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Quest Of The Seal Bearers

Author : Awg Coleman
ISBN : 1589395115
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 30. 81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A group of teenagers find themselves mysteriously transported to the planet Mendala and confronted with the task of defeating an evil villain who wields the power of the Book of War.

Quest Of The Seal Bearers Book 2

Author : A. W. G. Coleman
ISBN : 1602640114
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 53. 60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The planet of Mendala is once again in danger from the Book of War, an ancient relic that can be used to create indestructible monsters of all shapes and sizes. This weapon is now in the hands of Davron, a tyrant obsessed with power. Though Davron's army is almost unstoppable, his forced rule over Mendala has not gone uncontested. The Fantasmal Fighters have risen to the challenge. These teenagers from the planet Earth are Mendala's only hope. Though they are young, they have been gifted with a unique power that gives them alone the ability to destroy the creatures of the Book of War. With the help of many brave allies, the Fantasmal Fighters hope to defeat Davron once and for all. Now, the stage is being set for an epic battle as both sides race to gain control over the five jewels, a set of powerful artifacts that could mean the key to victory for either side. Will the Fantasmal Fighters use them to rid the world of the Book of War forever, or will Davron finally gain the power to rule over all dimensions?

Fool S Quest

Author : Robin Hobb
ISBN : 9780553392937
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 54. 92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY BUZZFEED AND THE INDEPENDENT • Ranking alongside George R. R. Martin as a groundbreaking master of fantasy, Robin Hobb delivers the second book in her long-awaited Fitz and the Fool trilogy. The harrowing adventures of FitzChivalry Farseer and his enigmatic friend the Fool continue in Robin Hobb’s triumphant follow-up to Fool’s Assassin. But Fool’s Quest is more than just a sequel. With the artistry and imagination her fans have come to expect, Hobb builds masterfully on all that has gone before, revealing devastating secrets and shocking conspiracies that cast a dark shadow over the history of Fitz and his world—a shadow that now stretches to darken all future hope. Long ago, Fitz and the Fool changed the world, bringing back the magic of dragons and securing both the Farseer succession and the stability of the kingdom. Or so they thought. But now the Fool is near death, maimed by mysterious pale-skinned figures whose plans for world domination hinge upon the powers the Fool may share with Fitz’s own daughter. Distracted by the Fool’s perilous health, and swept up against his will in the intrigues of the royal court, Fitz lets down his guard . . . and in a horrible instant, his world is undone and his beloved daughter stolen away by those who would use her as they had once sought to use the Fool—as a weapon. But FitzChivalry Farseer is not without weapons of his own. An ancient magic still lives in his veins. And though he may have let his skills as royal assassin diminish over the years, such things, once learned, are not so easily forgotten. Now enemies and friends alike are about to learn that nothing is more dangerous than a man who has nothing left to lose. Praise for Fool’s Quest “A complex tapestry of adventure, betrayal, destiny, and unrelenting peril . . . Hobb’s expertise is evident as always.”—Publishers Weekly “Glorious and beautiful storytelling . . . Hobb lets rip with revelations, treachery, vengeance, sword fights and full on magical mayhem.”—SciFiNow “If readers have any doubt that Robin Hobb is one of the finest writers in the fantasy genre, then they haven’t read any of her work.”—SFFWorld

The Name Quest

Author : John Avery
ISBN : 9781630471590
Genre : Religion
File Size : 65. 12 MB
Format : PDF
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An insightful journey through all the biblical names of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Beginning in Babel and ending with a burning Babylon, "The Name Quest" explains the significance that the different names for God have for an everyday relationship with God and for spiritual growth. The names of God are like a rainbow--each name expresses part of the spectrum of the character and attributes of God. Along the way, the author tenderly answers tough questions: Which of the Hebrew names of God is His personal name--Yahweh or Jehovah? What does it mean to pray in Jesus’ name? How can we relate to the Holy God and the Judge? Why is a God of love called the “Jealous God”? What does it mean to call Jesus the Messiah? "The Name Quest" mentions all the names of God in the Bible while explaining their significance in ordinary language. The author weaves together fifteen years of Bible study research with plentiful illustrations and humorous anecdotes. These include lessons learned as a pastor on a Caribbean island. A visit to a Welsh hill farm introduces a chapter about the Good Shepherd. The story of a Hungarian political prisoner illustrates the meaning of Immanuel (or is it Emmanuel?) A rescue from the slopes of an active volcano helps explain salvation and the meaning of Jesus’ Hebrew name Yeshua. Even the clever advertisement on a packet of potato chips offers a lesson about how to grow in faith in God. Unlike chasing rainbows, the spiritual journey has an end. "The Name Quest" is a road map for every Christian’s spiritual journey and it points to the destination--being formed into the image of Jesus Christ.

The Quest For Universal Responsibility

Author : Howard C. Sacks
ISBN : UOM:39015011319731
Genre : Civil rights
File Size : 60. 50 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Sign And The Seal

Author : Graham Hancock
ISBN : 9780671865412
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 86. 81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A journalist tells of his quest to find the Ark of the Covenant, how he traced it to a remote corner of war-torn Ethiopia, and the significance of the Ark and its mysterious disappearance

The Sign And The Seal

Author : Graham Hancock
ISBN : 9780307829047
Genre : Science
File Size : 48. 8 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A compelling brew of mystery, crime, and science revealing the details behind the search for the lost Ark of the Covenant. The Lost Ark of the Covenant is one of the great historical mysteries of all time. To believers, the Ark is the legendary vessel holding the stone tablets of the Ten Commandments. The Bible contains hundreds of references to the Ark's power to level mountains, destroy armies, and lay waste to cities. The Ark itself, however, mysteriously disappears from recorded history sometime after the building of the Temple of Solomon. After ten years of searching through the dusty archives of Europe and the Middle East, as well as braving the real-life dangers of a bloody civil war in Ethiopia, Graham Hancock has succeeded where scores of others have failed. This intrepid journalist tracked down the true story behind the myths and legends--revealing where the Ark is today, how it got there, and why it remains hidden. Part fascinating scholarship and part entertaining adventure yarn, tying together some of the most intriguing tales of all time--from the Knights Templar and Prester John to Parsival and the Holy Grail--this book will appeal to anyone fascinated by the revelation of hidden truths, the discovery of secret mysteries.

Ghost In The Seal

Author : Jonathan Moeller
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 44. 79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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CAINA AMALAS is out of time. She has risked too much for too long, and her enemies have finally closed around her. The Staff and Seal of Iramis have been found, and threaten to destroy the world with their sorcerous powers. The terrible Apotheosis of the evil Grand Master Callatas will succeed unless Caina makes one final sacrifice. Unless she makes the ultimate sacrifice...

Ark Of God

Author : David Hatcher Childress
ISBN : 9781939149602
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 56. 72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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David Childress, popular author and star of the History Channel’s show Ancient Aliens, takes us on an incredible journey in search of the truth about (and science behind) the fantastic Biblical artifact known as the Ark of the Covenant. This object made by Moses at Mount Sinai—part wooden-metal box and part golden statue—had the power to create “lightning” to kill people, and also to fly and lead people through the wilderness. Featured in such popular movies as Raiders of the Lost Ark by Lucas and Spielberg, the Ark of the Covenant is probably the most mysterious object in the Old Testament—what was it? Was it an ancient electrical device? The Ark of the Covenant suddenly disappears from the Bible record and what happened to it is not mentioned. Was it hidden in the underground passages of King Solomon’s temple and later discovered by the Knights Templar? Was it taken through Egypt to Ethiopia as many Coptic Christians believe? Childress looks into hidden history, astonishing ancient technology, and a 3,000-year-old mystery that continues to fascinate millions of people today.

The Phantom Castle The Way Of The Shaman Book 4 Litrpg Series

Author : Vasily Mahanenko (Vasilij Mahaněnko)
ISBN : 9788088231752
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 22. 32 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Calendar Of State Papers

Author : Mary Anne Everett Wood Green
ISBN : BSB:BSB10278855
Genre :
File Size : 72. 8 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Calendar Of State Papers Domestic Series Of The Reign Of Charles Ii

Author : Great Britain. Public Record Office
ISBN : UOM:39015066345847
Genre : Great Britain
File Size : 30. 9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Christianity As Mystical Fact

Author : Rudolf Steiner
ISBN : 0880104368
Genre : Religion
File Size : 41. 46 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Written 1902 (CW 8) "Because of his sense of the interconnectedness of the spiritual world with nature, art, medicine, and all the rest of life, Rudolf Steiner was a profound polymath. In his seminal study Christianity as Mystical Fact he turned his esoteric genius to interpreting the Christ event as the turning point in the world's spiritual history--an incarnation whose significance he saw transcending all religions." --Bishop Frederick H. Borsch, professor of New Testament and chair of Anglican Studies, Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia "As simultaneously mysticism and fact, Christianity is a breakthrough in the historical development of humanity for which the mysteries, with the results that they brought about, form a prior evolutionary stage." --Rudolf Steiner During the fall and winter of 1901-1902, Steiner gave a series of lectures called "Christianity As Mystical Fact" to members of the Theosophical Society. The lectures were rewritten and issued as a book later that year. They mark a watershed in the development of Western esotericism. Steiner wrote of the idea behind his book: "The title Christianity As Mystical Fact was one I gave to this work eight years ago, when I gathered together the content of lectures given in 1902. It was meant to indicate the special approach adopted in the book. Its theme is not just the mystical side of Christianity in a historical presentation. It was meant to show, from the standpoint of a mystical awareness, how Christianity came into being. Behind this was the idea that spiritual happenings were factors in the emergence of Christianity, which could only be observed from such a point of view. It is for the book itself to demonstrate that, by "mystical," I do not in any way imply a vague intuition rather than strict scientific argument. In many circles, mysticism is understood as just that, and therefore it is distinguished from the concerns of all 'genuine' science. "In this book, however, I use the term to mean a 'presentation of spiritual reality'--a reality accessible only to a knowledge drawn from the sources of spiritual life itself. Anyone who denies the possibility of such knowledge in principle will find its contents hard to comprehend; any reader who accepts the idea that mysticism may coexist with the clarity of the natural sciences, may acknowledge that the mystical aspect of Christianity must be described mystically." This is a fundamental book, in Steiner's own development, in that of Western esotericism, and for our understanding of the Christ event. Readers will find the evolutionary development from the ancient Mysteries through the great Greek philosophers to the events portrayed in the Gospels. Included are an informative introduction and annotated notes by Andrew Welburn and an afterword by Michael Debus, a priest of the Christian Community, who summarizes the book and places it in context. Contents: Introduction by Christopher Bamford Translator's Preface by Andrew Welburn The Mysteries and Mysteriosophy The Mysteries and Pre-Socratic Philosophy Platonic Mysteries Myth and Mysteriosophy The Egyptian and Other Eastern Mysteries The Evidence of the Gospels The "Miracle" of Lazarus The Apocalypse of John Jesus in His Historical Setting The Essence of Christianity Christian and Pagan Wisdom Augustine and the Church Original Prefaces and Additional Materials Afterword by Michael Debus Translator's Notes This Collected Works edition contains a new introduction, a chronology of Rudolf Steiner's life, and an index. German edition: Das Christentum als mystische Tatsache und die Mysterien des Altertum

Canadian Books In Print

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015054030369
Genre : Canada
File Size : 72. 64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Author : Publications Division (India),New Delhi
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
File Size : 28. 8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"Akashvani" (English ) is a programme journal of ALL INDIA RADIO ,it was formerly known as The Indian Listener.It used to serve the listener as a bradshaw of broadcasting ,and give listener the useful information in an interesting manner about programmes, who writes them,take part in them and produce them along with photographs of performing artists.It also contains the information of major changes in the policy and service of the organisation. The Indian Listener (fortnightly programme journal of AIR in English) published by The Indian State Broadcasting Service,Bombay ,started on 22 december, 1935 and was the successor to the Indian Radio Times in english, which was published beginning in July 16 of 1927. From 22 August ,1937 onwards, it used to published by All India Radio,New Delhi.In 1950,it was turned into a weekly journal. Later,The Indian listener became "Akashvani" (English ) in January 5, 1958. It was made a fortnightly again on July 1,1983. NAME OF THE JOURNAL: Akashvani LANGUAGE OF THE JOURNAL: English DATE,MONTH & YEAR OF PUBLICATION: 29/11/1959 PERIODICITY OF THE JOURNAL: Weekly NUMBER OF PAGES: 45 VOLUME NUMBER: VOL. XXIV NO.48 BROADCAST PROGRAMME SCHEDULE PUBLISHED(PAGE NOS): 9-43 ARTICLE: 1.Valour In Indian History 2.Some Writers Of English Virse AUTHOR: 1.R.K. Ramadhyani 2.Radha Krishna Sud KEYWORDS : The questions, N.W. Frontier,the distinction Bork artist, tragic life, Toru Dutt, Document ID : APE-1959-(J-D)-Vol-II-22 Prasar Bharati Archives has the copyright in all matter published in this and other AIR journals.For reproduction previous permission is essential.

Snake S Alive

Author : M.A. Kropp
ISBN : 9781370335152
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 62. 3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Things are quiet on the demon hunting front. Maybe a little too quiet for Cerise. No demonic possessions, no otherworldly intrusions. Johnny even has time to learn a new yo-yo trick. Cerise is edgy, though. No news is not necessarily good news in their line of work. And then Lucifer appears in Johnny’s living room. Something is not right in the heavenly- and other- realms. Over a nice cup of tea, Lucifer tells them he has had a message delivered from God accusing him of being responsible for the disappearance of Gabriel and Michael, the archangels. He says he is not to blame, but that he has become aware of a shifting in the balance between Dark and Light, and he fears someone, or something, is trying to upset that balance in favor of chaos. If that happens, no one- Heaven, Hell, Earth, and everything in between could be in danger. Johnny agrees to help Lucifer try to sort it out. He checks with his demonic informant who is reluctant to tell him much but does leave them with a cryptic riddle. A riddle that scares Lucifer even more. While doing a bit of research on the few clues they do have, they are attacked, and Lucifer is devilnapped by a larger than life serpent. He manages to leave Johnny with a way to track him and get to the heart of the mystery. The trail leads them to an ancient cave, a wolf, and the real Serpent who plots revenge on all those it feels wronged it. Johnny and Cerise need to defeat the Serpent and rescue the captive angels before it can unleash untold evil and the ultimate destruction of pretty much everything.

Secret Chamber Revisited

Author : Robert Bauval
ISBN : 9781591437741
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 35. 57 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A firsthand, behind-the-scene account of the controversies surrounding modern explorations at Giza • Investigates the recent scandals at Giza and claims of secret excavations and tunneling inside the Great Pyramid • Reveals the historical evidence in support of secret chambers in the Great Pyramid and beneath the Great Sphinx • Exposes the secret agendas behind the latest explorations on the Giza plateau Since 1993 Robert Bauval has been embroiled in the many controversies involving the search for the lost treasures of the pyramid builders and the quest for the legendary Hall of Records of Atlantis. The strange but true story that he unfolds implicates American business moguls, the prestigious National Geographic Society, several Ivy League universities, the Edgar Cayce Foundation, the Freemasons, Christian fundamentalists, Zionists, and the Egyptian government. In this fully updated edition of Secret Chamber, including new color photographs, Robert Bauval pursues his in-depth investigation of clandestine events at Giza and the role played by the controversial ex-Minister of Antiquities Dr. Zahi Hawass. What lies behind the mysterious doors at the end of the star shafts in the Great Pyramid? What do the mysterious inscriptions found behind the Gantenbrink door mean? What is the real purpose of the Relief Chambers and the red ochre “graffiti” in them? Who is behind the secretly tunneling and excavating in these chambers, and why? Is there really a hidden Hall of Records from Atlantis beneath the Great Sphinx? Is the Great Pyramid just a tomb or does it serve a higher purpose involving a lost science of immortality? Why do the ancient texts ascribe the Pyramid’s design to the supreme god of wisdom Thoth, the writer of the fabled Books of Hermes? Will the Great Pyramid prove to be the “missing link” to our true origins or a “metaphysical machine” to access the world beyond? Providing a firsthand account of the strange events that have taken place at the Giza plateau in the last three decades, Bauval reveals the hidden agendas behind these events and raises important questions about the meaning of Egypt’s ancient structures and the very origins of civilization.

The Real Mound Builders Of North America

Author : A. Martin Byers
ISBN : 9781498570633
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 24. 34 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Real Mound Builders of North America takes the standard position that the cultural communities of the Late Woodland period hiatus—when little or no transregional monumental mound building and ceremonialism existed—were the linear cultural and social ancestors of the communities responsible for the monumental earthworks of the unique Mississippian ceremonial assemblage, and further, these Late Woodland communities were the direct linear cultural and social descendants of those communities responsible for the great Hopewellian earthwork mounds and embankments and its associated unique ceremonial assemblage. Byers argues that these communities persisted largely unchanged in terms of their essential social structures and cultural traditions while varying only in terms of their ceremonial practices and their associated sodality organizations that manifested these deep structures. This continuist historical trajectory view stands in contrast to the current dominant evolutionary view that emphasizes abrupt social and cultural discontinuities with the Hopewellian ceremonial assemblage and earthworks, mounds and embankments.

What Western Do I Read Next?

Author : Wayne Barton
ISBN : 078764479X
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 24. 2 MB
Format : PDF
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What Western Do I Read Next? describes and indexes approximately 1,900 titles published between 1989 and 1998, providing access to information genre readers need to select their next best read: title, series, author, publisher, characters, locale, time period, plot summary and similar authors.

Dictation For Modern Business

Author : John George Kirk
ISBN : OSU:32435011354149
Genre : Commercial correspondence
File Size : 35. 3 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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