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Consuming Germany In The Cold War

Author : David F. Crew
ISBN : 9781845206215
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Sitting in the ruins of the Third Reich, most Germans wanted to know which of the two post-war German states would erase the material traces of their wartime suffering most quickly and most thoroughly. Consumption and the quality of everyday life quickly became important battlefields upon which the East-West conflict would be fought. This book focuses on the competing types of consumer societies that developed over time in the two Germanies and the legacy each left. Consuming Germany in the Cold War assesses why East Germany increasingly fell behind in this competition and how the failure to create a viable socialist "consumer society" in the East helped lead to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. By the 1970s, East Germans were well aware that the regime's bombastic promises that the GDR would soon overtake the West had become increasingly hollow. For most East German citizens, West German consumer society set the standards that East Germany repeatedly failed to meet.By exploring the ways in which East and West Germany have functioned as each other's "other" since 1949, this book suggests some of the possibilities for a new narrative of post-war German history. While taking into account the very different paths pursued by East and West Germany since 1949, the contributors demonstrate the importance of competition and highlight the connections between the two German successor states, as well as the ways in which these relationships changed throughout the period. By understanding the legacy that forty-plus years of rivalry established, we can gain a better understanding of the current tensions between the eastern and western regions of a united Germany.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold The Impact Of Frustrated Consumerism On German Reunification

Author : Christin Bimberg
ISBN : 9783640433629
Genre :
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Bachelor Thesis from the year 2006 in the subject History Europe - Other Countries - Newer History, European Unification, grade: A, Marshall University, course: History - Senior Seminar, language: English, abstract: Since the beginning of modern nationhood, nationalism has been an important factor in building a nation. According to Ernest Gellner, "nations are the artefact of men's convictions and loyalties and solidarities." Nations are thus of big importance for people's identity. After World War II, the notion of nationalism became a complicated concept for most Germans. One reason was that people who were nationalistic were condemned by others because of the horrible things done by the Hitler regime. Another complication with post-World War II German nationalism was the division of Germany itself. Due to that division, Germans with the same history and culture were divided by political boundaries. Gellner argues that this harms nationalism immensely. Yet most Germans did not see the division as a permanent condition. The East German attitude in this matter is especially interesting. Despite minor changes in opinion over time, the ordinary East German citizen felt that he or she was part of a single German nation. Actions taken by the East German government aimed at full independence and even isolation from West Germany. However, East Germans did not go along with this. They expressed their desire for a single German nation in many fields, one of them consumer culture. The population did not support the official policy of rejecting and ignoring West German and other products but wanted to be able to enjoy the Western lifestyle. This frustrated desire combined with the shortcomings of production and supply in the GDR was the final problem that, apart from the breakdown of the Soviet Union and the East German economy, led to the eventual collapse of the German Democratic Republic.

Made In Germany

Author : Galili Shahar
ISBN : 9783835345751
Genre : History
File Size : 28. 54 MB
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Technologien und ihr Einfluss auf Mensch, Gesellschaft und Kultur in der Moderne. Was wir heute als Moderne bezeichnen, ist nicht zuletzt eine Epoche der Technologie. Individuen und Gesellschaften erfuhren durch technologische Erfindungen und Produktionen eine tiefgreifende Umgestaltung, neue Maschinen veränderten Arbeit und Kriegführung, Wohnen und Mobilität, Sprache und Kommunikation sowie soziale und wirtschaftliche Beziehungen. Die Autorinnen und Autoren des Tel Aviver Jahrbuchs 2020 fragen nach den historischen Bedingungen und Konsequenzen der modernen Technologien: Wie haben die neuen Maschinen die Modi des Lebens und des Schreibens in Deutschland und anderswo beeinflusst?

The Cambridge History Of The Cold War Volume 3 Endings

Author : Melvyn P. Leffler
ISBN : 9781316025635
Genre : History
File Size : 34. 12 MB
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Volume III of The Cambridge History of the Cold War examines the evolution of the conflict from the Helsinki Conference of 1975 until the Soviet collapse in 1991. A team of leading scholars analyzes the economic, social, cultural, religious, technological and geopolitical factors that ended the Cold War and discusses the personalities and policies of key leaders such as Brezhnev, Reagan, Gorbachev, Thatcher, Kohl and Deng Xiaoping. The authors show how events throughout the world shaped the evolution of Soviet-American relations and they explore the legacies of the superpower confrontation in a comparative and transnational perspective. Individual chapters examine how the Cold War affected and was affected by environmental issues, economic trends, patterns of consumption, human rights and non-governmental organizations. The volume represents the new international history at its best, emphasizing broad social, economic, demographic and strategic developments while keeping politics and human agency in focus.

Cold War Cultures

Author : Annette Vowinckel
ISBN : 9780857452443
Genre : History
File Size : 52. 47 MB
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The Cold War was not only about the imperial ambitions of the super powers, their military strategies, and antagonistic ideologies. It was also about conflicting worldviews and their correlates in the daily life of the societies involved. The term "Cold War Culture" is often used in a broad sense to describe media influences, social practices, and symbolic representations as they shape, and are shaped by, international relations. Yet, it remains in question whether - or to what extent - the Cold War Culture model can be applied to European societies, both in the East and the West. While every European country had to adapt to the constraints imposed by the Cold War, individual development was affected by specific conditions as detailed in these chapters. This volume offers an important contribution to the international debate on this issue of the Cold War impact on everyday life by providing a better understanding of its history and legacy in Eastern and Western Europe.

Cold War Rivalry And The Perception Of The American West

Author : P. Goral
ISBN : 9781137364302
Genre : History
File Size : 29. 7 MB
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This book demonstrates how the two adversaries of the Cold War, West Germany and East Germany, endeavored to create two distinct and unique German identities. In their endeavor to claim legitimacy, the German cinematic representation of the American West became an important cultural weapon of mass dissemination during the Cold War.

The Cold War And Entertainment Television

Author : Lori Maguire
ISBN : 9781443899253
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 38. 16 MB
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An essential dimension of the Cold War took place in the realm of ideas and culture. While much work exists on cinema, relatively little research has been conducted on this subject in relation to television, despite the latter being a technology and popular cultural form that emerged during this period. This book rectifies that absence by examining the impact of the Cold War on entertainment television, and underlines the comparative aspect by studying programs from both blocs – without forgetting, of course, the outsize impact of American television. Although most of the focus is on the two main protagonists, the US and the USSR, chapters also consider programming from the UK, Czechoslovakia, Romania, and both East and West Germany. This book represents a contribution to the debate about the cultural Cold War through a rigorously comparative analysis of the two blocs. For this reason, the approach used is thematic. The study begins by considering the subject of censorship, and then goes on to look at the very particular case of the two Germanys. A series of comparative genre studies follow, including police and war, variety shows, and documentaries and docudramas. Perhaps surprisingly, the similarities are often greater than the differences between television in the two blocs.

Divided Village The Cold War In The German Borderlands

Author : Jason B. Johnson
ISBN : 9781351811040
Genre : History
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In 1983, then-US Vice President George H.W. Bush delivered a speech in London. He had just been in West Berlin and spoke about his first visit to the Berlin Wall. Bush then went on to describe another German wall he saw after Berlin: "if anything, that wall was an even greater obscenity than its eponym to the north." The story of that wall is a fascinating and valuable slice of the history of post-war Europe. That wall had gone up nearly two hundred miles southwest of Berlin at the edge of divided Germany, in the tiny, remote farming village of Mödlareuth. For nearly half the twentieth century, the Iron Curtain divided Mödlareuth in two. In this little valley surrounded by forests and fields, the villagers of Mödlareuth found themselves on the literal front-line of the Cold War. The East German state gradually militarized the border through the community while eastern villagers exhibited a range of responses to cope with their changing circumstances, reflective of the variable nature of the Cold War border through Germany: along the Iron Curtain, the size and isolation of the divided place influenced the local character of the division.

German Zeitgeschichte

Author : Thomas Lindenberger
ISBN : 9783835340107
Genre : History
File Size : 72. 35 MB
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Reflexionen und Positionen der deutschen Zeitgeschichte im transatlantischen Dialog. Zeitgeschichte boomt. Und sie tut es nach 1989 in besonderem Maße in dem Land, das im 20. Jahrhundert fünf unterschiedliche staatliche und gesellschaftliche Ordnungen erfahren hat: Deutschland. Welche Auswirkungen sind aus dieser besonderen Prägung für die deutsche Zeitgeschichtsschreibung erwachsen? In den den hier versammelten Studien wird diesem Problem aus deutscher wie transatlantischer Perspektive nachgegangen, um den Ort der deutschen Zeitgeschichtsschreibung näher zu bestimmen.

Fighting The Cold War In Post Blockade Pre Wall Berlin

Author : Mark Fenemore
ISBN : 9780429514425
Genre : History
File Size : 58. 72 MB
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As fought in 1950s Berlin, the cold war was a many-headed monster. Winning stomachs with enticing consumption was as important as winning hearts and minds with persuasive propaganda. Demonstrators not only fought the police in the streets; they were swayed one way or another by cultural competition. Western espionage agencies waged brazen but surreptitious covert warfare, while the Stasi fought back with a campaign of targeted kidnapping. This book takes seriously a complex borderscape, which narrowed but did not stem the flow of people, ideas and goods over an open boundary. Assessing the licit and the illicit, the book stresses the messy and entwined nature of this war of a thousand cuts (or miniscule salami slices). While brinkmanship was orchestrated by the elites in Moscow and Washington, the effects of such intense psychological pressure were felt by ordinary Berliners, who sought to carry on with their mundane, but border-straddling everyday lives in spite of the ideological bifurcation.

Cold War On The Home Front

Author : Greg Castillo
ISBN : 9780816646913
Genre : History
File Size : 27. 12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Greg Castillo presents an illustrated history of the persuasive impact of model homes, appliances, and furniture in Cold War propaganda.

The Thaw

Author : Denis Kozlov
ISBN : 9781442644601
Genre : History
File Size : 71. 86 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The period from Stalin's death in 1953 to the end of the 1960s marked a crucial epoch in Soviet history. Though not overtly revolutionary, this era produced significant shifts in policies, ideas, language, artistic practices, daily behaviours, and material life. It was also during this time that social, cultural, and intellectual processes in the USSR began to parallel those in the West (and particularly in Europe) as never before. This volume examines in fascinating detail the various facets of Soviet life during the 1950s and 1960s, a period termed the 'Thaw.' Featuring innovative research by historical, literary, and film scholars from across the world, this book helps to answer fundamental questions about the nature and ultimate fortune of the Soviet order – both in its internal dynamics and in its long-term and global perspectives.

Communism Unwrapped

Author : Paulina Bren
ISBN : 9780199827664
Genre : History
File Size : 79. 31 MB
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Communism Unwrapped reveals the complex world of consumption in Cold War Eastern Europe, exploring the ways people shopped, ate, drank, smoked, cooked, acquired, assessed and exchanged goods. These everyday experiences, the editors and contributors argue, were central to the way that communism was lived in its widely varied contexts in the region. From design, to production, to retail sales and black market exchange, Communism Unwrapped follows communist goods from producer to consumer, tracing their circuitous routes. In the communist world this journey was rife with its own meanings, shaped by the special political and social circumstances of these societies. In examining consumption behind the Iron Curtain, this volume brings dimension and nuance to understandings of the communist period and the history of consumerism.

The Consuming Temple

Author : Paul Lerner
ISBN : 9781501700125
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 47. 61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Paul Lerner explores German anxieties about the department store and the widespread belief that they posed hidden dangers both to the individuals and to the nation as a whole.

Germany And The West

Author : Riccardo Bavaj
ISBN : 9781785335044
Genre : History
File Size : 76. 70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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"The West" is a central idea in German public discourse, yet historians know surprisingly little about the evolution of the concept. Contrary to common assumptions, this volume argues that the German concept of the West was not born in the twentieth century, but can be traced from a much earlier time. In the nineteenth century, "the West" became associated with notions of progress, liberty, civilization, and modernity. It signified the future through the opposition to antonyms such as "Russia" and "the East," and was deployed as a tool for forging German identities. Examining the shifting meanings, political uses, and transnational circulations of the idea of "the West" sheds new light on German intellectual history from the post-Napoleonic era to the Cold War.

Citizenship And National Identity In Twentieth Century Germany

Author :
ISBN : 0804779449
Genre : History
File Size : 64. 92 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"This book is based on papers delivered at the conference 'Citizenship and National Identity in Twentieth-Century Germany, ' ... Oxford, UK, on September 10-12, 2004"--Acknowledgements.

Divided But Not Disconnected

Author : Tobias Hochscherf
ISBN : 1845456467
Genre : History
File Size : 28. 67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Allied agreement after the Second World War did not only partition Germany, it divided the nation along the fault-lines of a new bipolar world order. This inner border made Germany a unique place to experience the Cold War, and the “German question” in this post-1945 variant remained inextricably entwined with the vicissitudes of the Cold War until its end. This volume explores how social and cultural practices in both German states between 1949 and 1989 were shaped by the existence of this inner border, putting them on opposing sides of the ideological divide between the Western and Eastern blocs, as well as stabilizing relations between them. This volume’s interdisciplinary approach addresses important intersections between history, politics, and culture, offering an important new appraisal of the German experiences of the Cold War.

Trams Or Tailfins?

Author : Jan L. Logemann
ISBN : 9780226491493
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 34. 88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In the years that followed World War II, both the United States and the newly formed West German republic had an opportunity to remake their economies. Since then, much has been made of a supposed “Americanization” of European consumer societies—in Germany and elsewhere. Arguing against these foggy notions, Jan L. Logemann takes a comparative look at the development of postwar mass consumption in West Germany and the United States and the emergence of discrete consumer modernities. In Trams or Tailfins?, Logemann explains how the decisions made at this crucial time helped to define both of these economic superpowers in the second half of the twentieth century. While Americans splurged on private cars and bought goods on credit in suburban shopping malls, Germans rebuilt public transit and developed pedestrian shopping streets in their city centers—choices that continue to shape the quality and character of life decades later. Outlining the abundant differences in the structures of consumer society, consumer habits, and the role of public consumption in these countries, Logemann reveals the many subtle ways that the spheres of government, society, and physical space define how we live.

Gendering Post 1945 German History

Author : Karen Hagemann
ISBN : 9781789201925
Genre : History
File Size : 50. 96 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Although “entanglement” has become a keyword in recent German history scholarship, entangled studies of the postwar era have largely limited their scope to politics and economics across the two Germanys while giving short shrift to social and cultural phenomena like gender. At the same time, historians of gender in Germany have tended to treat East and West Germany in isolation, with little attention paid to intersections and interrelationships between the two countries. This groundbreaking collection synthesizes the perspectives of entangled history and gender studies, bringing together established as well as upcoming scholars to investigate the ways in which East and West German gender relations were culturally, socially, and politically intertwined.

America In The World

Author : Frank Costigliola
ISBN : 9781107649545
Genre : History
File Size : 76. 81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This volume includes historiographical surveys of American foreign relations since 1941 by some of the country's leading historians. Some of the essays offer sweeping overviews of the major trends in the field of foreign/international relations history. Others survey the literature on US relations with particular regions of the world or on the foreign policies of presidential administrations. The result is a comprehensive assessment of the historical literature on US foreign policy that highlights recent developments in the field.

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