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Quantum Faith

Author : Annette Capps
ISBN : 1937578569
Genre : Religion
File Size : 27. 35 MB
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How does quantum physics relate to the Bible? Can words move mountains? How did Jesus supersede the laws of physics? There are amazing similarities between the teachings of Jesus and the discoveries of the new physics, quantum theory. The concept of speaking to mountains and trees may not be religious metaphor, but laws of a new physics that have not been fully understood. Jesus taught that our words are powerful enough to move physical matter. Quantum physics has discovered that subatomic particles respond to the observer. In this book, you will discover that your words and your faith (beliefs) are unseen forces that affect everything in your world. You are the one giving substance to your world through words!

The Quantum Faith Effect

Author : Carolyn Twede Frank
ISBN : 099662466X
Genre :
File Size : 52. 44 MB
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What if a book really could take you into another world?A strange girl ...A creepy teacher ...A cool invention ...And the hardest question anyone has ever been asked. Josh Sawyer's big mouth usually gets him in trouble, but when his high school debate coach challenges him to prove the existence of God, Josh uses the things he learns at the feet of such amazing people as Joan of Arc, William Tyndale, and George Washington to prove his point . . . and ultimately to solve a murder.

A Quantum Leap Of Faith

Author : Michael Simon Bodner Ph D
ISBN : 1683016440
Genre : Religion
File Size : 21. 21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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America today is faced with a great number of concerns. One of the larger ones is the role of religious thought and practices in our everyday lives. Issues such as abortion, intelligent design, and the moral and ethical impact of technology on its citizens weigh heavily on almost all of us. Religion and faith are in conflict within the hearts and minds of educated people exposed to more and more information. Science has marched directly into realms covered by faith, leading to great angst within people who try and balance their Church mind with the secular world. Nowhere is this conflict more apparent than in the issues generated in the reconciliation of theology and modern science. Scientists themselves discovered that they had come face-to-face with the questions around the existence of God, the Creator, and his role in Creation. While most of the general population believes that scientists are atheists, and that the basic tenets of theology and science are antithetical, the opposite is actually closer to the truth. There is a ground where science and theology can, and must, share thoughts. This book attempts to build a bridge from science to faith and back and opens the mind of the child, the mind of man, and relates them both to the mind of God.

Quantum Phaith

Author : Jeffrey Strickland
ISBN : 9781257904518
Genre : Religion
File Size : 31. 78 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Typically, scientist try to either prove or disprove Scripture, as it relates the Creation story, then write books about their findings. Quantum Phaith is not one of those books. Instead, the author accepts the Word of God, a priori. Quantum Phaith is a journey through elementary quantum mechanics, chaos theory, number theory, and more. This is also a journey through the author's faith and what he has discovered about science through it; his faith has been unshaken by science and mathematics. Quantum Phaith examines the Creation account, using the results to support what scientists have discovered about the universe. Their discoveries were already contained in the Bible! Quantum Phaith portrays God as perfect, His creation perfect in every regard. Imperfection was introduced by the Fall or Man. God is all-powerful, all-knowing, transcends time, space, and our understanding. God is order, and you will find that chaos contains unobservable order! Quantum Phaith will make you think. It may change your life.

Quantum Religion

Author : Sylvester L. Steffen
ISBN : 9781467041683
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 33. 26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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QUANTUM RELIGION, Enlarging from the Inside-Out These times are scary but also hope-filled — scary because of degraded nature, but hope-filled because global religion is coming to new self-understanding. In a word, “religion” means relationship; “good news” is experienced in relationships. Life itself is good news because it has built-in intelligence that can avoid hurtful relationships and can choose sustainable relationships instead. Global relationship (religion) is waking up to the tragic misdirection of imperial, top-down control, in contrast to the ordered direction of organic life growing and enlarging from within. Growing from the inside out happens incrementally with experience, a little bit at a time. But the good news is that consciousness of experience (the ground of faith) is cumulative by trial and error, and reveals what is sustainable and what is not. Organic relationships originated minutely, but have grown to the point of being self-reflective in the human person. Essential to growth is change, as experience has shown. But, political forces of self-interest compete to create self-serving webs of relationships that intend to dominate and control. The monopoly control of Christian churches has been centered in Rome under pope kings. The violence of imperial overreach came to a head in medieval times; and the weight of oppression, so heavy at that time, drove people to rebel and demand change. Denominational Christianity today is made up of reform factions of original Roman Catholicism. In the present time, the coming apart of imperial Roman Catholicism is happening with the resignation of Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI and with the election of Pope Francis I. For the first time in the history of the Roman Catholic Church, it is opening up to the organic nature of life, including humankind, and the incremental nature of relationships, growing bit-by-bit from within, not from the top down. Cosmic nature informs all relationships with the possibility and necessity of continuity and holding together from within. The mentality of dominion culture underlies the waste of nature by colonial overreach and corporate capitalism. The consciousness of love grounds in the universal understandings of common wellbeing, and expands in the incremental growth of complexity-consciousness. The affirming harmony of intentional relationships is the good news of personal/ social wellbeing and the condition of an uplifting and sustainable future. The personal search for self-identity takes on new meaning in light of understanding religion as common organic relatedness in Cosmic Earth evolution. The possibility of religions coming together on grounds of universal understandings is real given the wide open potentials of communication and the continuity of diverse life inside the webs of organic evolution. Beyond the benefits of the personal uplift of consciousness, QUANTUM RELIGION provides cohesive insights for bringing communities to a higher sense of religion and civility, and the necessary sensitivity that secures natural ecologies for future wellbeing. QUANTUM RELIGION is the good news of rising consciousness.

The Faith Of Scientists

Author : Nancy Frankenberry
ISBN : 0691134871
Genre : Religion
File Size : 49. 3 MB
Format : PDF
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The Faith of Scientists is an anthology of writings by twenty-one legendary scientists, from the dawn of the Scientific Revolution to the frontiers of science today, about their faith, their views about God, and the place religion holds--or doesn't--in their lives in light of their commitment to science. This is the first book to bring together so many world-renowned figures of Western science and present them in their own words, offering an intimate window into their private and public reflections on science and faith. Leading religion scholar Nancy Frankenberry draws from diaries, personal letters, speeches, essays, and interviews, and reveals that the faith of scientists can take many different forms, whether religious or secular, supernatural or naturalistic, conventional or unorthodox. These eloquent writings reflect a spectrum of views from diverse areas of scientific inquiry. Represented here are some of the most influential and colossal personalities in the history of science, from the founders of science such as Galileo, Johannes Kepler, Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and Albert Einstein, to modern-day scientists like Carl Sagan, Stephen Jay Gould, Jane Goodall, Freeman Dyson, Stephen Hawking, Edward O. Wilson, and Ursula Goodenough. Frankenberry provides a general introduction as well as concise introductions to each chapter that place these writings in context and suggest further reading from the latest scholarship. As surprising as it is illuminating and inspiring, The Faith of Scientists is indispensable for students, scholars, and anyone seeking to immerse themselves in important questions about God, the universe, and science.

Never Give Up

Author : Jan Owens
ISBN : 9781606478769
Genre : Religion
File Size : 44. 10 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Never Give Up is a must-read for everyone. At the heart of this book is a solid biblical message based on the truth of Gods Word, and the teachings presented come straight from the authors heart and life experiences to encourage and remind readers that they are loved and designed with a purpose to have success in fulfilling their God-ordained destiny. The principles and truths within these pages are life changing. If you are going through challenging circumstances and problems, the eternal, power-packed teaching within the pages of this book will encourage you, help you overcome, and bring you to a place of victory in your Christian walk. Jan Owens resides in Lewisville, Texas with her husband Frank. She has five children, fifteen grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. She spent 25 years in full-time Christian work in the field of Christian education as an administration assistant. Jan has conducted workshops, had a successful bus ministry, is a Bible teacher, an organist, pianist, and a soul-winner. She is an active member of her church and is involved in intercessory prayer and evangelism outreach, and she has served in the jail ministry. She has made a piano CD entitled Melodies of Love. The book Never Give Up comes out of her experiences as one who endured lifes heartaches and challenges before finding victory through the revelation knowledge of Gods Word.

Faith In The Age Of Science

Author : Mark Silversides
ISBN : 9781908381545
Genre : Religion
File Size : 59. 87 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book carefully examines the claims made by the followers and promoters of both atheism and religion in a rational and engaging way.

True Scientists True Faith

Author : R J Berry
ISBN : 9780857215413
Genre : Religion
File Size : 27. 52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Twenty of the world's leading scientists explain how their science enhances their faith and their faith undergirds their science. Atheistic campaigners continue to claim that science and faith are incompatible. The contributors to this book show the utter falseness of this claim. They come from a range of Christian backgrounds and all are orthodox believers, but significantly, they are all also distinguished scientists, from a variety of disciplines. Each of them gives their own account of how their science and faith intersect and interact in their personal life and thought. The contributors include: - Francis Collins, Human Genome Scientist - R.S (Bob) White, Professor of Geophysics, University of Cambridge - Alister McGrath, Professor of Science and Religion, Oxford True Scientists, True Faith combines selected essays from two preceding volumes, Real Science, Real Faith and Real Scientists, Real Faith, with new contributions from another five eminent scientists.

The Emancipation Of Faith

Author : Henri Édouard Schedel
Genre : Faith
File Size : 44. 36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Author : Gursharn S. Zal
ISBN : 9781412025980
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 64. 68 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Dedicated to his daughter Jyoti, and to others with physical or mental health disabilites, Gursharn Zal's "Mankind" is a collection of insightful and sensitive poems written over the course of a lifetime. Ranging from short poems of Haiku-like simplicity that burst upon your consciousness like tiny explosions of revelation, to the longer, thoughtful poems of questioning and anguish, all ring with the same intensely passionate voice of a poet who wants to draw our attention to the realities of life: the world of exquisite beauty that we inhabit, and the numerous possibilities we have as humans to create and appreciate that beauty in our relationships with one another. Although the violent and unreasonable aspects of mankind are not denied, the poet never loses heart and thus love, family, and the joy taken from simple moments of pleasure, warmly counterbalance his despondency over mankind's brutishness. A poet of profound emotions and gentle wisdom, Gursharn Zal offers the discerning reader over one hundred and thirty-five poems that, by turns, delight, surprise, amuse, nudge, and inspire. The poet Zal does no write. He lives the writing, then transforms thought and substance into exquisite verse. Enter Zal's poetic universe where love, joy, and wonder commingle to inspire hope for humanity.

The Emancipation Of Faith Edited By G Schedel

Author : Henry Edward SCHEDEL
ISBN : BL:A0023463747
Genre :
File Size : 36. 4 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Faith Your Seventh Sense

ISBN : 9781496902078
Genre : Religion
File Size : 28. 20 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Faith, Your Seventh-Sense We are at our best, and we are happiest when we totally engage our Seventh-Sense toward the realization of the goals and dreams that we have set for ourselves. It gives purpose and assurance to our efforts and peace of mind to our souls. It makes life worthwhile, worth living, wonderful and fulfilled. Your FAITH is your Seventh-Sense. Faith is a powerful sense-ability and motivational word combined. It is a tested truth and contains principles by which any one may succeed in any endeavor depending on your own definition of success. Faith is a success button. It is such an amazing gift that so many people neglect out of ignorance. Faith is the compass of the soul. Faith is the lifeline of all humans; without it, fear, doubt, anxiety, unbelief, sickness and failure are the alternatives. A strong faith is an antidote against stress, fear, sickness and failure. Faith is the mother of all achievements. Living a fulfilled life would be almost impossible without a well developed faith-ability. And you cannot overcome any of your fears; whether it is the fear of failure, death, poverty, sickness, criticisms, personal insecurities, etc., until you begin to apply the principles and powers of your faith. With the added advantage of a vibrant faith-ability you stand taller in the spirit than those who only rely on the five senses. You will discover the amazing power of your faith after reading this book. Your faith will rise to action-oriented and problem-solving levels. You will also receive a faith that potentially destroys fears, generates miracles, and changes situations. This is because faith is a developed ability and a conditioned state of mind to trust and not doubt. It is a life support and life sustainer in times of adversity. You could do more for yourself through the power of your faith than a million dollars would. You are richer than you think through faith and poorer than you imagined without it. Faith, your 7th Sense ability.

Christo Fiction

Author : François Laruelle
ISBN : 9780231538961
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 72. 55 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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François Laruelle's lifelong project of "nonphilosophy," or "nonstandard philosophy," thinks past the theoretical limits of Western philosophy to realize new relations between religion, science, politics, and art. In Christo-Fiction Laruelle targets the rigid, self-sustaining arguments of metaphysics, rooted in Judaic and Greek thought, and the radical potential of Christ, whose "crossing" disrupts their circular discourse. Laruelle's Christ is not the authoritative figure conjured by academic theology, the Apostles, or the Catholic Church. He is the embodiment of generic man, founder of a science of humans, and the herald of a gnostic messianism that calls forth an immanent faith. Explicitly inserting quantum science into religion, Laruelle recasts the temporality of the cross, the entombment, and the resurrection, arguing that it is God who is sacrificed on the cross so equals in faith may be born. Positioning itself against orthodox religion and naive atheism alike, Christo-Fiction is a daring, heretical experiment that ties religion to the human experience and the lived world.

Quantum Woman Celestial Man

Author : Kamelia Sojlevska
ISBN : 9780982305041
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 76. 93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Covering the issues relating to love, identity and belief, Quantum Woman – Celestial Man gathers a range of characters around the idea of a journey with potentially wide-reaching implications. It is taken take into account a particular understanding of human nature to explore the relative complexities of a being, in numerous twists and turns, the story imagines consciousness as a kind of place, largely based on a view of certain scientific and sociological principles. Discovering the fourth dimension, third eye and higher awareness trough love and sexuality becomes a possibility of every human being.As the feelings of two main characters grow for each other he takes her to the parallel universes in near future, deep past in Tibet and deep future where she learns the languages, magic, and science of the future

In Search Of The Universal God

Author : Vijay Atawane
Genre : Religion
File Size : 52. 29 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Correspondence Invariance And Heuristics

Author : S. French
ISBN : 9789401711852
Genre : Science
File Size : 60. 69 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This volume is presented in honour of Heinz Post, who founded a distinc tive and distinguished school of philosophy of science at Chelsea College, University of London. The 'Chelsea tradition' in philosophy of science takes the content of science seriously, as exemplified by the papers presented here. The unifying theme of this work is that of 'Correspondence, Invariance and Heuristics', after the title of a classic and seminal paper by Heinz Post, published in 1971, which is reproduced in this volume with the kind permission of the editors and publishers of Studies in History and Philosophy of Science. Described by Paul Feyerabend in Against Method as "brilliant" and " . . . a partial antidote against the view which I try to defend" (1975, p. 61, fn. 17), this paper, peppered with illustrative examples from the history of science, brings to the fore some of Heinz Post's central concerns: the heuristic criteria used by scientists in constructing their theories, the intertheoretic relationships which these criteria reflect and, in particular, the nature of the correspondence that holds between a theory and its predecessors (and its suc cessors). The appearance of this volume more than twenty years later is an indica tion of the fruitfulness of Post's contribution: philosophers of science continue to explore the issues raised in his 1971 paper.

Philosophy And Faith

Author : Gary Clifford Gibson
ISBN : 9781435745841
Genre : Religion
File Size : 36. 8 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 789
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A consideration of select cosmology theories by a philosophically minded Christian. Questions about the nature of the Universe, life and the relationship to God in the passage of space-time as an individual life grows through the physical process of life being a part of the process of the Universe.The works of Schopenhauer and Plotinus and contemporary cosmology are featured here as the author provides Christian creation contemplations.

Modern Physics And Ancient Faith

Author : Stephen M. Barr
ISBN : 9780268158057
Genre : Religion
File Size : 32. 13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 458
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A considerable amount of public debate and media print has been devoted to the “war between science and religion.” In his accessible and eminently readable new book, Stephen M. Barr demonstrates that what is really at war with religion is not science itself, but a philosophy called scientific materialism. Modern Physics and Ancient Faith argues that the great discoveries of modern physics are more compatible with the central teachings of Christianity and Judaism about God, the cosmos, and the human soul than with the atheistic viewpoint of scientific materialism. Scientific materialism grew out of scientific discoveries made from the time of Copernicus up to the beginning of the twentieth century. These discoveries led many thoughtful people to the conclusion that the universe has no cause or purpose, that the human race is an accidental by-product of blind material forces, and that the ultimate reality is matter itself. Barr contends that the revolutionary discoveries of the twentieth century run counter to this line of thought. He uses five of these discoveries—the Big Bang theory, unified field theories, anthropic coincidences, Gödel’s Theorem in mathematics, and quantum theory—to cast serious doubt on the materialist’s view of the world and to give greater credence to Judeo-Christian claims about God and the universe. Written in clear language, Barr’s rigorous and fair text explains modern physics to general readers without oversimplification. Using the insights of modern physics, he reveals that modern scientific discoveries and religious faith are deeply consonant. Anyone with an interest in science and religion will find Modern Physics and Ancient Faith invaluable.

Where Faith Meets Culture

Author : Sharon Gallagher
ISBN : 9781630874285
Genre : Religion
File Size : 47. 57 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 157
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Where Faith Meets Culture is a Radix magazine anthology. What does Radix usually contain? Interviews and features. Reviews of significant books, films, and CDs. Informed opinions in The Last Word. Eye-catching graphics. Mind-stretching prose. Image-rich poetry. Radix assumes that Christians live in the real world and takes lay Christians seriously. As one subscriber wrote: Radix is a more worldly magazine than one would expect from its deep commitment to Christ. Radix monitors the cultural landscape, questions assumptions, and introduces new voices, remaining deeply rooted in Christ. Sociologist Robert Bellah wrote in a Radix article: Though social scientists say a lot about the self, they have nothing to say about the soul and as a result the modern view finds the world intrinsically meaningless. Radix continues to talk about meaning and hope in a culture that has lost its way. The articles in this volume reflect the magazine's wide-ranging interests: literature, art, music, theology, psychology, technology, discipleship, and spiritual formation. They're written by some of the outstanding authors whose work has graced our pages over the years: Peggy Alter, Kurt Armstrong, Robert Bellah, Bob Buford, Krista Faries, David Fetcho, Susan Fetcho, Sharon Gallagher, David W. Gill, Joel B. Green, Os Guinness, Virginia Hearn, Walter Hearn, Donald Heinz, Margaret Horwitz, Mark Labberton, Henri Nouwen, Earl Palmer, Susan Phillips, Dan Ouellette, Steve Scott, and Luci Shaw.

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