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Liberian Politics

Author : Prof Hanes Walton
ISBN : 073910344X
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 51. 21 MB
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Liberian Politics tells the fascinating story of Liberia's early nation-building efforts, its attempts to establish democracy, and the pivotal role played by African Americans in exporting the American democratic experiment to Liberia. The story of the rise of Africa's oldest democracy is told through the writings of J. Milton Turner, an African American diplomat who served in Liberia from 1871 to 1878. Turner's official diplomatic correspondence--superbly organized and edited by Walton, Rosser, and Stevenson--document Liberia's struggle to define its political institutions and processes. They chart Liberia's struggle to establish its relationship with the wider world and offer an intimate portrait of Turner's role as the agent of U.S. foreign policy in Liberia. A comparative study in the best tradition of Tocqueville and Myrdal, this pathbreaking work reveals the global dimensions of nineteenth-century African American politics and offers rich insight into the direction of early U.S. diplomacy in Africa.

Christianity And Politics In Doe S Liberia

Author : Paul Gifford
ISBN : 052152010X
Genre : History
File Size : 59. 83 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This study examines the role of Christianity in Liberia under the corrupt regime of Samuel K. Doe (1980-1990). Paul Gifford shows that, in general, Liberian Christianity--far from being a force for justice and human advancement--diverted attention from the cause of Liberia's ills, left change to God's miraculous intervention, encouraged obedience and acceptance of the status quo, and thus served to entrench Doe's power. This Christianity, devised in and controlled from the United States, thus furthered regional American economic and political objectives, which were designed to support Doe's rule.

Liberian Politics Today

Author : Harry Fumba Moniba
ISBN : STANFORD:36105070063776
Genre : Liberia
File Size : 40. 96 MB
Format : PDF
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Politics In Liberia

Author : Martin Lowenkopf
ISBN : STANFORD:36105001995559
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 75. 53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Liberia In World Politics

Author : Nnamdi Azikiwe
ISBN : UCAL:$B303683
Genre : Liberia
File Size : 38. 73 MB
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Introduction To Liberian Government And Political System

Author : Monie R. Captan
ISBN : 9781483448787
Genre : Reference
File Size : 36. 60 MB
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The primary purpose of this book is to introduce readers to basic Liberian civics and related topics. It is also a useful introduction to Liberia for non-Liberians who seek a better understanding of the country.

Peacebuilding And Ex Combatants

Author : Johanna Söderström
ISBN : 9781317649380
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 37. 86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The book examines how ex-combatants in post-war and peacebuilding settings engage in politics, as seen in the case of Liberia. The political mobilization of former combatants after war is often perceived as a threat, ultimately undermining the security and stability of the state. This book questions this simplified view and argues that understanding the political voice of former combatants is imperative. Their post-war role is not black and white; they are not just bad or good citizens, but rather engage in multiple political roles: spoilers, victims, disengaged, beneficiaries, as well as motivated and active citizens. By looking at the political attitudes and values of former combatants, and their understanding of how politics functions, the book sheds new light on the political reintegration of ex-combatants. It argues that political reintegration needs to be given serious attention at the micro-level, but also needs to be scrutinized in two ways: first, through the level of political involvement, which reflects the extent and width of the ex-combatants’ voice. Second, in order to make sense of political reintegration, we also need to uncover what values and norms inform their political involvement. The content of their political voice is captured through a comparison with democratic ideals. Based on interviews with over 100 Liberian ex-combatants, the book highlights that their relationship with politics overall should be characterized as an expression of a 'politics of affection'. This book will be of much interest to students of peacebuilding, African politics, democratization, political sociology, conflict resolution and IR/Security Studies in general.

African Liberation

Author : Amos M. Sirleaf
ISBN : 9781449093440
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 67. 48 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Conflict is an increasing threat to national and international security and a major challenge to development. It is significant to acknowledge that civil conflict has impoverished countries in every major region of the world, with specific emphasis on Africa. Civil Conflict has wiped out the achievements of decades of economic and social development. In case of Liberia which is the main objective of this study, the 25 years civil conflict not only wiped out the achievements of decades of economic and social development, but destroyed thousands of lives, the physical assets of the country, and disrupted trade links which devastated the fabrics of the Liberian society. The Liberian violent conflict leaves a legacy of militarized, guerilla warfare leadership culture, divided societies, widespread displacement, and decimated institutional capacity. For many Liberians, dealing with devastation of war is a bitter experience that will never be forgotten. The present Liberian political context is extremely imperative in any transition from post-conflict situation to a more stable and secured environment that will facilitate the national reconciliation of farmer political adversaries and combatants, and lead to a more stable and secured environment that will enable refugees to return to their homes areas and permit the commencement of urgent rehabilitation effort such as the rebuilding of the administrative infrastructure of the country, such as the core ministeries', legal system, especially the courts, and the opening and operation of ports, air ports, harbors, telecommunication facilities, and electricity. For these urgent post-conflict rehabilitation actions to take place however, it was necessary for an elected government to be in place with the clear mandate to govern especially where as in Liberia, the conflict originated from a struggle for political power between contending ethnic groups and their armed supporters. This scenario has not been a reality for the Liberian people. The greatest challenge to the Liberian people, however, is the post-civil conflict reconstruction, rehabilitation, and recovery, indeed for countries emerging from prolong violent conflict. This study will be focusing on new system which will require the United States, the International Community, The European Union, The EEC, and other Non-Governmental Organizations, social, political, and economic cohesion as a pre-condition for reconstruction, rehabilitation, reconciliation, and recovery. As a practitioner, specialist, and a 21st century student of politics of life, Post-independence Black-Africa political and historic, cultural and Liberian political scientist, international political systems, comparative international political problems and global political cultural diversity, I am cognizant, and I do indeed care about Liberia /Africa in global conflicts that have profound effects on Africa, and implications which lead to war, instability, and international tension as well as about events which lead to equitable interdependence, integration, peace, improvement of quality of life, reduction of exploitation, imperialism human rights violation perpetrated by post-independence African leadership. Because I am a Black-African-Liberian, I do care about these national, international, regional, state of affairs that specifically affect Africa in general and Liberia in particular, I have tried over the years to make some life time attempt to make some scholastic decisions as it reflects on my research, to advance procedures in conflict management and resolution theories about systematizing my observations and improving my knowledge and skills of pre-conflict analysis of Africa in general and post-conflict analysis of Liberia in particular.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Author : Pamela Scully
ISBN : 9780821445600
Genre : Medical
File Size : 83. 80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In this timely addition to the Ohio Short Histories of Africa series, Pamela Scully takes us from the 1938 birth of Nobel Peace Prize winner and two-time Liberian president Ellen Johnson through the Ebola epidemic of 2014–15. Charting her childhood and adolescence, the book covers Sirleaf’s relationship with her indigenous grandmother and urban parents, her early marriage, her years studying in the United States, and her career in international development and finance, where she developed her skill as a technocrat. The later chapters cover her years in and out of formal Liberian politics, her support for women’s rights, and the Ebola outbreak. Sirleaf’s story speaks to many of the key themes of the twenty-first century. Among these are the growing power of women in the arenas of international politics and human rights; the ravaging civil wars in which sexual violence is used as a weapon; and the challenges of transitional justice in building postconflict societies. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is an astute examination of the life of a pioneering feminist politician.

Class Ethnicity And Politics In Liberia

Author : Stephen S. Hlophe
ISBN : UOM:39015019752214
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 49. 95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The first work to apply Marxist class analysis and the theory of situational ethnicity to Liberian social formations.

The Role Of The Diaspora In Peace Building

Author : Osman Antwi-Boateng
ISBN : 1124240489
Genre : African diaspora
File Size : 57. 39 MB
Format : PDF
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Non-state actors such as the diaspora continue to challenge the traditional notion of international relations which is heavily state-centered. Diaspora groups across the world have the capacity to impact the affairs of the state in the host-land or in the homeland. Not only do diaspora groups contribute to the development of the homeland via remittances and investments, they are increasingly shaping affairs of the homeland in matters of war and peace. The U.S-based Liberian diaspora represents an archetypal case whereby, the diaspora actively supported war by offering moral and financial/material support towards Liberia's fourteen year Civil War. In spite of initially supporting war, the U.S-based Liberian diaspora has been a major player in the post-conflict peace-building process. Factors that contributed to this turn around include: homeland domestic need for peace after years of war. Also, a fairly liberal environment created after the 2005 elections has reduced the risk of diaspora participation in homeland affairs; changing host land politics and foreign policy in a post-9/11 world where tough U.S financial disclosure requirements have been introduced, has made diaspora groups more cautious; and the strengthening of international regimes to hold perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity which has culminated in the indictment of Charles Taylor, serves as a potent deterrent to would-be provocateurs, that the era of impunity is over. This research addresses how the U.S-based Liberian diaspora contributes towards peace-building in Liberia in four areas: Norm entrepreneurship; soft power agents; international collaborators for peace and political participation for peace. However, the ability of the U.S-based Liberian diaspora to effectively contribute towards peace building depends on a number of factors. First, the ability of the U.S-based Liberian diaspora to effectively transfer peace-building norms will depend on its ability to recognize and address homeland cultural norms and values that may be in conflict with some of the norms being promoted. Second, the ability of the U.S-based Liberian diaspora members to effectively serve as soft power actors will depend on whether its members are deemed by fellow Liberians as having the moral authority or not. Those viewed negatively as hardliners in the course of the war would be less effective at exerting soft power influence compared to those viewed as moderates. Third, U.S-based Liberian diaspora members seeking international alliances for justice against war time excesses at the international level are more likely to be successful than a reliance on the Liberian justice system. This is because the Liberian government lacks the political will to seek justice against powerful former War Lords that are culpable. In addition, the Liberian justice system is widely perceived as corrupt and under-resourced. Diaspora members with U.S citizenship are more likely to face justice in U.S for any war crime related charges than in Liberia where the institutional capacity to hold perpetrators accountable are weak. Finally, several obstacles would have to be addressed before the U.S-based Liberian diaspora can effectively participate in domestic Liberian politics and contribute towards peace-building. First, there has to be a permanent resolution of the Diaspora legal immigration status in the U.S. Second, there is the need for the passage of a dual citizenship law in Liberian that allows diaspora members with dual citizenship to hold key public office positions. Third, the most successful diaspora politicians will be those that are capable of building a more inclusive political structure that embraces all spheres of Liberian society. Without a broader political tent, well meaning peace-building initiatives are bound to fail.

Liberia In World Politics

Author : Nnamdi Azikiwe
ISBN : UOM:39015002172487
Genre : Liberia
File Size : 47. 80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Into Africa A Vision Of Hope And A Sanctuary Born

Author : Janet Morris-Evans
ISBN : 9781606936306
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 59. 45 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Through the innocent act of creating a MySpace account online, author Janet Morris-Evans of Liverpool, England, became embroiled in African politics. Her life changed drastically when she saw the dire need to create a sanctuary for West African refugees returning from Ghana to Liberia. She sponsored many orphans, including her adopted son Delano, who introduced her to Liberian humanitarian worker John Gray. Morris-Evans and Gray teamed up and negotiated with the Liberian government to purchase land for The Liverpool Sanctuary-Liberia, with apartments, medical center, school and children's play area. Morris-Evans endured death threats and a maelstrom of political wrangling. She enlisted the help of ambassadors and an English Lord to secure the safety of her newfound family. Her inspirational story achieves much with little means, overcoming many obstacles with a huge amount of determination. Heartwarming, humorous, tinged with sadness, leading to a surprising outcome, her account entails courage, hope and enormous trust from a nation of people who lost their future and found it again. From little acorns... huge oak trees grow! Author Bio: Janet Morris-Evans is a lay minister and executive director of The Liverpool Sanctuary-Liberia. Her book of children's poetry was published in 2004 for the charity, Keeping Children Safe Project. She feels her success with the Liberian Government - which refused assistance to other organizations - is because they acknowledged that she has shown a great love for the welfare of Liberians and their nation. The Sanctuary's philosophical ethos is All people matter, at all times!

Factors To The Liberian National Conflict Views Of The Liberian Expatriates

Author : Dr. Samuel K. Ngaima Sr.
ISBN : 9781503524385
Genre :
File Size : 69. 63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book identified and analyzed the historical, political, cultural and social factors responsible for the Liberian National Conflicts, also known as the Liberian Civil Wars. These conflicts resulted in the destructions, genocide and divisiveness among the ethnic groups and increased refugee problems. The book traced and uncovered the historical, political, social, economic religious and cultural factors in the Liberian conflicts. It described as one of the prime factors, the unique formation of the Country and subsequent the leadership style and the social stratification for more than 140 years of Americo-Liberian oligarchic regime. The exclusions of the majority of the indigenous Liberians from the political and economic activities of the Country was identified as one of the factors to the conflict. The book revealed that nearly all of the 60 Liberian expatriates interviewed by the author considered as prime factors in the Liberian civil conflict, the perpetuation of Americo-Liberian governance over the majority indigenous Liberians for more than a century and the resulting disparities in political, educational and economic opportunities among the Liberian citizens.

Peacekeepers Politicians And Warlords

Author : Abiodun Alao
ISBN : UOM:39015048543402
Genre : History
File Size : 25. 10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book provides an original account of the entire peace process in Liberia that penetrates the roles of the peacekeepers, the warlords and the politicians who were the key actors in this narrative.

Clausewitz And African War

Author : Isabelle Duyvesteyn
ISBN : 9781135764845
Genre : History
File Size : 27. 97 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Oil, diamonds, timber, food aid - just some of the suggestions put forward as explanations for African wars in the past decade. Another set of suggestions focuses on ethnic and clan considerations. These economic and ethnic or clan explanations contend that wars are specifically not fought by states for political interests with mainly conventional military means, as originally suggested by Carl von Clausewitz in the 19th century. This study shows how alternative social organizations to the state can be viewed as political actors using war as a political instrument.

The Politics Of Integrated Social Investment

Author : Ronald F. Storette
ISBN : STANFORD:36105033752275
Genre : Technical assistance, Swedish
File Size : 75. 36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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An Introduction To Liberian Government

Author : Joseph Saye Guannu
ISBN : STANFORD:36105081716255
Genre : Liberia
File Size : 38. 13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Author :
Genre : Atrocities
File Size : 53. 12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Liberian government -- The LURD forces -- Prospects for sustainable peace in the Mano River Union -- The role of the international community -- Recommendations.

Liberia America S Footprint In Africa

Author : Jesse N. Mongrue M. Ed
ISBN : 9781462021642
Genre : Education
File Size : 85. 52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The history of Liberia and the United States are closely tied together, but few people have taken the necessary steps to understand the complicated relationship between the two countries. Liberia: America's Footprint in Africa traces the history of an African nation whose fate is closely tied to an uprising of slaves that began on the island that is now Haiti. The violence there caused people in the United States to wonder about the future of slavery and blacks in their own nation. In this detailed history written by a Liberian educator, you'll discover: how the American Colonization Society played a critical role in the creation of Liberia; how courageous blacks living in the United States persevered in seeking freedom; how Liberia is culturally, socially, and politically connected to the United States. Discover the rich history of two nations and why Liberia remains relevant today. Enriched with interviews of scholars, Liberian community elders and detailed research, Liberia: America's Footprint in Africa is a step-by-step account of an overlooked country.

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