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Because Amelia Smiled

Author : David Ezra Stein
ISBN : 9780763641696
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 40. 53 MB
Format : PDF
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A little girl's smile as she skips down the street inspires a neighbor to send cookies to her grandson in Mexico, and the good will she shares soon spreads around the world. From the creator of the Caldecott Honor-winning Interrupting Chicken.

A To Zoo Subject Access To Children S Picture Books 10th Edition

Author : Rebecca L. Thomas
ISBN : 9781440834356
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 35. 28 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Whether used for thematic story times, program and curriculum planning, readers' advisory, or collection development, this updated edition of the well-known companion makes finding the right picture books for your library a breeze. • Offers easy subject access to children's picture books • Features a user-friendly organization • Provides in-depth indexing and full bibliographic detail

Saddle Club 60 Hobbyhorse

Author : Bonnie Bryant
ISBN : 9781448196005
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 40. 63 MB
Format : PDF
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Lisa’s bratty-cousin Amelia is staying with the Atwoods. The nine-year-old nightmare child is charming around adults, but to other kids, she’s a menace! She lies to Max after she causes a stampede at Pine Hollow Stables that almost gets him crushed. Then she breaks the Atwoods’ expensive, antique hobbyhorse – and tells Mrs. Atwood it was Lisa’s fault. Amelia is taking riding lessons at Pine Hollow. The Saddle Club plans to give her another kind of lesson, too – the kind Amelia will never forget!

Promise Made

Author : Linda Sole
ISBN : 9781780102566
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 81. 24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The eagerly-awaited second novel in the Family Feud series - Frances Danby has spent the Second World War years longing for her husband Marcus to return. When he does, she is disappointed. Marcus has become withdrawn and begins to drink heavily. She fears for her marriage, particularly when her father-in-law makes unwelcome advances to her. She must face tragedy ahead. Meanwhile, her sister Emily is living happily under Lord Vane's roof, but Vane's wife is jealous of Emily's child. Will she reveal the secret she knows could tear the family apart? . . .

Grayson Brothers Series 4 Book Boxed Set

Author : Wendy Lindstrom
ISBN : 9781939263049
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 83. 26 MB
Format : PDF
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From the New York Times bestselling author Wendy Lindstrom comes a riveting Historical Romance series about unforeseen love, impossible choices, and daring second chances... WHEN I FALL IN LOVE A Mail Order Bride He Doesn’t Want—A Woman He Can’t Resist. The problem is that Nancy Mitchell can’t marry the man her father chose for her. Her only escape from the arrangement is to find another husband quick—so she concocts a desperate plan and agrees to become a mail order bride. When a drastic change in circumstances dumps her into the arms of Hal Grayson, a handsome, grieving man who hates her family, she is forced to rethink her hastily made plan. Can her fierce resolve and inner strength help him piece his world together again even when her own begins to unravel? SHADES OF HONOR She Planned to Marry Her Best Friend—Then His Brother Returned Home and Complicated Everything. Marrying her beloved friend, Kyle Grayson, will allow Evelyn Tucker to care for her ailing father and resurrect their failing business. But when Kyle’s older brother, Radford, returns home with his young daughter, it turns Evelyn’s life upside down. Evelyn is drawn to the deeply wounded man and withdrawn little girl, and she can't help reaching into Radford's darkness with her healing love. The undeniable spark between them ignites a love neither has known… and neither can embrace. Torn by her forbidden feelings for Radford and her desperate need to honor and protect Kyle, Evelyn faces an impossible dilemma and her greatest heartache. Winner of the RITA award! THE LONGING A Marriage of Convenience – And Heart-Wrenching Revelations. When dire circumstances force Amelia Drake to marry her father’s business competitor, Kyle Grayson, she vows to make the best of her arrangement with her handsome, stubborn new husband. Despite their undeniable attraction to each other, Kyle has been wounded and he guards his emotions as closely as she guards her secrets. Can she ever trust him enough to share the truth about her past? Can she forgive his own dark revelations? Can she awaken the warm, passionate man he conceals behind his staunch business demeanor before their secrets tear them apart? Romantic Times 4-1/2 star Top Pick! LIPS THAT TOUCH MINE A New Town, A New Life... And One Man Who Can Save Her Or Destroy Her. Haunted by a past filled with violence and abuse, Claire Ashier must protect her new home and her battered heart from Boyd Grayson, the charming saloon owner who is ruining her boardinghouse business. That’s not an easy task when her only friend in town is Boyd’s dog Sailor. While marching on Boyd’s noisy saloon, Claire matches wits with the handsome saloon owner and they develop an unexpected friendship that changes the game for them. It’s a passionate game filled with risk. Boyd wants more, but are the stakes too high for Claire to trust a saloon owner and open her heart to love again?

A My Name S Amelia

Author : Joanne Sundell
ISBN : 1594145652
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 81. 45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A young, deaf girl navigates her way through life and marriage in 1874.

The Other Side Of Motown

Author : Audrey Thorpe
ISBN : 9781532073267
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 37. 47 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 660
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In the 1960s, Motown Record Corporation, located in Detroit, Michigan, was in its heyday, churning out number one hit records in rapid succession. Maria Arlington was just nineteen years of age when she began working for Motown as an assistant to a talent manager. She was surrounded by a sea of famous singers, songwriters, producers, and musicians. A handsome young trumpeter captivated her heart and became unforgettable in her life. When Berry Gordy Jr. moved Motown from Detroit to Los Angeles in 1972, Maria was anxious to discover “the other side of Motown” after the company had relocated. She also wished to renew her friendship with her musician friend. After many years have passed, Maria and her musician friend meet again, and Maria is willing to travel to Los Angeles to renew their friendship, even though she’s now a married woman and someone is secretively plotting to destroy her marriage.

A Country Miss In Hanover Square

Author : Anne Herries
ISBN : 9781459208223
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 45. 68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In her first season in London, country girl Susannah Hampton is confused by the attentions of the dashing Lord Pendleton. Wealthy, but undeniably arrogant, he is certainly not the kind of husband she has in mind. Although she can't help but find him attractive. Soon Susannah gets what she hopes for—a marriage proposal! She may be an innocent country miss, but now Susannah is determined to inflame her husband's passion—and melt the ice around his heart….

The Justice Keepers

Author : Mary Grant
ISBN : 9781469177267
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 40. 12 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Justice Keepers is the final book in the Keeper series. As with the first two books, the twist and turns dont stop until the final chapter. The race is on to stop the sadistic killer known as the Boston Harbor Killer. The FBI and Boston Homicide Division have evidence that Amelia Kent could be the killer. Could the fears of the people that love her be coming true? Has she become what her brother said she would be; a vessel of death? Go on the hunt with the authorities to uncover the truth and find Justice for Amelia.

Butcher Of Dreams

Author : Kay Williams
ISBN : 0964924161
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 85. 34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 441
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Lee Fairchild has realized every actors dream--a theater of her own. The dream is about to turn into a nightmare. Who--or what--lives on the third floor? Bizarre, seemingly unrelated events, beginning with a homeless man found dead on the third floor of the theater, escalate to ritual murder.

The Magnificent Ambersons ?????

Author : Newton Booth Tarkington
Genre : Foreign Language Study
File Size : 74. 13 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 466
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This collection brings together a comprehensive selection of documents from the history of US and Canadian economic thought from the seventeenth century through to 1900.

Christmas At High Rising

Author : Angela Thirkell
ISBN : 9780349004310
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 56. 32 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 278
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Originally published in the 1930s and 1940s and never before collected, these stories by the incomparable Angela Thirkell relate merry scenes of a trip to the pantomime, escapades on ice, a Christmas Day gone awry, and an electrifying afternoon for Laura Morland and friends at Low Rising, not to mention the chatter of the arty set at a London private view. Charming, irreverent and full of mischievous humour, they offer the utmost entertainment in any season of the year.

Mine Till Midnight

Author : Lisa Kleypas
ISBN : 9781429954662
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 49. 67 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 394
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From the blockbuster New York Times bestselling author Lisa Kleypas comes Mine Till Midnight, the first title in the beloved regency romance series The Hathaways When an unexpected inheritance elevates her family to the ranks of the aristocracy, Amelia Hathaway discovers that tending to her younger sisters and wayward brother was easy compared to navigating the intricacies of the ton. Even more challenging: the attraction she feels for the tall, dark, and dangerously handsome Cam Rohan. Wealthy beyond most men's dreams, Cam has tired of society's petty restrictions and longs to return to his "uncivilized" Gypsy roots. When the delectable Amelia appeals to him for help, he intends to offer only friendship—but intentions are no match for the desire that blindsides them both. But can a man who spurns tradition be tempted into that most time-honored arrangement: marriage? Life in London society is about to get a whole lot hotter.

All Together Dead

Author : Charlaine Harris
ISBN : 9780575087866
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 77. 57 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 751
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Sookie's beginning to get used to being surrounded by all varieties of undead, changeling, shapeshifting and other supernatural beings - but even she has her limits. She'd really like to take a while to get over being betrayed by Bill, her long-time vampire lover, and get used to her new relationship with the sexy shapeshifter Quinn - but instead, she finds herself attending the long-planned vampire summit, the destination of choice for every undead power player around, as a sort-of human 'Geiger counter' for Sophie-Anne Leclerq, vampire queen of Louisiana. But the job is fraught with difficulties. Sophie-Anne's power base has been severely weakened by Hurricane Katrina, and she's about to be put on trial during the event for murdering her king. Sookie knows the queen is innocent, but she's hardly prepared for other shocking murders: it looks like there are some vamps who would like to finish what nature started. With secret alliances and backroom deals the order of the day - and night - Sookie must decide which side she'll stand with, and quickly, for her choice may mean the difference between survival and all-out catastrophe.

Poor Mrs Rigsby

Author : Kathy Herman
ISBN : 9780307563927
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 68. 72 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 592
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CNA Sally Cox is about as happy to be at Walnut Hills Nursing Center as the patients are. But it’s work or starve, now that her husband has found a younger companion. Sally’s new crowd skews toward the elderly—ninety-year-old Elsie Rigsby, for instance, whose dementia comes and goes with her gold-digging son and grandson’s visits. Elsie’s not going to tell those vultures where she stashed her money. Still, she’s not getting any younger, and someone besides her needs to know. Three deaths later, is anyone watching Sally?The love of money… Poor Mrs. Rigsby gets so confused. But she’s Sally Cox’s favorite patient at Walnut Hills Nursing Center . It’s too bad her only relatives are her insensitive son, Harry, who’s always badgering her about money, and a charming but unreliable grandson. …is a root… Harry Rigsby is retired, but these years aren’t exactly golden for him. He’s been reduced to eating ketchup sandwiches when his Social Security check doesn’t stretch to cover the whole month. It just isn’t fair. He has long suspected his mother of rat-holing money, but she won’t admit it. Trouble is, if he doesn’t find out before her mind goes, he’ll never see a penny of it. …of all kinds of evil. Sally Cox is drowning in debt and resentful that her job at the nursing home doesn’t pay enough. When Mrs. Rigsby tells her and a coworker that she’s hidden money from her greedy son, the coworker devises the perfect scheme to end Sally’s financial woes—and opens a door to something evil! Poor Mrs. Rigsby explores the pitfalls of financial worry, the wages of greed, and the God who has promised to be a refuge from both. Story Behind the Book I’ve been dismayed by the financial abuse of people in power—corporate CEOs, trusted religious leaders, and even heads of households—whose mismanagement and greed have inflicted hardship on many a victim. But I wrote Poor Mrs. Rigsby to show what can happen when victims justify using dishonest means in an effort to regain control of their financial ture. It’s my hope that this story will challenge believers to take an honest look at where they draw the line between their own striving for financial purity—and trusting God to provide what they need.


Author : Lauren A. Salinas
ISBN : 9781493110346
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 84. 49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 957
Read : 547

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Amelia's life is at the top of the famous chain as her father's creation "Chameleon" Became the most wanted procedure causing the eyes of every person injected with it to change colors with the mood they were in. Just as everything seems like it couldn't get any better, everything falls apart as something terribly bad happens with Chameleon. Becoming what reporters and the news's called "The wild creatures" Virus. Causing the world Amelia thought she knew disappear, as dreams cause Amelia to question her sanity as she now sees life isn't what she grew up thinking. As new beginnings come to life.

The Mistress Of Hanover Square

Author : Anne Herries
ISBN : 9781459212435
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 22. 7 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 816
Read : 1055

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The earl's convenient bride Amelia Royston has made a name for herself amongst the London ton as a brilliant matchmaker. Forever generous, she will do anything to help others' dreams come true. But the society miss is beginning to give up hope that her own feet will ever be swept off the ground… Then the charismatic Earl of Ravenshead returns, and his disturbing presence tips Amelia's world upside down! He finally declares his intention to marry her—for convenience…or something more?

Wings Of The Morning

Author : David Beaty
ISBN : 0698111419
Genre : Romance fiction
File Size : 74. 51 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 703
Read : 843

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Danger At Lakeside Farm

Author : Patricia H. Rushford
ISBN : 1575674378
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 40. 67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 831
Read : 206

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Following her stepparents' arrest, Max lived with Jessie for a while. Then she moved in with an elderly neighbor, Amelia, on her farm by the lake. Soon strange things start happening: Amelia's tires are slashed and there is a break-in at the house. Is someone trying to make Amelia leave the farm? What will happen to Max?

Wild Innocence

Author : Candace McCarthy
ISBN : 9781601831095
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 55. 30 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 650
Read : 1217

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A Pampered Belle. . . Devastated by her fiancé's betrayal, young Rachel Dempsey fled a life of privilege in Baltimore's high society for a hard-scrabble existence at her father's mission on the rugged shores of Lake Superior. There she tended the wounded brought to the mission's infirmary and vowed no man would ever touch her heart again--certainly not Black Hawk, the disturbingly sensual Ojibwa warrior she was tenderly nursing back to health. A Fearless Brave. . . Black Hawk had never allowed a woman to distract him from the dark dream of vengeance he had harbored against his hated Sioux enemy since boyhood. But soon the warmth in Rachel's eyes began melting the ice that shrouded his soul, and when danger threatened the mission, the fierce warrior spirited away the beautiful white angel to the safety of his own village. There Rachel discovered a new peace among the gentle Ojibwa, while the tenderness in Black Hawk's fiery touch ignited a sudden passion--convincing them both that they shared a love as bold and timeless as the untamed plains of the wild Northwest. 110,000 Words

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