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Ban Of The Bori

Author : Major A.J.N. Tremearne
ISBN : 9781136970016
Genre : Social Science
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First Published in 1968. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Ban Of The Bori

Author : Arthur John Newman Tremearne
ISBN : PRNC:32101068973070
Genre : Bori (Cult)
File Size : 30. 84 MB
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The Ban Of The Bori

Author : A. J. N. Tremearne
ISBN : 149790563X
Genre :
File Size : 51. 43 MB
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This Is A New Release Of The Original 1914 Edition.

Trance Dancing With The Jinn

Author : Yasmin Henkesh
ISBN : 9780738747422
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 34. 85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Explore the living tradition of trance dancing, the practice of connecting with the subtle energies and secret knowledge of spirits through rhythmic movement to music. Written by an expert teacher who has trained and performed with top dancers in Paris, London, and Cairo, this meticulously researched, hands-on book delves into the history and modern practice of ecstatic dance. Discover a range of religious and spiritual trance dance traditions—from Egyptian zar ceremonies to Sufi whirling dervish techniques—and the entities you can contact through them. You’ll also find a detailed how-to section that provides a safe, effective, and fun way to connect with the ethereal realm from within your own home. Praise: “This is a must-read book. Keep Ms. Henkesh’s book in your reference library for the well-researched richness of its information and its understanding of the many types of zar.”—Sahra C. Kent (Saeeda), dance ethnologist and founder of Journey through Egypt “Yasmin writes beautifully and with great joy. She has done impressive research . . . into the mystifying corners of the supernatural and into the remarkable interfaces between body and mind.”—Robert Lebling, author of Legends of the Fire Spirits “Through a deep exploration of myth and science, history and belief, [Henkesh] reveals a compelling insight into these unusual yet ancient practices. Definitely a valuable resource.”—Laura Tempest Zakroff, fusion and sacred dance pioneer, performer, instructor, and author of The Witch's Cauldron

Etnologiska Studier

Author : Göteborgs etnografiska museum
ISBN : PSU:000069498176
Genre : Ethnology
File Size : 25. 59 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Spirit Possession Modernity Power In Africa

Author : Heike Behrend
ISBN : UOM:39015043411332
Genre : Religion
File Size : 88. 93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In Africa as well as in Europe, many spirits and their mediums are part of local as well as global cultures. Christian spirits named Hitler, Mussolini, or King Bruce (Bruce Lee) flourish in a pantheon of new holy spirits in Uganda waging war against the government. Spirits of airplanes, engines, guitars, and angels are found in Central Africa; and thunder, snakes, and rain as well as playboys and prostitutes inhabit the spirit world in West Africa. Spirit possession cults have continued to proliferate, even in the secular West, and continue to be a subject of intense interest. Despite the continuous expansion of the field, some problems are only now beginning to be explored. The experts in this volume focus on questions of power, the history and inner dynamics of cults, the role of gender and images of the other, based on research conducted during the last fifteen years in Africa. The contributors document changes taking place across the continent as possession beliefs and practices respond to new circumstances and address the shifting local implications of an increasingly global socio-economy. Gender, ethnicity, and class are examined as intersecting forces and features of spirit phenomena. The case studies presented are richly contextualized: history, social organization and upheaval, alternative religious options—all are considered relevant to an understanding of possession forms. Contributors: Leslie Sharp, Heike Behrend, Adeline Masquelier, Mathias Krings, Jean-Paul Colleyn, Alexandra O. de Sousa, Susan Kenyon, Tobias Wendl, Ute Luig, and Linda Giles Co-published with James Currey Publishers, U.K. The Wisconsin edition is not for sale in the United Kingdon, the traditional British Commonwealth (excepting Canada), nor in Europe.

Women And Work In Northern Nigeria

Author : R. Pittin
ISBN : 9781403914217
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 28. 63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Women and Work in Northern Nigeria is a study of the social and economic opportunities open to and seized upon by Muslim Hausa women, primarily in the city of Katsina, Nigeria, over the course of the past three decades. In the context of multiple political regimes, the turmoil of the Nigerian economy, and major ideological shifts, women have sought to optimize their resources and situations. Women and Work in Northern Nigeria take as a primary theme, women's ability to recognize and to cross the physical, spatial and discursive boundaries which ostensibly service to define and confine them


Author : Traugott Konstantin Oesterreich
ISBN : 0415209528
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 72. 38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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First published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

African Dominion

Author : Michael A. Gomez
ISBN : 9781400888160
Genre : History
File Size : 67. 36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A groundbreaking history that puts early and medieval West Africa in a global context Pick up almost any book on early and medieval world history and empire, and where do you find West Africa? On the periphery. This pioneering book, the first on this period of the region’s history in a generation, tells a different story. Interweaving political and social history and drawing on a rich array of sources, including Arabic manuscripts, oral histories, and recent archaeological findings, Michael Gomez unveils a new vision of how categories of ethnicity, race, gender, and caste emerged in Africa and in global history more generally. Scholars have long held that such distinctions arose during the colonial period, but Gomez shows they developed much earlier. Focusing on the Savannah and Sahel region, Gomez traces the exchange of ideas and influences with North Africa and the Central Islamic Lands by way of merchants, scholars, and pilgrims. Islam’s growth in West Africa, in tandem with intensifying commerce that included slaves, resulted in a series of political experiments unique to the region, culminating in the rise of empire. A major preoccupation was the question of who could be legally enslaved, which together with other factors led to the construction of new ideas about ethnicity, race, gender, and caste—long before colonialism and the transatlantic slave trade. Telling a radically new story about early Africa in global history, African Dominion is set to be the standard work on the subject for many years to come.

Black God

Author : Julian Baldick
ISBN : 0815605226
Genre : Religion
File Size : 68. 4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A comparative study of the Afroasiatic traditional religions of northern Africa and Arabia. The author argues that there is a common Afroasiatic language in those regions, so is there a common family of religions. He compares traditions as diverse as those in Yemen and Nigeria.

The Politics Of Cultural Performance

Author : David J. Parkin
ISBN : 1571818987
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 72. 87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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For beginning students and lay readers, introduces the basics of psychoanalytic and behaviorist psychology by examining the systems of eight major practitioners and theorists. Highlights how the psychodynamic and behavioristic schools complement each other in psychological paradigms, experimental perspectives, and mental structures. The last, posthumously published, book by Keehn (psychology, York University, Canada). Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Man In Africa

Author : Mary Douglas
ISBN : 9781136419201
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 23. 83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Tavistock Press was established as a co-operative venture between the Tavistock Institute and Routledge & Kegan Paul (RKP) in the 1950s to produce a series of major contributions across the social sciences. This volume is part of a 2001 reissue of a selection of those important works which have since gone out of print, or are difficult to locate. Published by Routledge, 112 volumes in total are being brought together under the name The International Behavioural and Social Sciences Library: Classics from the Tavistock Press. Reproduced here in facsimile, this volume was originally published in 1969 and is available individually. The collection is also available in a number of themed mini-sets of between 5 and 13 volumes, or as a complete collection.

The Materiality Of Magic

Author : Natalie Armitage
ISBN : 9781785700132
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 49. 19 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The subject of ‘magic’ has long been considered peripheral and sensationalist, the word itself having become something of an academic taboo. However, beliefs in magic and the rituals that surround them are extensive – as are their material manifestations – and to avoid them is to ignore a prevalent aspect of cultures worldwide, from prehistory to the present day. The Materiality of Magic addresses the value of the material record as a resource in investigations into magic, ritual practices, and popular beliefs. The chronological and geographic focuses of the papers presented here vary from prehistory to the present-day, including numinous interpretations of fossils and ritual deposits in Bronze Age Europe; apotropaic devices in Roman and Medieval Britain; the evolution of superstitions and ritual customs – from the ‘voodoo doll’ of Europe and Africa to a Scottish ‘wishing-tree’; and an exploration of spatiality in West African healing practices. The objectives of this collection of nine papers are twofold. First, to provide a platform from which to showcase innovative research and theoretical approaches in a subject which has largely been neglected within archaeology and related disciplines, and, secondly, to redress this neglect. The papers were presented at the 2012 Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) conference in Liverpool.

Sm?rre Meddelanden

Author : Statens etnografiska museum (Sweden)
ISBN : UOM:39015018678097
Genre : Ethnology
File Size : 25. 29 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Discipline And The Other Body

Author : Anupama Rao
ISBN : 9780822387930
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 82. 5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Discipline and the Other Body reveals the intimate relationship between violence and difference underlying modern governmental power and the human rights discourses that critique it. The comparative essays brought together in this collection show how, in using physical violence to discipline and control colonial subjects, governments repeatedly found themselves enmeshed in a fundamental paradox: Colonialism was about the management of difference—the “civilized” ruling the “uncivilized”—but colonial violence seemed to many the antithesis of civility, threatening to undermine the very distinction that validated its use. Violation of the bodies of colonial subjects regularly generated scandals, and eventually led to humanitarian initiatives, ultimately changing conceptions of “the human” and helping to constitute modern forms of human rights discourse. Colonial violence and discipline also played a crucial role in hardening modern categories of difference—race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, and religion. The contributors, who include both historians and anthropologists, address instances of colonial violence from the early modern period to the twentieth century and from Asia to Africa to North America. They consider diverse topics, from the interactions of race, law, and violence in colonial Louisiana to British attempts to regulate sex and marriage in the Indian army in the early nineteenth century. They examine the political dilemmas raised by the extensive use of torture in colonial India and the ways that British colonizers flogged Nigerians based on beliefs that different ethnic and religious affiliations corresponded to different degrees of social evolution and levels of susceptibility to physical pain. An essay on how contemporary Sufi healers deploy bodily violence to maintain sexual and religious hierarchies in postcolonial northern Nigeria makes it clear that the state is not the only enforcer of disciplinary regimes based on ideas of difference. Contributors. Laura Bear, Yvette Christiansë, Shannon Lee Dawdy, Dorothy Ko, Isaac Land, Susan O’Brien, Douglas M. Peers, Steven Pierce, Anupama Rao, Kerry Ward

A Geography Of Jihad

Author : Stephanie Zehnle
ISBN : 9783110675276
Genre : Religion
File Size : 59. 77 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book addresses the Jihad movement that created the largest African state of the 19th century: the Sokoto Caliphate, existing for 99 years from 1804 until its military defeat by European colonial troops in 1903. The author carves out the entanglements of jihadist ideology and warfare with geographical concepts at Africa’s periphery of the Islamic world: geographical knowledge about the boundary between the “Land of Islam” and the “Land of War”; the pre-colonial construction of “the Muslim” and “the unbeliever”; and the transfer of ideas between political elites and mobile actors (traders, pilgrims, slaves, soldiers), whose reports helped shape new definitions of the African frontier of Islam. Research for this book is based on the study of a very wide range of Arabic and West African (Hausa, Fulfulde) manuscripts. Their policies reveal the persistent reciprocity of jihadist warfare and territorial statehood, of Africa and the Middle East. Stephanie Zehnle is Assistant Professor (JProf) of Extra-European History at Kiel University (Christian-Albrechts-Universität). Her work on African and trans-continental history includes research on the history of Islam, human-animal relations, and comics in Africa.

Eat The Heart Of The Infidel

Author : Andrew Walker
ISBN : 9781787380806
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 31. 68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Boko Haram's appetite for violence and kidnapping women has thrust them to the top of the global news agenda. In a few years they all but severed parts of Nigeria-Africa's most populous state and largest economy-from the hands of the government. When Boko Haram speaks, the world sees a grimacing ranting demagogue who taunts viewers claiming he will 'eat the heart of the infidels' and calling on Nigerians to reject their corrupt democracy and return to a 'pure' form of Islam. Thousands have been slaughtered in their campaign of purification which has evolved through a five-year bloody civil war. Civilians are trapped between the militants and the military and feel preyed upon by both. Boko Haram did not emerge fully formed. In Northern Nigeria, which has witnessed many caliphates in the past, radical ideas flourish and strange sects are common. For decades, Nigeria's politicians and oligarchs fed on the resources of a state buoyed by oil and turned public institutions into spoons for the pot. When the going was good it didn't matter. But now a new ravenous force threatens Nigeria.

Saharan Crossroads

Author : Tara F. Deubel
ISBN : 9781443862899
Genre : History
File Size : 29. 3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Saharan Crossroads: Exploring Historical, Cultural, and Artistic Linkages between North and West Africa counteracts the traditional scholarly conception of the Sahara Desert as an impenetrable barrier dividing the continent by employing an interdisciplinary lens to examine myriad interconnections between North and West Africa through travel, trade, communication, cultural exchange, and correspondence that have been ongoing for several millennia. Saharan Crossroads offers a unique contribution to existing scholarship on the region by uniting a diverse group of African, European, and American scholars working on various facets of trans-Saharan history, social life, and cultural production, and bringing their work together for the first time. This trilingual volume includes eleven chapters written in English, five chapters in French, and three chapters in Arabic, reflecting the multicultural nature of the Sahara and this international project. Saharan Crossroads explores historical and contemporary connections and exchanges between populations living in and on both sides of the Sahara that have led to the emergence of distinctive cultural and aesthetic expressions. This contact has been fostered by a series of linkages that include the trans-Saharan caravan trade, the spread of Islam, the migration of nomadic pastoralists, and European colonization. The book includes three major sections: (1) history, culture, and identity; (2) trans-Saharan circulation of arts, music, ritual performance, and architecture; and (3) religion, law, language, and writing. While the gaze of international political analysts has turned toward the Sahara to follow problematic developments that pose serious threats to human rights and security in the region, it is especially timely to recall that the people and countries of the Sahelo-Saharan world have maintained long histories of peaceful coexistence, interdependence, and cooperation that are too often overlooked in the present.

Bibliography Of Nigeria

Author : Nduntuei O. Ita
ISBN : 9780429749223
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 70. 22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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First published in 1971, this major bibliography devoted to Africa’s most populous country – Nigeria – is therefore a timely contribution which must be welcomed by all. The Bibliography of Nigeria contains over 5,400 entries in archaeology, all branches of anthropology, linguistic and relevant historical and sociological studies. Many of the entries carry indicative or informative annotations which have greatly enhanced the usefulness of the work. The history and culture of Africa constitutes a rich area of study and research which is attracting an ever-increasing number of scholars the world over. The new impetus which African studies is receiving in the major centre of learning today has added urgency to the long-neglected problem of bibliographical control of the vast literature. The dearth of bibliographies in the field of African studies has been a main source of frustration to all those working in this area. The book is divided into two parts: part one deals with Nigeria as a whole, and lists general works or those concerned with several regions or several ethnic groups. Part two is devoted to the various ethnic groups. An analytical table of contents, a comprehensive ethnic index, an author index and an index of Islamic studies, together with generous cross-referencing, ensure ready and easy location of individual entries.

Jih?d In West Africa During The Age Of Revolutions

Author : Paul E. Lovejoy
ISBN : 9780821445839
Genre : History
File Size : 68. 27 MB
Format : PDF
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In Jihād in West Africa during the Age of Revolutions, a preeminent historian of Africa argues that scholars of the Americas and the Atlantic world have not given Africa its due consideration as part of either the Atlantic world or the age of revolutions. The book examines the jihād movement in the context of the age of revolutions—commonly associated with the American and French revolutions and the erosion of European imperialist powers—and shows how West Africa, too, experienced a period of profound political change in the late eighteenth through the mid-nineteenth centuries. Paul E. Lovejoy argues that West Africa was a vital actor in the Atlantic world and has wrongly been excluded from analyses of the period. Among its chief contributions, the book reconceptualizes slavery. Lovejoy shows that during the decades in question, slavery expanded extensively not only in the southern United States, Cuba, and Brazil but also in the jihād states of West Africa. In particular, this expansion occurred in the Muslim states of the Sokoto Caliphate, Fuuta Jalon, and Fuuta Toro. At the same time, he offers new information on the role antislavery activity in West Africa played in the Atlantic slave trade and the African diaspora. Finally, Jihād in West Africa during the Age of Revolutions provides unprecedented context for the political and cultural role of Islam in Africa—and of the concept of jihād in particular—from the eighteenth century into the present. Understanding that there is a long tradition of jihād in West Africa, Lovejoy argues, helps correct the current distortion in understanding the contemporary jihād movement in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Africa.

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