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Franz Rosenzweig S Philosophy Of Existence

Author : E.R. Freund
ISBN : 9789401716031
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 59. 51 MB
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The Star of Redemption, * which presents Franz Rosenzweig's system of philosophy, begins with the sentence "from death, (vom Tode) , from the fear of death, originates all cognition of the All" and concludes with the words "into life. " This beginning and this conclusion of the book signify more than the first and last words of philosophical books usually do. Taken together - "from death into life" - they comprise the entire meaning of Rosenzweig's philosophy. The leitmotif of this philosophy is the life and death of the human being and not the I of philosophical idealism, where man ultimately signifies "for ethics" no more than" . . . a point to which it (ethics) relates its problems, as for science also he (man) is only a particular case of its general laws. "l Rosenzweig deals with the individual's actual existence, that which is termi nated by death; he speaks of the individual's hic et nunc, of his actions and decisions in the realm of concrete reality. This philosophy is not an exposition of theoretical principles. It is not concerned with man in general in abstract time, but rather with the individual human being, designated by a proper name, living in his particular time. ** Human existence in its finiteness and temporalness forms the focus in which Rosenzweig's motif can be gathered together.

Philosophy Of Existence

Author : Karl Jaspers
ISBN : 0812200861
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 64. 56 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Philosophy of Existence was first presented to the public as a series of lectures invited by The German Academy of Frankfurt. In preparing these lectures Jaspers, whom the Nazis had already dismissed from his professorship at Heidelberg, knew that he was speaking in Germany for the last time. Jaspers used the occasion to offer an account of the cultural and intellectual situation from which existentialism emerged as well as a summary of his own philosophy. The book serves three purposes today: it brings the many strands of the existential movement into focus; it provides an overview of Jaspers's own philosophical position; and it demonstrates by example that philosophy need not be irrational, antiscientific, journalistic, or homiletic in order to be existential and engagé. In this short book Jaspers provides a corrective for the popular view of existentialism as a pessimistic, irrationalist philosophy. He maintains that it is, rather part of mainstream of Western philosophy—the form that philosophy has taken in our day.

Ramana Maharshis Philosophy Of Existence And Modern Science The Convergence In Their Vision Of Reality

Author : J. Sithamparanathan
ISBN : 8120832981
Genre :
File Size : 23. 30 MB
Format : PDF
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This book will be of profound interest to readers who are in search of a philosophy of life beyond empty materialism, and to those who seek to base their religious faith on a scientific and rational foundation. The in-depth treatment of the convergence between the vision of Reality emerging from modern scientific research and the vision of reality revealed by the mystics and sages from ancient times will convince all rational readers that there is now no conflict between science and true spirituality. The book has special significance in the modern world where the secular and the spiritual need to be balanced, both at the personal as well as the national level, if peace, fulfillment and harmony are to prevail. Its non-controversial vision of Reality can also serve to meet the need to unify and harmonize the different religions another need of the hour.

Voegelin Schelling And The Philosophy Of Historical Existence

Author : Jerry Day
ISBN : 9780826264381
Genre : History
File Size : 67. 18 MB
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In this important new work, Jerry Day brings to light the need for an extensive reinterpretation of the mature philosophy of Eric Voegelin, based on Voegelin's published and unpublished appreciation for nineteenth-century German philosopher F. W. J. Schelling. Schelling, whom Day maintains was one of the most important guides to Voegelin's mature philosophy of consciousness and historiography, has been described as the father of several disparate movements and schools of continental philosophy-chief among them being "Hegelian" idealism and existentialism. This characterization implies that Schelling was a scattered thinker with little or no appreciation for philosophy as a disciplined inquiry into the nature of human affairs. Voegelin was critical of this portrayal of Schelling. He argued that it lacked proper sensitivity for the impressive extent to which this giant of continental thought was able to rise above the "creed communities" of his time and recover the abiding concern of mature philosophers everywhere: the philosophia perennis. Those who claim that Schelling was scattered have failed, according to Voegelin, to appreciate the nonideological breadth of this great philosopher, misled by the splinter movements and schools that arose from mere fragments of his thought. In truth, Schelling founded no school and launched no movement. Instead, he reasoned with the disciplined integrity and wonder of a "spiritual realist." Day argues that Voegelin was a fine interpreter of Schelling, particularly during the decisive years when the central orientation of Voegelin's mature thought was beginning to take hold-between the writing of his History of Political Ideas and its eventual transformation into Order and History. Day gathers an impressive array of evidence to interpret Voegelin's little-known support for Schelling's achievements, while offering detailed analyses and helpful summaries of a vast body of literature that has yet to be translated into English. Day's partial agreement with Voegelin's uncommon assessment of Schelling provides him with the point of departure that leads to one of this book's most distinctive contributions to contemporary thought. It has the rare ability to help clear the way for philosophical realists to make peace with many of their contemporaries, giving them further grounds for accepting the strongest anthropological and psychological insights of recent continental philosophy, while helping them to avoid its tendencies toward nihilistic despair or fideistic historicism. By reading each philosopher through the eyes of the other, Day provides an analysis that will be illuminating for Voegelin scholars and Schelling scholars alike. The book will also appeal to readers with more general interests in the history and development of continental philosophy, political theory, and comparative religion over the past century.

Philosophy Of Existence

Author : Karl Jaspers
ISBN : OCLC:721264503
Genre :
File Size : 28. 40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Lonergan And The Philosophy Of Historical Existence

Author : Thomas J. McPartland
ISBN : 9780826263209
Genre : History
File Size : 44. 90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Bernard Lonergan's ambitious study of human knowledge, based on his theory of consciousness, is among the major achievements of twentieth-century philosophy. He challenges the principles of contemporary intellectual culture by finding norms and standards not in external perceptions or reified concepts, but in the dynamism of consciousness itself.

The Artist In Crisis Kierkegaard S Philosophy Of The Aesthetic Stage Of Existence And Live Musical Performance

Author : Yaroslav Senyshyn
ISBN : 9781257391509
Genre : Art
File Size : 23. 73 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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"Art has inspired and channeled philosophy all on its own. 'The Artist in Crisis: Kierkegaard's Philosophy of the Aesthetic Stage of Existence and Live Musical Performance' is an academic and scholarly study of the philosophers work from Yaroslav Senyshyn. Discussing Kierkegaard's views on anxiety, the artist in the bigger world, criticisms, gender issues in art, and much more, this scholarly dissection of the work seeks to open minds on the ways of the world and what they mean. 'The Artist in Crisis' is quite the text, a must for any community or college philosophy and art collection." -- Library Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review.

A Teenage Philosophy Of Awareness And Existence

Author : Mathijs Koenraadt
ISBN : 9781511520003
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 47. 30 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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How did Columbine school shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold view the world around them? The first half of this short book analyzes the shooters’ personal journals, from a philosophical perspective, and with surprising result—a teenage philosophy of awareness and existence. Eric Harris rebelliously called his journal The Book of God. Albeit drenched in violent hate speech, his writings also criticize common people’s beliefs. Dylan Klebold explored the fabric of existence and reality. He named his journal A Virtual Book of Existences. In it, he presents ideas that call to mind the great Greek philosopher Heraclitus.The second half of this book contains annotated transcripts of the killers’ journals.

Philosophy Of Animated Existence Or Sketches Of Living Physics With Discussions Of Physiology Philosophical To Which Is Added A Brief Medical Account Of The Middle Regions Of Georgia

Author : John Berry Gorman
ISBN : BL:A0018398332
Genre : Life (Biology)
File Size : 58. 56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Beauty And Human Existence In Chinese Philosophy

Author : Keping Wang
ISBN : 9789811617140
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 74. 77 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book considers the Chinese conception of beauty from a historical perspective with regard to its significant relation to human personality and human existence. It examines the etymological implications of the pictographic character mei, the totemic symbolism of beauty, the ferocious beauty of the bronzeware. Further on, it proceeds to look into the conceptual progression of beauty in such main schools of thought as Confucianism, Daoism and Chan Buddhism. Then, it goes on to illustrate through art and literature the leading principles of equilibriumharmony, spontaneous naturalness, subtle void and synthetic possibilities. It also offers a discussion of modern change and transcultural creation conducted with particular reference to the theory of the poetic state par excellence (yi jing shuo) and that of art as sedimentation (ji dian shuo).

The Nature Of Physical Existence

Author : Ivor Leclerc
ISBN : 0415295610
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 65. 55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This volume is a comprehensive collection of critical essays on The Taming of the Shrew, and includes extensive discussions of the play's various printed versions and its theatrical productions. Aspinall has included only those essays that offer the most influential and controversial arguments surrounding the play. The issues discussed include gender, authority, female autonomy and unruliness, courtship and marriage, language and speech, and performance and theatricality.

The Existence Principle

Author : Q.B. Gibson
ISBN : 9780792351887
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 69. 2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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When we ask whether something exists, we expect a yes or no answer, not a further query about what kind of existence, how much of it, whether we mean existence for you or existence for me, or whether we are asking about some property which it might have. In this book, this simple requirement is defended and pursued into its various and sometimes surprising implications. In the course of this pursuit, such questions arise as `Do appearances exist?' `Do unknowable things exist?' `Do past and future exist?' `Does God necessarily exist?' This novel and non-technical approach to important philosophical questions will be of interest to senior students of philosophy and, indeed, to all general readers with philosophical interests.

Existence Existenz And Transcendence

Author : Oswald O. Schrag
ISBN : UCAL:B4393004
Genre : Philosophers
File Size : 44. 97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Existence In Black

Author : Lewis Ricardo Gordon
ISBN : 0415914515
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 51. 46 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This collection of essays and reviews represents the most significant and comprehensive writing on Shakespeare's A Comedy of Errors. Miola's edited work also features a comprehensive critical history, coupled with a full bibliography and photographs of major productions of the play from around the world. In the collection, there are five previously unpublished essays. The topics covered in these new essays are women in the play, the play's debt to contemporary theater, its critical and performance histories in Germany and Japan, the metrical variety of the play, and the distinctly modern perspective on the play as containing dark and disturbing elements. To compliment these new essays, the collection features significant scholarship and commentary on The Comedy of Errors that is published in obscure and difficulty accessible journals, newspapers, and other sources. This collection brings together these essays for the first time.

Adorno And Existence

Author : Peter E. Gordon
ISBN : 9780674973534
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 84. 61 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Adorno was forever returning to the philosophies of bourgeois interiority, seeking the paradoxical relation between their manifest failure and their hidden promise. As Peter E. Gordon shows, Adorno’s writings on Kierkegaard, Husserl, and Heidegger present us with a photographic negative—a philosophical portrait of the author himself.

William L Rowe On Philosophy Of Religion

Author : William L. Rowe
ISBN : 9781351872812
Genre : Religion
File Size : 25. 36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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William Rowe is one of the leading thinkers in contemporary philosophy of religion. Although he is best known for his contributions to the problem of evil, he has produced innovative and influential work across a wide array of subjects at the interface between philosophy and religion. He has, for example, written extensively on the existentialist theologian, Paul Tillich, on the challenging problem of divine freedom, and on the traditional arguments in support of the existence of God. His work in these areas is distinguished by its clarity, rigour, originality, and sensitivity towards the claims of his theistic opponents. Indeed, Rowe's work has played a pivotal role in the remarkable revival of analytic philosophy of religion since the 1970s. The present collection brings together for the first time Rowe's most significant contributions to the philosophy of religion. This diverse but representative selection of Rowe's writings will provide students, professional scholars as well as general readers with stimulating and accessible discussions on such topics as the philosophical theology of Paul Tillich, the problem of evil, divine freedom, arguments for the existence of God, religious experience, life after death, and religious pluralism.

The Routledge Handbook Of Phenomenology And Phenomenological Philosophy

Author : Daniele De Santis
ISBN : 9781000170429
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 76. 79 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 850
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Phenomenology was one of the twentieth century’s major philosophical movements, and it continues to be a vibrant and widely studied subject today with relevance beyond philosophy in areas such as medicine and cognitive sciences. The Routledge Handbook of Phenomenology and Phenomenological Philosophy is an outstanding guide to this important and fascinating topic. Its focus on phenomenology’s historical and systematic dimensions makes it a unique and valuable reference source. Moreover, its innovative approach includes entries that don’t simply reflect the state-of-the-art but in many cases advance it. Comprising seventy-five chapters by a team of international contributors, the Handbook offers unparalleled coverage and discussion of the subject, and is divided into five clear parts: • Phenomenology and the history of philosophy • Issues and concepts in phenomenology • Major figures in phenomenology • Intersections • Phenomenology in the world. Essential reading for students and researchers in philosophy studying phenomenology, The Routledge Handbook of Phenomenology and Phenomenological Philosophy is also suitable for those in related disciplines such as psychology, religion, literature, sociology and anthropology.

The Philosophy Of Existence

Author : Gabriel Marcel
ISBN : STANFORD:36105001711972
Genre : Existentialism
File Size : 22. 54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Existence Devotion And Freedom

Author : Sangam Lal Pandey
ISBN : UOM:39015048502861
Genre :
File Size : 48. 82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Scientific Philosophy

Author : Gustavo E. Romero
ISBN : 9783319976310
Genre : Science
File Size : 83. 36 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This textbook presents the basics of philosophy that are necessary for the student and researcher in science in order to better understand scientific work. The approach is not historical but formative: tools for semantical analysis, ontology of science, epistemology, and scientific ethics are presented in a formal and direct way. The book has two parts: one with the general theory and a second part with application to some problems such as the interpretation of quantum mechanics, the nature of mathematics, and the ontology of spacetime. The book addresses questions such as "What is meaning?", "What is truth?", "What are truth criteria in science?", "What is a theory?", "What is a model?" "What is a datum?", "What is information?", "What does it mean to understand something?", "What is space?", "What is time?", "How are these concepts articulated in science?" "What are values?" "What are the limits of science?", and many more. The philosophical views presented are "scientific" in the sense that they are informed by current science, they are relevant for scientific research, and the method adopted uses the hypothetical-deductive approach that is characteristic of science. The results and conclusions, as any scientific conclusion, are open to revision in the light of future advances. Hence, this philosophical approach opposes to dogmatic philosophy. Supported by end-of-chapter summaries and a list of special symbols used, the material will be of interest for students and researchers in both science and philosophy. The second part will appeal to physicists and mathematicians.

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