of Language is an introductory guide to the linguistic study of speech sounds, which provides uniquely balanced coverage of both phonology and phonetics. Features exercises and problem sets, as well as supporting online resources at, including additional discussion questions and exercises, as well as links to further resources such as sound files, video files, and useful websites Creates opportunities for students to practice data analysis and hypothesis testing Integrates data on sociolinguistic variation, first language acquisition, and second language learning Explores diverse topics ranging from the practical, such as how to make good digital recordings, make a palatogram, solve a phoneme/allophone problem, or read a spectrogram; to the theoretical, including the role of markedness in linguistic theory, the necessity of abstraction, features and formal notation, issues in speech perception as distinct from hearing, and modelling sociolinguistic and other variations Organized specifically to fit the needs of undergraduate students of phonetics and phonology, and is structured in a way which enables instructors to use the text both for a single semester phonetics and phonology course or for a two-course sequence

People And Place

Author : Lewis Holloway
ISBN : 0582382122
Genre : Science
File Size : 61. 60 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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An innovative introduction to Human Geography, exploring different ways of studying the relationships between people and place, and putting people at the centre of human geography. The book covers behavioural, humanistic and cultural traditions, showing how these can lead to a nuanced understanding of how we relate to our surroundings on a day-to-day basis. The authors also explore how human geography is currently influenced by 'postmodern' ideas stressing difference and diversity. While taking the importance of these different approaches seriously as ways of thinking about the role of place in peoples' everyday lives, the book also tries to encapsulate what has been so vibrant and exciting about human geography over the last couple of decades. By using examples to which students can relate - such as how they imagine and represent their home, the way they avoid certain spaces, how they move through retail spaces, where they choose to go to university, how they use the Internet, how they represent other nations and so on - the authors show how geography shapes everyday life in a manner that is seemingly mundane yet profoundly important.

The Sounds Of Racy Point

Author : Jenny Gale
ISBN : 9781453593868
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 90. 81 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book details times and places treasured with people the Poet loved, as well as Spirituality existing and absorbed in the Poets writings. Some lessons learned are herewith portrayed and passed on via this volume of her Poetry. Longevity and experience affords the Poet credibility in her assessments of Life over her 80 plus years as well as her Spirituality which occurs spontaneously in many of her verses in The Sounds of Racy Point.

The London Medical Gazette

Author :
ISBN : BSB:BSB11043541
Genre :
File Size : 51. 24 MB
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Tidal Current Tables

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105131566387
Genre : Tidal currents
File Size : 22. 51 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Encyclopedia Of The Mind

Author : Harold Pashler
ISBN : 9781412950572
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 51. 46 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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It’s hard to conceive of a topic of more broad and personal interest than the study of the mind. In addition to its traditional investigation by the disciplines of psychology, psychiatry, and neuroscience, the mind has also been a focus of study in the fields of philosophy, economics, anthropology, linguistics, computer science, molecular biology, education, and literature. In all these approaches, there is an almost universal fascination with how the mind works and how it affects our lives and our behavior. Studies of the mind and brain have crossed many exciting thresholds in recent years, and the study of mind now represents a thoroughly cross-disciplinary effort. Researchers from a wide range of disciplines seek answers to such questions as: What is mind? How does it operate? What is consciousness? This encyclopedia brings together scholars from the entire range of mind-related academic disciplines from across the arts and humanities, social sciences, life sciences, and computer science and engineering to explore the multidimensional nature of the human mind.

The Order Of Sounds

Author : Francois J. Bonnet
ISBN : 9781916405226
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 55. 36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This study of the subtlety, complexity, and variety of modes of hearing maps out a “sonorous archipelago”—a heterogeneous set of shifting sonic territories shaped by the vicissitudes of desire and discourse. Profoundly intimate yet immediately giving onto distant spaces, both an “organ of fear” and an echo chamber of anticipated pleasures, an uncontrollable flow subject to unconscious selection and augmentation, the subtlety, complexity, and variety of modes of hearing has meant that sound has rarely received the same philosophical attention as the visual. In The Order of Sounds, François J. Bonnet makes a compelling case for the irreducible heterogeneity of “sound,” navigating between the physical models constructed by psychophysics and refined through recording technologies, and the synthetic production of what is heard. From primitive vigilance and sonic mythologies to digital sampling and sound installations, he examines the ways in which we make sound speak to us, in an analysis of listening as a plurivocal phenomenon drawing on Foucault, Deleuze and Guattari, Barthes, Nancy, Adorno, and de Certeau, and experimental pioneers such as Tesla, Bell, and Raudive. Stringent critiques of the “soundscape” and “reduced listening” demonstrate that univocal ontologies of sound are always partial and politicized; for listening is always a selective fetishism, a hallucination of sound filtered by desire and convention, territorialized by discourse and its authorities. Bonnet proposes neither a disciplined listening that targets sound “itself,” nor an “ocean of sound” in which we might lose ourselves, but instead maps out a sonorous archipelago—a heterogeneous set of shifting sonic territories shaped and aggregated by the vicissitudes of desire and discourse.

Sonic Studies In Educational Foundations

Author : Walter S. Gershon
ISBN : 9781000731101
Genre : Education
File Size : 26. 5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Originally published as a special issue of Educational Studies, this volume demonstrates the ways in which sound considerations can significantly contribute to educational foundations. Regardless of their origin or interpretation, sounds are theoretically and practically foundational to educational experiences. As the means through which knowledges are passed from one person to another, sounds outline the fluid, porous boundaries of educational ecologies. This book draws out and expands upon the already-present sonic metaphors that exist at the center of philosophical and historical foundations of educational studies. Contributions demonstrate the ethical dimensions of this line of inquiry, emphasizing the need for education to offer both a right to speak and to be heard in order to take on a truly democratic character. By highlighting emerging attention to sound scholarship in education, contributors attend to and otherwise explore sound possibilities for educational theory, policy, and practice. This book will be of great interest to graduate and post graduate students; libraries, researchers and academics in the field of educational foundations, philosophy of education, education politics and sociology of education.

Interlanguage Error Analysis An Appropriate And Effective Pedagogy For Efl Learners In The Arab World

Author : Muhammad Khan Abdul Malik
ISBN : 9781984505491
Genre : Education
File Size : 77. 17 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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First of all the author wants to make it crystal clear that the present work is of a great benefit both for the English and Arab learners of the target language either Arabic or English. This edition of the book pinpoints previous researchers' findings regarding English and Arabic phonological, morphological and syntactic similarities and differences and how all these differences result in mistakes and errors by the Arab learners of English in their learning process. These mistakes or errors are unconsciously or involuntarily made by Arab learners of English due to the differences between the system and sub-systems of the two languages. The present attempt is the result of my realization as an English language teacher as to how a teacher can minimize students difficulties in learning of English and maximize their knowledge, skills and competency of English as a foreign or second language. This is the first edition. The work is pedagogically oriented and primarily intended to make teaching-learning of English as a foreign/second language a bit easy especially for the first-year university students of English language in the Arab world: (Gulf area such as KSA, UAE, Kuwait, and the Middle East Area, such as Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and so on). The focus is on phonetic and morpho-syntactic variations in Arabic and English languages. This area of research becomes more interesting through the assumptions – (i) information about the differences and similarities between Arabic and English language is to be supplied at an early stage since this facilitates the students learning task, (ii) the differences are to be presented in pedagogically suitable format, (iii) it is useful to separate and present phonetics, morphological and syntactic categories as they function in suitable contexts and not merely abstract notions, (iv) before students may tackle contrastive analysis, they should have basic knowledge of Arabic and English languages similarities and differences and (v) pre-modification and post-modification of lexical and syntactic structures are to be explained appropriately.

Representing Australian Aboriginal Music And Dance 1930 1970

Author : Amanda Harris
ISBN : 9781501362941
Genre : Music
File Size : 67. 41 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Representing Australian Aboriginal Music and Dance 1930-1970 offers a rethinking of recent Australian music history. Amanda Harris presents accounts of Aboriginal music and dance by Aboriginal performers on public stages. Harris also historicizes the practices of non-Indigenous art music composers evoking Aboriginal music in their works, placing this in the context of emerging cultural institutions and policy frameworks. Centralizing auditory worlds and audio-visual evidence, Harris shows the direct relationship between the limits on Aboriginal people's mobility and non-Indigenous representations of Aboriginal culture. This book seeks to listen to Aboriginal accounts of disruption and continuation of Aboriginal cultural practices and features contributions from Aboriginal scholars Shannon Foster, Tiriki Onus and Nardi Simpson as personal interpretations of their family and community histories. Contextualizing recent music and dance practices in broader histories of policy, settler colonial structures, and postcolonizing efforts, the book offers a new lens on the development of Australian musical cultures.

Pieces Of The Musical World Sounds And Cultures

Author : Rachel Harris
ISBN : 9781317935032
Genre : Music
File Size : 57. 80 MB
Format : PDF
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Pieces of the Musical World: Sounds and Cultures is a fieldwork-based ethnomusicology textbook that introduces a series of musical worlds each through a single "piece." It focuses on a musical sound or object that provides a springboard from which to tell a story about a particular geographic region, introducing key aspects of the cultures in which it is embedded, contexts of performance, the musicians who create or perform it, the journeys it has travelled, and its changing meanings. A collaborative venture by staff and research ethnomusicologists associated with the Department of Music at SOAS, University of London, Pieces of the Musical World is organized thematically. Three broad themes: "Place", "Spirituality" and "Movement" help teachers to connect contemporary issues in ethnomusicology, including soundscape studies, music and the environment, the politics of identity, diaspora and globalization, and music and the body. Each of the book's fourteen chapters highlights a single musical "piece" broadly defined, spanning the range of "traditional," "popular", "classical" and "contemporary" musics, and even sounds which might be considered "not music." Primary sources and a web site hosting recordings with interactive listening guides, a glossary of musical terms and interviews all help to create a unique and dynamic learning experience of our musical world.

A Dissertation Concerning Liberty And Necessity; Containing Remarks On The Essays Of S West Etc

Author : Jonathan EDWARDS (the Younger, D.D., President of Union College, Schenectady.)
ISBN : BL:A0020001211
Genre :
File Size : 84. 17 MB
Format : PDF
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An Introduction To Language

Author : Victoria Fromkin
ISBN : 9781337671279
Genre : Education
File Size : 84. 50 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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AN INTRODUCTION TO LANGUAGE, 11th Edition, offers an up-to-date look at language studies and linguistics in today's world. This product is fresh and modern, and includes new developments in linguistics and related fields that strengthen its appeal to a wider audience. At the same time, it maintains the acclaimed light, friendly, readable style and the breadth of coverage that have made it a perennial best seller. The authors examine grammatical subjects (e.g., morphology, syntax, semantics, phonetics, phonology), childhood language development and adult secondary language acquisition, and the tremendous leap in knowledge achieved in neurolinguistics. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The London Edinburgh And Dublin Philosophical Magazine And Journal Of Science

Author :
ISBN : HARVARD:32044089878417
Genre : English periodicals
File Size : 89. 37 MB
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