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Still Hanging In There

Author : Jan Marshall
ISBN : 9780595174256
Genre : Humor
File Size : 34. 80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A lighthearted manual for getting through each day with humor and giddiness. It is a delightful look at some of our minor, daily irritants that includes marriage, motherhood, football reruns of highlights of last year’s game and the men we love who watch them… again and again. The book is filled with astounding anti-diet/anti-exercise advice in the chapter “How I turned flab into dollars.” While Jan was jogging she thought she heard applause. Regretfully it was simply her thighs hitting together. She was paid extremely well to leave the neighborhood. Franchise anyone? There are time management tips “If you do not polish silver for six years it begins to look like pewter. Pewter is nice!” This joyful philosopher notices most human absurdities, ponders, reflects and then answers such questions as “Can we really leave nagging to strangers? Why is it that for every light on Broadway there is a runny nose? She agrees with Hemingway that though the sun also rises, it also fades the drapes. This witty book will have you shaking with glee (67 calories expended) as you realize the stuff that really annoys you can be thought about in a more amusing, tolerable and weight losing manner.

What Is The What

Author : Dave Eggers
ISBN : 9780307390363
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 90. 74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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New York Times Notable Book New York Times Bestseller What Is the What is the epic novel based on the life of Valentino Achak Deng who, along with thousands of other children —the so-called Lost Boys—was forced to leave his village in Sudan at the age of seven and trek hundreds of miles by foot, pursued by militias, government bombers, and wild animals, crossing the deserts of three countries to find freedom. When he finally is resettled in the United States, he finds a life full of promise, but also heartache and myriad new challenges. Moving, suspenseful, and unexpectedly funny, What Is the What is an astonishing novel that illuminates the lives of millions through one extraordinary man.

There S Nothing Louder Than Dead Air

Author : Bob "The Blade" Robinson
ISBN : 9781468573855
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 57. 88 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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You'll love how Bob "the Blade" Robinson stuck it to the man. You'll learn how schizophrenia isn't all that bad. What is the GREATEST guitar solo in rock? Who is the real King of Rock N Roll? How can you live on 8k a year? You can't. But you can feed your head for that much. The new tell-all from a rock radio vet of 30 years. The first real read about the sheer lunacy of the rock business. There was no other business is like it.

Karen Kingsbury True Crime Novels

Author : Karen Kingsbury
ISBN : 9780795351136
Genre : True Crime
File Size : 51. 89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Four chilling true crime novels by a #1 New York Times–bestselling author and former Los Angeles Times reporter. Final Vows: Murder, Madness, and Twisted Justice in California When Carol Montecalvo began writing to a man in prison named Dan through a program at her church, she considered it her Christian duty. She had no idea it would lead to love and marriage—and her murder . . . Deadly Pretender:The Double Life of David Miller When a man’s dream job and beautiful family weren’t enough for him, he pretended to be an attorney, then a CIA agent. And he secretly married another woman. He juggled it all quite well—until the day his two wives found out about each other . . . The Snake and the Spider:Abduction and Murder in Daytona Beach A dream Spring Break vacation for two innocent, young men became every parent’s worst nightmare when they met two cold-blooded killers . . . Missy’s Murder:Passion, Betrayal, and Murder in Southern California Teenager Missy Avila was lured into the woods, beaten, tortured, and drowned. Missy’s best friend, Karen Severson, publicly vowed to find the killer and even moved in with Missy’s family to help. Three years later, a surprise witness exposed the murderers as Missy’s two best friends—one of whom was Karen . . .


Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015026509664
Genre : Aeronautics
File Size : 49. 20 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Initial Scope

Author : Bhikshuni Thubten Chodron
Genre : Religion
File Size : 77. 4 MB
Format : PDF
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In the early eleventh century the Indian Buddhist master Atisha condensed essential points from the sutras and ordered them into the text Lamp of the Path. These were then expanded upon in the fourteenth century by the Tibetan Buddhist master LamaTsongkhapa into the text The Great Exposition on the Gradual Path to Enlightenment(Lamrim Chenmo). Venerable Thubten Chodron taught on this text over several years at Dharma Friendship Foundation, and related these practical teachings to our daily lives. These ebooks are lightly-edited transcripts of those teachings. They have been organized and formatted by Lai Wee Chiang. This second volume contains teachings on: - Remembering Death - The Actual Way to Become Mindful of Death - The Lower Realms - Taking Refuge - The Objects of Refuge - How to Take Refuge - The Benefits of Having Taken Refuge - Guidelines for the Practice of Refuge - Karma - 10 Destructive Actions and Their Results - Constructive Actions and Their Results - The Intensity of Karma - Other Ways of Differentiating Actions - Specific Aspects of Actions and Their Results - General Advice on Engaging in Positive Actions and Avoiding Destructive Ones

That Olde White Magick

Author : Sharon Pape
ISBN : 9781516100576
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 63. 74 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A local witch goes casting about for a killer when a town council meeting goes murderously awry in this cozy mystery by the author of Magick & Mayhem. Kailyn Wilde enjoys running her magick shop, Abracadabra, in the quaint hamlet of New Camel, New York. Her family’s been here for centuries, but the place may never be the same if plans for a big new hotel go through. So Kailyn does her civic duty, attending a town meeting with her aunt Tilly…and Merlin. Yes, that Merlin—though he gets introduced to folks as her “distant English cousin.” Though the wizard is pretty grumpy about being transported to New Camel, Kailyn figures she could use the backup if the hotel debate gets heated. But things go from heated to homicide when Tilly finds the body of a board member outside the schoolhouse. Afraid that suspicion will be cast on the wrong person, Kailyn plans to crack the case, even if she has to talk to every living soul in town—plus a few departed ones.

B 17 Memories

Author : T/Sgt. James Lee Hutchinson, Ed.S.
ISBN : 9781496911346
Genre : History
File Size : 82. 85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Memphis Belle, completed 25 missions and became the symbol of Eighth Air Force success in the air war over Europe. Its national tour rallied support and encouraged citizens enduring rationing and sacrifices for victory. Heavy bomber aircrews proved their value with precision bombing. My writing is based on memories, diaries and interviews of other veterans and my teenage experiences as an Eighth Air Force B-17 radio/gunner on twenty combat missions with the 490th Bomb Group (H). This fourth book presents short stories of boys on B-17 Flying Fortress crews flying deadly missions to destroy German and Italian military targets. Twenty-six thousand airmen died and thousands more were wounded. The sky was our arena and we paved the way for Infantry and Armored Divisions slogging through heat, rain or snow to preserve our freedom. Many B-17 gunners were teenagers who enlisted or were drafted, trained and sent into combat before they could legally vote or buy a drink. They saved our freedom and came home to build the USA into the most powerful nation in the world. I self-publish because I am 89 and my time is limited. I thank God that I have been able to record more than 350 stories of my generation. "WW II veterans are fading into History — less than two million of the sixteen million who served are left to tell their stories" See my interview online at "Wings over Europe my Smithville"

Sheltered By God

Author : Jennifer Pitts Adair
ISBN : 9781475944198
Genre : Religion
File Size : 90. 29 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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On April 27, 2011 sixty two tornadoes touched down in Alabama claiming two hundred and fifty three innocent lives. One of those tornadoes, an EF5 that tracked across Northern Alabama and into Tennessee, killed seventy people over a 132 mile path. Jennifer Pitts Adair, alone in her Capshaw home, huddled under blankets and pillows in her master bathroom closet as the massive tornado ripped her home apart around her. When it finally ended nothing remained except for the foundation Jennifer lay on and a pile of rubble surrounding her. For the next year she documented her family's journey. Through her personal journal Jennifer invites us into the life of one survivor during the first year of recovery.

Forever Soul Ties

Author : Vanessa Davis Griggs
ISBN : 9780758278012
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 62. 39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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"Vanessa is a superb storyteller." --ReShonda Tate Billingsley AAMBC Christian Fiction Writer of the Year Award Winner When one woman is caught in the act of her greatest transgression, it's the beginning of her greatest transformation... It started innocently: a coincidental meeting between old high school friends--first loves--at Butterfly's business, The Painted Lady Flower Shop. Then came lunch, then confessions of unhappy marriages, loneliness. It went on that way for years between Butterfly and Ethan. That's how they built the soul tie--the bond that, despite their devotion to God, has now led to adultery. And as with all things done in secret, they've been found out. Well, Butterfly has. As a leader in her church, Butterfly is suddenly cast into the spotlight. But she soon realizes she's being used as a pawn to bring down a new pastor--a young man who is upsetting tradition by preaching about real-life issues real people deal with. People like Butterfly. And as she faces a challenging search for truth, forgiveness, and the real meaning of love, she may finally break out of her cocoon... "Those who seek pure, old-fashioned Christian fiction will enjoy Griggs's latest." --Library Journal

Infectus Phytor

Author : Kurt Smolek
ISBN : 9781524560614
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 52. 48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 664
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Thousands of years ago, two alien races left their dying world and decided to come to Earth. One race wanted to take over and rule Earths inhabitants, while the other wanted to live in coexistence and in peace with them. A civil war broke out between the alien races, and the inhabitants of Earth got caught in the middle of it. In the final battle, civilizations were destroyed, nations sank into the seas, and a setback of hundreds of years for Earths population, technology, and evolution happened. In todays world, the alien threat is growing once again, and they are planning their revenge with their extinction agenda. A small group of unique individuals have come together to fight in an all-or-nothing war against this infection on our planet. They are called Infectus Phytor. Their ancestors were hunted and killed for being defiant or different. They now team together, bringing an alien, a mermaid, a sorcerer, a marine, a time traveler, a bigfoot, a mutant, and a wild cat lady. They will either eliminate the enemy or be eliminated themselves. There will be no prisoners in this final stand to save the planet and its inhabitants.


Author : Jimmy Buchan
ISBN : 9780748122073
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 66. 24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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TRAWLERMAN is the memoir of Jimmy Buchan - skipper of the Amity II, a fishing vessel based in Peterhead, Europe's largest fishing port. Jimmy's story is one of incredible highs and lows. It's a life that has been lived on the very crest of danger and despair, a career of thirty years that has seen other skippers fall by the wayside, undone by a declining industry, or worse, lost to the unforgiving North Sea. By turns gripping, comic and nostalgic, this tale of Britain's most dangerous job, carried out by Britain's most famous skipper, is guaranteed to mesmerize.

I Should Be Dead By Now

Author : Dennis Rodman
ISBN : 9781596701526
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 28. 47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Since I was a kid, I had always prided myself on my discipline in the things that really mattered-in the weight room, on the court (forget the refs), defense, rebounding, in how I play the game. Off court was my business; but suddenly things had changed.After the motorcycle accident, my agent, Darren Prince, was so worried about my partying that he called in the cavalry, my former bodyguard, Wendell "Big Will" Williams-a six-foot-four-inch, 400-pound black man to whom people, including Dennis Rodman, tend to listen. Wendell was coming out of bodyguard retirement to make sure I did what I was supposed to do when I was supposed to do it. He started out strong at the Radio Music Awards in Las Vegas. It was exactly a week after the Treasures motorcycle crash. Despite my usual protests-"I don't want to do this. This is bullshit. It's not gonna help my career"-that afternoon Wendell managed to get me, sober no less, to this series of round-robin interviews with every radio station in America. This went on for hours before the actual awards show that night, and Wendell wouldn't let me drink. Afterwards, it was like I'd just run a marathon, and I went out by the pool to relax with a cool one while he went upstairs to shower. When Wendell got back down, I was wasted. This was all new to him. In the three years since he'd worked with me, I'd started spending much more time with my friend, Herr Jdgermeister, and this was his first time to see Dennis Rodman, Daytime Drunk.Darren was on my ass. Wendell was on my ass. My best friend, Thaer, was on my ass. Even my wife, Michelle, was on my ass. Anyway, after the motorcycle accident and my skid-row-drunk performance at the Radio Music Awards, ESPN satdown Michelle for an interview. "I'm done. I'm ready for a divorce," she told the interviewer. This from a woman who has "Mrs. Rodman" tattooed just above her butt in letters about an inch high.By the end of October 20

108 Stitches

Author : Ron Darling
ISBN : 9781250184399
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 32. 64 MB
Format : PDF
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New York Times Bestseller This is New York Times bestselling author and Emmy-nominated broadcaster Ron Darling's 108 baseball anecdotes that connect America’s game to the men who played it. In 108 Stitches, New York Times bestselling author and Emmy Award-winning broadcaster Ron Darling offers his own take on the "six degrees of separation" game and knits together wild, wise, and wistful stories reflecting the full arc of a life in and around our national pastime. Darling has played with or reported on just about everybody who has put on a uniform since 1983, and they in turn have played with or reported on just about everybody who put on a uniform in a previous generation. Through relationships with baseball legends on and off the field, like Yale coach Smoky Joe Wood, Willie Mays, Bart Giamatti, Tom Seaver and Mickey Mantle, Darling's reminiscences reach all the way back to Babe Ruth and other early twentieth-century greats. Like the 108 stitches on a baseball, Darling's experiences are interwoven with every athlete who has ever played, every coach or manager who ever sat in a dugout, and every fan who ever played hooky from work or school to sit in the bleachers for a day game. Darling's anecdotes come together to tell the story of his time in the game, and the story of the game itself.

Think And Be Free

Author : Grant Emerson Miller
ISBN : 9781608442492
Genre : Religion
File Size : 35. 46 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 950
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In Think and Be Free, Grant Miller takes you on a journey through his life as a child growing up in a plain church, and his quest for truth concerning what God has done for the human family. He was in for a surprise, and so are you as you also discover God is not angry with anyone. Knowing this simple, yet powerful and life-changing truth, you will begin to change your view of yourself and others which results in less pain, greater confidence, and better relationships. Because, you will continue to treat people as you do, as long as you think of them as you have. Grant Miller lives in North Manchester, IN with his wife Darla, and kids, Wynn, Blaine, Lana, and Thad. His hobby has always been a persistent quest to learn all there is to understand about life, the universe we live in, and the Truth that is alive in every human. He has had a special interest in people, how they relate with each other, and specifically the pain and emptiness people experience that is partly a result of being human, partly due to the way one was made to feel as a child, and often times, the lies of religion. The cap sheaf of his interests, being the love and wonderful destiny that God has for every person due to the sacrifice and resurrection of His son, Christ Jesus.

The Alphabet Of Leadership

Author : Maxwell Ubah
ISBN : 9781482860702
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 26. 39 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Todays leadership challenges cannot be solved with yesterdays knowledge, assumptions, and understanding. Old paradigms and models will have to give way to new paradigms and models for todays leaders to lead their constituentsand the organisations they leadto greatness. Using a revolutionary concept, the 4P concept, and a simple formula that leadership = relationships results The Alphabet of Leadership is a comprehensive field guide for todays leaders to navigate todays business complexities and the murky waters of hypercompetition and achieve breakthrough results. Covering twenty-six chapters with real-life examples, anecdotes, lessons and concepts, this book covers the essential topics facing todays leaders such as: The leadership attitude that guarantees greatness The six essentials every leader must communicate to create a high-performance team Making tough decisions Engaging constituents to achieve breakthrough results Growing team members Motivating staff to achieve high performance Executing with excellence Holding people accountable Dealing with eagles, peacocks, ducks and vultures in performance management Trust improves the bottom line Four ways leaders create sustainable value Wonders happen in an atmosphere of positive stretch and fair rewards And lots more. Irrespective of where you find yourself in your leadership journey, you will find rich nuggets in the following pages to help you improve on your personal leadership effectiveness and the overall performance of your team. If you need easy, practical and proven leadership concepts that works, then this book is for you!

My Backyard Jungle

Author : James Barilla
ISBN : 9780300185997
Genre : Nature
File Size : 80. 19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 625
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DIVFor James Barilla and his family, the dream of transforming their Columbia, South Carolina, backyard into a haven for wildlife evoked images of kids catching grasshoppers by day and fireflies at night, of digging up potatoes and picking strawberries. When they signed up with the National Wildlife Federation to certify their yard as a wildlife habitat, it felt like pushing back, in however small a way, against the tide of bad news about vanishing species, changing climate, dying coral reefs. Then the animals started to arrive, and Barilla soon discovered the complexities (and possible mayhem) of merging human with animal habitats. What are the limits of coexistence, he wondered?/divDIV /divDIVTo find out, Barilla set out across continents to explore cities where populations of bears, monkeys, marmosets, and honeybees live alongside human residents. My Backyard Jungle brings these unique stories together, making Barilla’s yard the centerpiece of a meditation on possibilities for coexistence with animals in an increasingly urban world. Not since Gerald Durrell penned My Family and Other Animals have readers encountered a naturalist with such a gift for storytelling and such an open heart toward all things wild./div

Foundation Website Creation With Html5 Css3 And Javascript

Author : Joe Lewis
ISBN : 9781430237907
Genre : Computers
File Size : 36. 17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 836
Read : 1093

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Foundation Website Creation with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript shows the entire process of building a website. This process involves much more than just technical knowledge, and this book provides all the information you'll need to understand the concepts behind designing and developing for the Web, as well as the best means to deliver professional results based on best practices. Of course, there is far more to building a successful website than knowing a little Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). The process starts long before any coding takes place, and this book introduces you to the agile development process, explaining why this method makes so much sense for web projects and how best to implement it. We also make sure you're up to date by using the latest HTML5 features. Planning is vital, so you'll also learn to use techniques such as brainstorming, wireframes, mockups, and prototypes to get your project off to the best possible start and help ensure smooth progress as it develops. An understanding of correct, semantic markup is essential for any web professional; this book explains how HTML5 should be used to structure content so that the markup adheres to current web standards. You'll learn about the wide range of HTML5 elements available to you, and you'll learn how and when to use them through building example web pages. Without creative use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), websites would all look largely the same. CSS enables you to set your website apart from the rest, while maintaining the integrity of your markup. We'll showcase the new features of CSS3 and how you can use them. You'll learn how CSS3 works and how to apply styles to your pages, allowing you to realize your design ideas in the browser. JavaScript can be used to make your website easier and more interesting to use. This book provides information on appropriate uses of this technology and introduces the concepts of JavaScript programming. You'll also see how JavaScript works as part of the much-hyped technique Ajax, and in turn, where Ajax fits into the wider Web 2.0 picture. While a website is being built, it needs to be tested across multiple browsers and platforms to ensure that the site works for all users, regardless of ability or disability, and this book explains how best to accomplish these tasks. Then, it discusses the process of launching and maintaining the site so that it will continue to work for all its users throughout its life cycle. Foundation Website Creation with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript concludes by covering server-side technologies, acting as a guide to the different options available. With insights from renowned experts such as Jason Fried of 37signals, Daniel Burka of Digg and Pownce, and Chris Messina of Citizen Agency, Foundation Website Creation with CSS, XHTML, and JavaScript provides invaluable information applicable to every web project—regardless of size, scope, or budget.

Oburoni And Other Stories

Author : Andrew Rees
ISBN : 9781524682866
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 80. 86 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 508
Read : 1094

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Oburoni symbolises the sense of individuality, of being different, and yet warmly accepted. So it is for John in a land far away from home. This sense of change pervades Brian and Pats new home, Trishs search for a job, and Toms purchase, while Johns reflections on his life are echoed by Sonia on her long journey and the students first assignment. Life involves family, whether watching a favourite TV program, welcoming long-lost relatives, or seeking a beloved son. All of which form the ingredients of these tales, with their different themes and backgrounds, peaking in the joy of New Year celebrations.

Behind Closed Doors

Author : Thirteen O' Clock Press
ISBN : 9781291892291
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 87. 59 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 544
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Doors are fascinating, from the normal house door, hiding its multitude of secrets from the neighbours, through the elegant crafted doors of high flying businesses in tower blocks, where who knows what wheeling-dealing goes on, to the solid ancient lost-in-antiquity doors of churches behind which are hundreds of years of prayers and confessions and acts that are beyond the imagination of the average churchgoer. Doors that say KEEP OUT and doors that invite you in. Countless thousands of them - all have their own reasons to be there and their own secrets to conceal. The authors responded to the call for contributions with an incredible collection of murder and mayhem, of bitterness and depravity and just about every other human emotion there is. Open the door and walk in... there are stories here to entertain and surprise you. Enjoy.

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