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The Role Of Memory In Ethnic Conflict

Author : E. Cairns
ISBN : 9781403919823
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 45. 33 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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What insights can we gain from the social sciences about the role memory plays in creating or re-creating the many conflicts threatening global peace in the twenty-first century? Indeed, can knowledge about the relationship between memory and conflict help resolve intergroup conflicts and heal individual hurts? This book presents a series of essays both theoretical and empirical that approach these questions from a variety of disciplines that will highlight a much-neglected aspect of one of the major problems facing the world today.

Ethnic Conflict And War Crimes In The Balkans

Author : Jelena Obradovic
ISBN : 9780857734044
Genre : History
File Size : 66. 98 MB
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In the years following the fall of Slobodan Milosevic, Serbian social, cultural and political responses to the wars of the 1990s have fallen under intense scrutiny. In Ethnic Conflict and War Crimes in the Balkans, Jelena Obradovic-Wochnik explores some of those responses - taking into consideration notions such as silence, denial and conspiracy theory, the book sheds some light on the complicated narratives about the 1990s. The book considers the experience of knowing, witnessing and speaking about atrocities, and thus contributes to the debates on confronting the past in Serbia. Specifically, it considers how individuals of the "ordinary" public in Serbia reflect upon, understand and keep secrets about the 1991-1999 conflicts in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo, and the atrocities, human rights abuses and war crimes which were committed there. Close attention is paid to the stories of individuals whose voices and experiences are generally excluded from the broader debate about the past. Jelena Obradovic-Wochnik explores how these narratives diverge from, resist and are invisible to the formal and civil society initiatives aimed at confronting the past in Serbia.In doing so, the book also explores silence about and denial of the violent past, and considers how and where these dynamics manifest and what they might mean. In addition, it covers themes such as narratives of self-victimhood, conspiracy theory and the perception of war-time leaders and combatants. This is a detailed and considered investigation into how groups cope with knowledge and the witnessing of violent pasts. It is based on ethnographic research and interviews with a group of 'ordinary' individuals, in post-Milosevic Serbia. As such, it provides a unique perspective on the lived experience of the conflicts, and the ways in which stories of the 1990s emerge in everyday contexts.

The Role Of Trust In Conflict Resolution

Author : Ilai Alon
ISBN : 9783319433554
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 53. 41 MB
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Built on the premise that trust is one of the most important factors in intergroup relations, conflict management and resolution at large, this volume explores trust and its mechanisms and operations especially in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Significantly, this volume focuses not only on the nature of trust and distrust in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but it also explores how it is possible to build and increase trust on both sides in the conflict, a necessity in order to advance the stalled peace process. As trust is a concept that is interdisciplinary by nature, so are this volume’s contributors: sociologists, philosophers, sociologists, social psychologists, political scientists, as well as experts in the Middle East, Islam, Judaism and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict bring together real multidisciplinary perspectives that complement each other and then provide a comprehensive picture about the nature of trust and distrust and its ramification and implications for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Divided into five thematic parts, the volume begins with by examining the theoretical basis of trust research from multiple perspectives. Then, it presents chapters on trust, distrust, and trust-building in other conflicts around the world. The third part is a unique feature of this volume as it takes a contextual approach: it emphasizes the importance of particular cultural and religious considerations on both sides of the conflict. The thrust of the book is examined in the next section. Part IV discusses and analyses various aspects of trust, and specifically distrust, in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Significantly, the chapters of this part take the perspectives of the participants in the conflict: Israeli Jews, Palestinians and Israeli Arabs. Finally, the volume concludes by providing an integrative conceptual perspective based on the principles of social and political psychology. An important goal of this volume is to not only explore trust and distrust in an intractable conflict, but also to provide practical multi-disciplinary outlooks and implications to advance trust building in two conflict ridden societies—Israeli and Palestinian, and other societies around the world.

Conflict On Mount Lebanon

Author : Makram Rabah
ISBN : 9781474474191
Genre : History
File Size : 90. 52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Druze and the Maronites, arguably the two founding communities of modern Lebanon, have the reputation of being primordial enemies. Makram Rabah attempts to gauge the impact of collective memory on determining the course and the nature of the conflict between these communities in Mount Lebanon. He takes as his focus 'the War of the Mountain' in 1982, reconstructing the events of this war through the framework of collective remembrance and oral history.He challenges the idea that these group identities were constructed by their respective centres of power within the Maronite and Druze community, providing an alternative to the prevailing meta-narrative. Telling the stories of the many people who took part in these events, or who simply suffered as a consequence, helps to expose the intrinsic motives which led to this conflict and makes a valuable contribution to the field of Lebanese historical scholarship.

Memory And Pedagogy

Author : Claudia Mitchell
ISBN : 9781136857492
Genre : Education
File Size : 90. 88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Memory work – the conscious remembering and study of individual and shared memories – is increasingly being acknowledged as a key pedagogical tool in working with children. Giving students opportunities and support to remember and study their selves as individuals and as communities allows them to see their future as something that belongs to them, and that they can influence in some way for the better. This edited volume brings together essays from scholars who are studying the interconnections between pedagogy and memory in the context of social themes and social inquiry within educational research. The book provides a range of perspectives on the social and pedagogical relevance of memory studies to the educational arena in relation to the themes of memory and method, revisiting childhood, memory and place, addressing political conflict, sexuality and embodiment, and inter-generational studies.

State Memory And Egypt S Victory In The 1973 War

Author : Mustafa Menshawy
ISBN : 9783319501215
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 39. 82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book explores and problematises the war discourse regarding Egypt's victory in the 1973 War. It traces the process through which this discourse was constructed and reconstructed by the state throughout the periods of President Anwar Sadat, his successor Hosni Mubarak, and afterwards. It uses Critical Discourse Analysis to combine analysis of texts commemorating the war with a study of the socio-political milieu related to personal authoritarianism and the state’s intricate relations with the army, the press and Islamists.

Reckoning With The Past

Author : Margaret Eastman Smith
ISBN : 0739107984
Genre : Education
File Size : 70. 64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book explores how history teaching can support conflict reduction in deeply divided societies. Using Northern Ireland as its case study, the work contributes to how people think about the identity-based conflict that surrounds them and involves them. It also acts as a manual for those who wish to undertake projects to change attitudes about history in post-conflict societies.

Disputed Memory

Author : Tea Sindbæk Andersen
ISBN : 9783110453539
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 55. 1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Im Kontext der kulturwissenschaftlichen Gedächtnisforschung widmet sich diese interdisziplinär ausgerichtete Reihe dem Verhältnis von Medien und kultureller Erinnerung. Die hier vorgestellten Studien behandeln die ganze Bandbreite der durch Medien konstruierten, tradierten und verbreiteten Erinnerung. Schrift und Bild, das Kino und die ‘neuen’ digitalen Medien, Intermedialität, Transmedialität und Remediation sowie die sozialen, zunehmend transnationalen und transkulturellen, Kontexte der mediatisierten Erinnerung gehören zu den Forschungsinteressen der Reihe. Ziel ist es, eine internationale Plattform für die interdisziplinäre Medien- und Gedächtnisforschung zu schaffen. Eingereichte Manuskripte werden im peer review Verfahren durch externe Experten begutachtet. Den Herausgebern, Astrid Erll (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main) und Ansgar Nünning (Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen) ist ein internationaler Beirat aus renommierten Wissenschaftlern assoziiert: Aleida Assmann (Universität Konstanz) Mieke Bal (University of Amsterdam) Vita Fortunati (University of Bologna) Richard Grusin (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) Udo Hebel (Universität Regensburg) Andrew Hoskins (University of Glasgow) Wulf Kansteiner (Binghamton University) Alison Landsberg (George Mason University) Claus Leggewie (Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen) Jeffrey Olick (University of Virginia) Susannah Radstone (University of South Australia) Ann Rigney (Utrecht University) Michael Rothberg (University of Illinois) Werner Sollors (Harvard University) Frederic Tygstrup (University of Copenhagen) Harald Welzer (Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen)

Reconciliation Civil Society And The Politics Of Memory

Author : Birgit Schwelling
ISBN : 9783839419311
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 23. 97 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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How did civil society function as a locus for reconciliation initiatives since the beginning of the 20th century? The essays in this volume challenge the conventional understanding of reconciliation as a benign state-driven process. They explore how a range of civil society actors - from Turkish intellectuals apologizing for the Armenian Genocide to religious organizations working towards the improvement of Franco-German relations - have confronted and coped with the past. These studies offer a critical perspective on local and transnational reconciliation acts by questioning the extent to which speech became an alternative to silence, remembrance to forgetting, engagement to oblivion.

Culture And Belonging In Divided Societies

Author : Marc Howard Ross
ISBN : 9780812203509
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 89. 61 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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From cartoons of Muhammad in a Danish newspaper to displays of the Confederate battle flag over the South Carolina statehouse, acts of cultural significance have set off political conflicts and sometimes violence. These and other expressions and enactments of culture—whether in music, graffiti, sculpture, flag displays, parades, religious rituals, or film—regularly produce divisive and sometimes prolonged disputes. What is striking about so many of these conflicts is their emotional intensity, despite the fact that in many cases what is at stake is often of little material value. Why do people invest so much emotional energy and resources in such conflicts? What is at stake, and what does winning or losing represent? The answers to these questions explored in Culture and Belonging in Divided Societies view cultural expressions variously as barriers to, or opportunities for, inclusion in a divided society's symbolic landscape and political life. Though little may be at stake materially, deep emotional investment in conflicts over cultural acts can have significant political consequences. At the same time, while cultural issues often exacerbate conflict, new or redefined cultural expressions and enactments can redirect long-standing conflicts in more constructive directions and promote reconciliation in ways that lead to or reinforce formal peace agreements. Encompassing work by a diverse group of scholars of American studies, anthropology, art history, religion, political science, and other fields, Culture and Belonging in Divided Societies addresses the power of cultural expressions and enactments in highly charged settings, exploring when and how changes in a society's symbolic landscape occur and what this tells us about political life in the societies in which they take place.

Peace Psychology In Asia

Author : Cristina Jayme Montiel
ISBN : 1441901434
Genre : Science
File Size : 40. 27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In recent years, peace psychology has grown from a utopian idea to a means of transforming societies worldwide. Yet at the same time peacebuilding enjoys global appeal, the diversity of nations and regions demands interventions reflecting local cultures and realities. Peace Psychology in Asia shows this process in action, emphasizing concepts and methods diverging from those common to the US and Europe. Using examples from China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and elsewhere in the region, chapter authors illuminate the complex social, political, and religious conditions that have fostered war, colonialism, dictatorships, and ethnic strife, and the equally intricate personal and collective psychologies that need to be developed to encourage reconciliation, forgiveness, justice, and community. Peace Psychology in Asia: Integrates psychology, history, political science, and local culture into concepts of peace and reconciliation. Highlights the indigenous aspects of peace psychology. Explains the critical relevance of local culture and history in peace work. Blends innovative theoretical material with empirical evidence supporting peace interventions. Balances its coverage among local, national, regional, and global contexts. Analyzes the potential of Asia as a model for world peace. As practice-driven as it is intellectually stimulating, Peace Psychology in Asia is vital reading for social and community psychologists, policy analysts, and researchers in psychology and sociology and international studies, including those looking to the region for ideas on peace work in non-Western countries.

Transitional Justice Theories

Author : Susanne Buckley-Zistel
ISBN : 9781135055066
Genre : Law
File Size : 74. 66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Transitional Justice Theories is the first volume to approach the politically sensitive subject of post-conflict or post-authoritarian justice from a theoretical perspective. It combines contributions from distinguished scholars and practitioners as well as from emerging academics from different disciplines and provides an overview of conceptual approaches to the field. The volume seeks to refine our understanding of transitional justice by exploring often unarticulated assumptions that guide discourse and practice. To this end, it offers a wide selection of approaches from various theoretical traditions ranging from normative theory to critical theory. In their individual chapters, the authors explore the concept of transitional justice itself and its foundations, such as reconciliation, memory, and truth, as well as intersections, such as reparations, peace building, and norm compliance. This book will be of particular interest for scholars and students of law, peace and conflict studies, and human rights studies. Even though highly theoretical, the chapters provide an easy read for a wide audience including readers not familiar with theoretical investigations.

The Palgrave Handbook Of Criminology And War

Author : Ross McGarry
ISBN : 9781137431707
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 30. 30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This interdisciplinary Handbook brings together into one coherent volume a range of international authors, who firmly establish the relevance of war within the discipline of criminology. The chapters address emerging and prevailing issues in the criminological study of war, including state crime, corporate crime, victimology, genocide, policing, security and various forms of violence. Taking a critical standpoint including feminist, cultural, and radical approaches amongst others, the Handbook is split into five clear sections: (1) The Criminogenic Contexts of War; (2) Violence and Victimization at War; (3) Violence, War and Security; (4) Perpetrators of Violence and the Aftermath of War; and (5) Cultural and Methodological Developments for a Criminology of War. Edited by two leading experts in the field, this Handbook provides an original point of reference on the contemporary debates and applications of criminology and war and will be a key resource for academics and students across criminology, international relations, critical military studies, military sociology, peace studies and law.

Very British Rebels?

Author : James White McAuley
ISBN : 9781441190543
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 36. 65 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Challenging traditional narrow views, this unique work proposes to rethink and reinterpret Ulster loyalism from the beginning of the "Troubles" to the present day, by tracing its religious, paramilitary, political, and community influences. The work examines the core values of loyalist communities, the roots of violence, and the shift toward peaceful coexistence with former enemies. Also discussed are the DUP's claims that it represents loyalism's "true voice" along with the complex and varying degrees of commitment to the Crown, the Protestant Faith, and the British governance of Northern Ireland. Lastly, it looks at how cultural expressions of loyalist identity, such as poetry or cartoons, are being used in the (re)construction of a loyalist memory. Written by a leading expert on Ulster loyalism, the work is based on extensive interviews with loyalists and loyalist literature to provide an inside account of the processes of loyalist identity formation and transformation. Drawing on political science, sociology and cultural studies, it will appeal to anyone interested in Irish politics as well as conflict and peace processes.

The War Of 1948

Author : Avraham Sela
ISBN : 9780253023414
Genre : History
File Size : 51. 3 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The 1948 War is remembered in this special volume, including aspects of Israeli-Jewish memory and historical narratives of 1948 and representations of Israeli-Palestinian memory of that cataclysmic event and its consequences. The contributors map and analyze a range of perspectives of the 1948 War as represented in literature, historical museums, art, visual media, and landscape, as well as in competing official and societal narratives. They are examined especially against the backdrop of the Oslo process, which brought into relief tensions within and between both sides of the national divide concerning identity and legitimacy, justice, and righteousness of "self" and "other."

Translating Egypt S Revolution

Author : Samia Mehrez
ISBN : 9789774165337
Genre : History
File Size : 73. 55 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This unique interdisciplinary collective project is the culmination of research and translation work conducted by American University in Cairo students of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds who continue to witness Egypt's ongoing revolution. This historic event has produced an unprecedented proliferation of political and cultural documents and materials, whether written, oral, or visual. Given their range, different linguistic registers, and referential worlds, these documents present a great challenge to any translator. The contributors to this volume have selectively translated chants, banners, jokes, poems, and interviews, as well as presidential speeches and military communiquâes. Their practical translation work is informed by the cultural turn in translation studies and the nuanced role of the translator as negotiator between texts and cultures. The chapters focus on the relationship between translation and semiotics, issues of fidelity and equivalence, creative transformation and rewriting, and the issue of target readership. This mature collective project is in many ways a reenactment of the new infectious revolutionary spirit in Egypt today. -- Publisher description.

Justice And Peace In The Israeli Palestinian Conflict

Author : Yaacov Bar Siman Tov
ISBN : 9781317687559
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 57. 42 MB
Format : PDF
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In this book, the late Prof. Yaacov Bar-Siman-Tov argues that the failure of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process so far has been mainly the result of the inability of both sides to reach an agreed formula for linking justice to peace. The issues of justice and injustice are focused mainly on the outcomes of the 1947-1949 first Arab-Israeli War and specifically in the creation of the Palestinian refugee problem. The conflicting historical narratives of the two sides regarding the question of responsibility for the injustice done to the Palestinians turn the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into a classic case of linking the issues of justice and peace.Yaacov Bar-Siman-Tov maintains that the narratives of justice and injustice in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have proved to be formidable barriers to peace. Hence, he recommends that justice should be compromised for the sake of peace. The link between justice and peace is an important issue requiring both sides’ attention, but, given the wide and currently unbridgeable gap separating the two sides, it should be postponed to the phase of reconciliation rather than being included in the process of conflict resolution. The two-state solution is endorsed as the best and practical solution and as a first step for a "just peace" in this conflict, to be followed by reconciliation. Highly topical, this book is essential reading for scholars and researchers of International Relations, Peace Studies and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Diversity Intercultural Encounters And Education

Author : Susana Gonçalves
ISBN : 9781136189234
Genre : Education
File Size : 62. 42 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book concerns the challenges and tensions rising from mass migration flows, unbalanced north-south and east-west relations and the increasing multicultural nature of society. The scope of the book’s theme is global, addressing diversity and identity, intercultural encounters and conflict, and the interrogations of a new socio-political order or paradigm. Thus, it highlights some of the most poignant and challenging outcomes of cultural diversity faced more or less palpably by everyone everywhere in today’s societies. The book’s theme of multi- and pluriculturality is of particular current interest in the academic, socio-political, economic and entrepreneurial spheres. It covers Western and non-Western perspectives, representing a valuable resource in terms of international dialogue and experimentation. The chapters are complimentary, completing a rigorous theoretical framework offering detailed presentation and analysis of the phenomenon of diversity as encountered in society and the educational setting and at large viewed in a multidisciplinary multiperspective fashion. Among the theories and concepts represented are those intrinsic to sociology, psychology, political science, economics, history, literature, pedagogy, communication and linguistics.

Post Conflict Hauntings

Author : Kim Wale
ISBN : 9783030390778
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 49. 88 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book engages the globally pressing question of how to live and work with the haunting power of the past in the aftermath of mass violence. It brings together a collection of interdisciplinary contributions to reflect on the haunting of post-conflict memory from the perspective of diverse country case studies including South Africa, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Northern Ireland, North and South Korea, Palestine and Israel, America and Australia. Contributions offer theoretical, empirical and practical insights on the nature of historical trauma and practices of collective healing and repair that include embodied, artistic and culturally relevant forms of wisdom for dealing with the past. While this question has traditionally been explored through the lens of trauma studies in relation to the post-Holocaust experience, this book provides new understandings from a variety of different historical contexts and disciplinary perspectives. Its chapters draw on, challenge and expand the trauma concept to propose more contextually relevant frameworks for transforming haunted memory in the aftermath of historical trauma.

Handbook Of Research On The Impact Of Culture In Conflict Prevention And Peacebuilding

Author : Essien, Essien
ISBN : 9781799825753
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 82. 67 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The contemporary conflict scenarios are beyond the reach of standardized approaches to conflict resolution. Given the curious datum that culture is implicated in nearly every conflict in the world, culture can also be an important aspect of efforts to transform destructive conflicts into more constructive social processes. Yet, what culture is and how culture matters in conflict scenarios is contested and regrettably unexplored. The Handbook of Research on the Impact of Culture in Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding is a critical publication that examines cultural differences in conflict resolution based on various aspects of culture such as morals, traditions, and laws. Highlighting a wide range of topics such as criminal justice, politics, and technological development, this book is essential for educators, social scientists, sociologists, political leaders, government officials, academicians, conflict resolution practitioners, world peace organizations, researchers, and students.

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