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Author : Melanie Holcomb
ISBN : 9781588396501
Genre : Design
File Size : 29. 46 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 14.0px Verdana} As an art form, jewelry is defined primarily through its connection to and interaction with the body—extending it, amplifying it, accentuating it, distorting it, concealing it, or transforming it. Addressing six different modes of the body—Adorned, Divine, Regal, Transcendent, Alluring, and Resplendent—this artfully designed catalogue illustrates how these various definitions of the body give meaning to the jewelry that adorns and enhances it. Essays on topics spanning a wide range of times and cultures establish how jewelry was used as a symbol of power, status, and identity, from earflares of warrior heroes in Pre-Colombian Peru to bowknot earrings designed by Yves Saint-Laurent. These most intimate works of art provide insight into the wearers, but also into the cultures that produced them. More than 200 jewels and ornaments, alongside paintings and sculptures of bejeweled bodies, demonstrate the social, political, and aesthetic role of jewelry from ancient times to the present. Gorgeous new illustrations of Bronze Age spirals, Egyptian broad collars, Hellenistic gold armbands, Japanese courtesan hair adornments, jewels from Mughal India, and many, many more explore the various facets of jewelry and its relationship to the human body over 5,000 years of world history.

Middle Ages Without Borders A Conversation On Medievalism

Author : Collectif
ISBN : 9782728314942
Genre : History
File Size : 68. 8 MB
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This book presents the proceedings of the international conference “The Middle Ages in the Modern World,” held in Rome November 21-24, 2018. Attended by more than a hundred participants of different ages, educational backgrounds, and places of origin, the conference constituted a landmark in the study of medievalism: the historical discipline, now in full bloom, that investigates the ways in which the thousand-year period between 500 and 1500 was, and continues to be, presented, reconstructed, and imagined in successive eras. The book opens with a substantial bibliography drawn from all of its components, followed by the seven keynote lectures and ninety-three shorter texts - abstracts of the individual conference papers - organized along eight thematic pathways, which together provide a vivid image of the current state of the field.

Women In Ancient Egypt

Author : Mariam F. Ayad
ISBN : 9781649032706
Genre : History
File Size : 75. 80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Cutting-edge research by twenty-four international scholars on female power, agency, health, and literacy in ancient Egypt There has been considerable scholarship in the last fifty years on the role of ancient Egyptian women in society. With their ability to work outside the home, inherit and dispense of property, initiate divorce, testify in court, and serve in local government, Egyptian women exercised more legal rights and economic independence than their counterparts throughout antiquity. Yet, their agency and autonomy are often downplayed, undermined, or outright ignored. In Women in Ancient Egypt twenty-four international scholars offer a corrective to this view by presenting the latest cutting-edge research on women and gender in ancient Egypt. Covering the entirety of Egyptian history, from earliest times to Late Antiquity, this volume commences with a thorough study of the earliest written evidence of Egyptian women, both royal and non-royal, before moving on to chapters that deal with various aspects of Egyptian queens, followed by studies on the legal status and economic roles of non-royal women and, finally, on women’s health and body adornment. Within this sweeping chronological range, each study is intensely focused on the evidence recovered from a particular site or a specific time-period. Rather than following a strictly chronological arrangement, the thematic organization of chapters enables readers to discern diachronic patterns of continuity and change within each group of women. · Clémentine Audouit, Paul Valery University, Montpellier, France · Anne Austin, University of Missouri, St. Louis, Missouri, USA · Mariam F. Ayad, The American University in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt · Romane Betbeze, Université de Genève, Switzerland, and Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, PSL, France · Anke Ilona Blöbaum, Saxon Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany · Eva-Maria Engel, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin, Germany · Renate Fellinger, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK · Kathrin Gabler, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland · Rahel Glanzmann, independent scholar, Basel, Switzerland. · Izold Guegan, Swansea University, UK, and Sorbonne University, Paris, France · Fayza Haikal, The American University in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt · Janet H. Johnson, Oriental Institute, University of Chicago, Chicago, Il, USA · Katarzyna Kapiec, Institute of the Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland · Susan Anne Kelly, Macquarie University Sydney, Sydney, Australia · AnneMarie Luijendijk, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, USA · Suzanne Onstine, University of Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee, USA · José Ramón Pérez-Accino Picatoste, Facultad de Geografía e Historia, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid, Spain · Tara Sewell-Lasater, University of Houston, Houston, Texas, USA · Yasmin El Shazly, American Research Center in Egypt, Cairo, Egypt · Reinert Skumsnes, Centre for Gender Research, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway · Isabel Stünkel, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, New York, USA · Inmaculada Vivas Sainz, National Distance Education University), Madrid, Spain · Hana Vymazalová, Czech Institute of Egyptology, Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague, Czeck Republic · Jacquelyn Williamson, George Mason University, Fairfax, Viriginia, USA · Annik Wüthrich, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austrian Archaeological Institute, Vienna, Austria

Animality And Humanity In French Late Modern Representations Of Black Femininity

Author : Elodie Silberstein
ISBN : 9781000628470
Genre : Art
File Size : 30. 28 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This volume examines the evolution of the depictions of black femininity in French visual culture as a prism through which to understand the Global North’s destructive relationship with the natural world. Drawing on a broad spectrum of archives extending back to the late 18th century – paintings, fashion plates, prints, photographs, and films – this study traces the intricate ways a patriarchal imperialism and a global capitalism have paired black women with the realm of nature to justify the exploitation both of people and of ecosystems. These dehumanizing and speciesist strategies of subjugation have perpetuated interlocking patterns of social injustice and environmental depletion that constitute the most salient challenges facing humankind today. Through a novel approach that merges visual studies, critical race theory, and animal studies, this interdisciplinary investigation historicizes the evolution of the boundaries between human and non-human animals during the modern period. The book will be of interest to scholars working in art history, visual studies, critical race theory, colonial and post-colonial studies, animal studies, and French studies.

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art Publications 2022

Author : The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Genre : Art
File Size : 51. 75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This catalogue, published annually by The Metropolitan Museum of Art, announces the Museum's publications for that year. It also features notable backlist titles and provide a complete list of books available in print at the time of publication.

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art Publications 2020

Author : The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
File Size : 81. 9 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This catalogue, published annually by The Metropolitan Museum of Art, announces its publications for that year. It also features notable backlist titles and provide a complete list of books available in print at the time of publication.

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art Publications 2021

Author : The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Genre : Art
File Size : 77. 84 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This catalogue, published annually by The Metropolitan Museum of Art, announces the Museum's publications for that year. It also features notable backlist titles and provide a complete list of books available in print at the time of publication.

Beautiful Bodies

Author : Uroš Mati?
ISBN : 9781789257724
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 75. 12 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book explores the role of material culture in the formation of corporeal aesthetics and beauty ideals in different past societies and thus contributes to the cultural relativization of bodily aesthetics and related gender norms. The volume does not explore beauty for the sake of beauty, but extensively explores how it serves to form and keep gender norms in place. The concept of beauty has been a topic of interest for some time, yet it is only in recent times that archaeologists have begun to approach beauty as a culturally contingent and socially constructed phenomenon. Although archaeologists and ancient historians extensively dealt with gender, they dealt less with it in relation to beauty. The contributions in this volume deal with different intersections of gender and corporeal aesthetics by turning to rich archaeological, textual and iconographic data from ancient Sumer, Aegean Bronze Age, ancient Egypt, ancient Athens, Roman provinces, the Viking world and the Qajar Iran. Beauty thus moves away from a curiosity and surface of the body to an analytic concept for a better understanding of past and present societies.

Fashionability Exhibition Culture And Gender Politics

Author : Meaghan Clarke
ISBN : 9781351027762
Genre : Art
File Size : 74. 4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Fair Women was the Victorian equivalent of a ‘blockbuster’ exhibition. Organised by a committee of women, it opened to great fanfare in the Grafton Galleries in London, and was comprised of both historical and contemporary portraits of women as well as decorative objects. Meaghan Clarke argues that the exhibition challenged contemporary assumptions about the representation of women and the superficiality of female collectors. The Fair Women phenomenon complicated gender stereotypes and foregrounded women as cultural arbiters. This book uncovers a wide range of texts and images to reveal that Fair Women brought together fashion, modernity and gender politics in new and surprising ways. It shows that, while invariably absent in institutional histories, women were vital to the development of the modern blockbuster exhibition. This book will be of interest to scholars in art and gender studies, museum studies, feminist art history, women artists and art history.

Digital Transformation In Smart Manufacturing

Author : Antonella Petrillo
ISBN : 9789535138419
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 82. 67 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The purpose of this book is to provide an overview of the new industrial revolution: the "Industry 4.0." Globalization and competitiveness are forcing companies to review and improve their production processes. Industry 4.0 is a revolution that involves many different sectors and is still evolving. It represents the integration of tools already used in the past (big data, cloud, robot, 3D printing, simulation, etc.) that are now connected to a smart network by transmitting digital data at high speeds. The implementation of a 4.0 system represents a huge change for companies, which are faced with big investments. The idea of the book is to present practices, challenges, and opportunities related to the Industry 4.0. This book is intended to be a useful resource for anyone who deals with this issue.

Ancient Egypt Transformed

Author : Adela Oppenheim
ISBN : 9781588395641
Genre : History
File Size : 36. 30 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Middle Kingdom (ca. 2030–1650 B.C.) was a transformational period in ancient Egypt, during which older artistic conventions, cultural principles, religious beliefs, and political systems were revived and reimagined. Ancient Egypt Transformed presents a comprehensive picture of the art of the Middle Kingdom, arguably the least known of Egypt’s three kingdoms and yet one that saw the creation of powerful, compelling works rendered with great subtlety and sensitivity. The book brings together nearly 300 diverse works— including sculpture, relief decoration, stelae, jewelry, coffins, funerary objects, and personal possessions from the world’s leading collections of Egyptian art. Essays on architecture, statuary, tomb and temple relief decoration, and stele explore how Middle Kingdom artists adapted forms and iconography of the Old Kingdom, using existing conventions to create strikingly original works. Twelve lavishly illustrated chapters, each with a scholarly essay and entries on related objects, begin with discussions of the distinctive art that arose in the south during the early Middle Kingdom, the artistic developments that followed the return to Egypt’s traditional capital in the north, and the renewed construction of pyramid complexes. Thematic chapters devoted to the pharaoh, royal women, the court, and the vital role of family explore art created for different strata of Egyptian society, while others provide insight into Egypt’s expanding relations with foreign lands and the themes of Middle Kingdom literature. The era’s religious beliefs and practices, such as the pilgrimage to Abydos, are revealed through magnificent objects created for tombs, chapels, and temples. Finally, the book discusses Middle Kingdom archaeological sites, including excavations undertaken by the Metropolitan Museum over a number of decades. Written by an international team of respected Egyptologists and Middle Kingdom specialists, the text provides recent scholarship and fresh insights, making the book an authoritative resource.

Revealing Transforming And Display In Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Author : David Klotz
ISBN : 9783110683882
Genre : History
File Size : 47. 14 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This is the first synthesis on Egyptian enigmatic writing (also referred to as “cryptography”) in the New Kingdom (c.1550–1070 BCE). Enigmatic writing is an extended practice of Egyptian hieroglyphic writing, set against immediate decoding and towards revealing additional levels of meaning. This first volume consists of studies by the main specialists in the field. The second volume is a lexicon of all attested enigmatic signs and values.

Transforming Bodies

Author : H. Steinhoff
ISBN : 9781137493798
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 60. 46 MB
Format : PDF
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At the turn of the twenty-first century, American media abound with images and narratives of bodily transformations. At the crossroads of American, cultural, literary, media, gender, queer, disability and governmentality studies, the book presents a timely intervention into critical debates on body transformations and contemporary makeover culture.

Das Dritte Auge

Author : Otto Künzli
ISBN : UOM:39015028483843
Genre : Jewelry
File Size : 33. 22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Overzicht van objecten (sieraden), vervaardigd door de Zwitserse edelsmid (1948).

Body Shots

Author : Emily Fox-Kales
ISBN : 9781438435305
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 66. 79 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Combining the analytical tools of cinema studies with insights from clinical practice focused on eating disorders, Body Shots offers a compelling case for widespread media literacy to combat the effects of the “eating disordered culture” represented in Hollywood productions and popular images of celebrity life.

The Book Of Transformation

Author : Lisa Barretta
ISBN : 9781601635983
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 81. 58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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We live in a universe of infinite possibilities. Right now, a wave of frequency is lifting the veil and opening the portal for us to experience a higher consciousness. We are evolving into the lighter, more sentient psychic and authentic existence for which we were originally designed. We have the ability to transcend the limits of the time-space paradigm and go through a transformation that will redefine reality itself. The Book of Transformation guides you through the phases of your awakening and shows you what you can expect as you evolve into a world defined by frequency and light. In this revolutionary book, you will: Discover how to successfully “hack into” the nonverbal universal language of synchronicities and number patterns See how the Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children are the precursors to our evolutionary “upgrade” Understand how the chakra centers are the hub for your extrasensory psychic system Recognize that birthmarks are signs of past-life traumas Learn how to prepare yourself to welcome visitors from other star systems.

Inviting Transformation

Author : Sonja K. Foss
ISBN : 9781478608684
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 47. 91 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The third edition of Inviting Transformation continues to offer a refreshing, innovative approach to public speaking, or what the authors call presentational speaking to acknowledge that not all important speaking occurs in formal public settings. The book introduces readers to invitational rhetoric, a mode of communicating that offers an effective response to the diversity that characterizes the world. In an invitational approach, speakers communicate not to win or to prove superiority but to clarify ideas and to achieve understanding for all participants in an interaction. Respect for the diversity of the world also is emphasized in the book in that the traditional speaking model has been expanded to include speaking options that characterize diverse cultural groups. For all of the processes of presentingsuch as selecting a speaking goal, organizing ideas, elaborating on ideas, and delivering the presentation the book includes and validates more inclusive speaking practices. Sample presentations reflect concepts presented in the text, providing clear and contemporary examples of the best invitational speaking practices. The exceptionally accessible writing style and reasonable price make this concise text attractive for students and instructors alike.

Material Culture And Women S Religious Experience In Antiquity

Author : Mark D. Ellison
ISBN : 9781793611949
Genre : Art
File Size : 31. 71 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This collection of eleven new essays presents fresh, illuminating research by scholars who comparatively examine material, visual, and literary evidence to recover women’s religious experiences, perspectives, and activities in antiquity—perspectives often missing or underrepresented in the literary record.

Eft Tapping An Effective Tapping Solution To Build Self Confidence Transformation Through Emotional Freedom Therapy Tapping

Author : Jeffrey Crocker
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 34. 43 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 874
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The most important relationship we will ever have will be with ourselves. It is the basis of who we are, our foundation. The beliefs we have about ourselves dictate what happens in our lives, how we are treated, and what we can expect out of life. If we do not believe we have any worth that energy will be sent out to everyone we interact with. This energy will determine our posture, the words we speak, and our reaction to what is spoken to us. Here is a preview of what you'll learn inside... What the emotional freedom technique is The basic setup of the emotional freedom technique A clear key to locating the tapping points How eft/tapping scripts work Effective eft/tapping scripts to greatly boost self-confidence. Understanding the link between fear, anxiety, action and self-confidence. Much, much more! Tapping statements are the words we speak as we tap. Tapping statements can be combined to make tapping scripts. Take the doubt out of whether your statements will heal your issue. Anxiety is a combination of four things: unidentified anger, hurt, fear, self-pity. We expect error, rejection, and humiliation. Worry is a mild form of anxiety. Get the book today!!

Tradition And Transformation In Mohiniyattam Dance

Author : Justine Lemos
ISBN : 9781793650726
Genre :
File Size : 88. 50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Mohiniyattam dance is a semeiotic system replete with controversy, embodied gender ideals, and cultural information. Tradition and Transformation in Mohiniyattam Dance: An Ethnographic Historyexamines the emergence of Mohiniyattam dance in relation to its historical and cultural context with a particular focus on the semiotics of femininity.

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