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Algeria On Screen

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This study explains how Merzak Allouache broke away from Algerian state-run cinema to create an original style that makes him both unique and extremely interesting. This book provides context and analysis of his films.

Screening Integration

Author : Sylvie Durmelat
ISBN : 9780803238381
Genre : Performing Arts
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North African immigrants, once confined to France’s social and cultural margins, have become a strong presence in France’s national life. Similarly, descendants of immigrants from Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia have gained mainstream recognition as filmmakers and as the subject of films. The first collective volume on this topic, Screening Integration offers a sustained critical analysis of this cinema. In particular, contributors evaluate how Maghrebi films have come to participate in, promote, and, at the same time, critique France’s integration. In the process, these essays reflect on the conditions that allowed for the burgeoning of this cinema in the first place, as well as on the social changes the films delineate. Screening Integration brings together established scholars in the fields of postcolonial, Francophone, and film studies to address the latest developments in this cinematic production. These authors explore the emergence of various genres that recast the sometimes fossilized idea of ethnic difference. Screening Integration provides a much-needed reference for those interested in comprehending the complex shifts in twenty-first-century French cinema and in the multicultural social formations that have become an integral part of contemporary France in the new millennium.

The Franco Algerian War Through A Twenty First Century Lens

Author : Nicole Beth Wallenbrock
ISBN : 9781474262811
Genre : Performing Arts
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The Franco-Algerian War (1954–62) remains a powerful international symbol of Third Worldism and the finality of Empire. Through its nuanced analysis of the war's depiction in film, The Franco-Algerian War through a Twenty-First Century Lens locates an international reckoning with history that both condemns and exonerates past generations. Algerian and French production partnerships-such as Hors-la-loi, (Outside the Law, Rachid Bouchareb, 2010) and Loubia Hamra (Bloody Beans, Narimane Mari, 2013)-are one of several ways citizens collaborate to unearth a shared history and its legacy. Nicole Beth Wallenbrock probes cinematic discourse to shed new light on topics including: the media revelation of torture and atomic bomb tests; immigration's role in the evolution of the war's meaning; and the complex relationship of the intertwined film cultures. The first chapter summarizes the Franco-Algerian War in 20th-century film, thus grounding subsequent queries with Algeria's moudjahid or freedom-fighter films and the French new wave's perceived disinterest in the conflict. This book is an invaluable resource for scholars seeking to understand cinema's role in re-evaluating war and reconstructing international memory.

Algeria Cuts

Author : Ranjana Khanna
ISBN : 0804752613
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Algeria Cuts discusses the figure of woman, both under colonial rule in Algeria and within the postcolonial independent nation-state. It is an interdisciplinary project that spans fine art, film, colonial and legal policy, manifestos, prose fiction, and theoretical and philosophical texts concerning the relationship between France and Algeria. Khanna investigates gendered representation, identification, and justice, and in the process, calls into question the ways in which conventional disciplinary frameworks foreclose certain avenues of reflection while foregrounding others. Algeria Cuts seeks to understand Algeria and Algerian women as a philosophical site that facilitates an understanding of justice and the pursuit of feminism.


Author : Patrick Crowley
ISBN : 9781786940216
Genre : Algeria
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Algeria: Nation, Culture and Transnationalism 1988-2015 offers new insights into contemporary Algeria. Drawing on a range of different approaches to the idea of Algeria and to its contemporary realities, the chapters in this volume serve to open up any discourse that would tie 'Algeria' to a fixed meaning or construct it in ways that neglect the weft and warp of everyday cultural production and political action. The configuration of these essays invites us to read contemporary cultural production in Algeria not as determined indices of a specific place and time (1988-2015) but as interrogations and explorations of that period and of the relationship between nation and culture. The intention of this volume is to offer historical moments, multiple contexts, hybrid forms, voices and experiences of the everyday that will prompt nuance in how we move between frames of enquiry. These chapters - written by specialists in Algerian history, politics, music, sport, youth cultures, literature, cultural associations and art - offer the granularity of microhistories, fieldwork interviews and studies of the marginal in order to break up a synthetic overview and offer keener insights into the ways in which the complexity of Algerian nation-building are culturally negotiated, public spaces are reclaimed, and Algeria reimagined through practices that draw upon the country's past and its transnational present.

Screens And Veils

Author : Florence Martin
ISBN : 9780253005656
Genre : Performing Arts
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An analysis of seven films by female directors from Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia. Examined within their economic, cultural, and political context, the work of women Maghrebi filmmakers forms a cohesive body of work. Florence Martin examines the intersections of nation and gender in seven films, showing how directors turn around the politics of the gaze as they play with the various meanings of the Arabic term hijab (veil, curtain, screen). Martin analyzes these films on their own theoretical terms, developing the notion of “transvergence” to examine how Maghrebi women’s cinema is flexible, playful, and transgressive in its themes, aesthetics, narratives, and modes of address. These are distinctive films that traverse multiple cultures, both borrowing from and resisting the discourses these cultures propose. “Produced by a diverse group of women filmmakers—Assia Djebar, Farida Benlyazid, Yamina Bachir-Chouikh, Raja Amari, Naida El Fani, Yasmine Kassari, and Selma Baccar—these movies reflect the Algerian civil war, colonialism, patriarchy, undocumented immigrants, sexuality, identity, and the social mores that have dominated the political, social, and economic spheres in the Maghreb. . . . This book inscribes a new chapter in women filmmaking on the Maghreb; it makes an important contribution to cinema, literature, and cultural studies. Summing Up: Highly recommended.” —Choice “An excellent presentation and analysis of women’s filmmaking from North Africa. . . . Its attention to contemporary film theory is matched by its presentation of materials derived from Martin’s interviews with filmmakers, interviews that reveal a sincere engagement with the filmmakers and a deep understanding of contemporary production. In short, this is a fine book that will be of interest to anyone working on or teaching film and gender studies in North African and Middle Eastern studies, and beyond.” —Journal of Arabic Literature, Issue 44, 2013

Remembering French Algeria

Author : Amy L. Hubbell
ISBN : 9780803269880
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Colonized by the French in 1830, Algeria was an important French settler colony that, unlike its neighbors, endured a lengthy and brutal war for independence from 1954 to 1962. The nearly one million Pieds-Noirs (literally "black-feet") were former French citizens of Algeria who suffered a traumatic departure from their homes and discrimination upon arrival in France. In response, the once heterogeneous group unified as a community as it struggled to maintain an identity and keep the memory of colonial Algeria alive. Remembering French Algeria examines the written and visual re-creation of Algeria by the former French citizens of Algeria from 1962 to the present. By detailing the preservation and transmission of memory prompted by this traumatic experience, Amy L. Hubbell demonstrates how colonial identity is encountered, reworked, and sustained in Pied-Noir literature and film, with the device of repetition functioning in these literary and visual texts to create a unified and nostalgic version of the past. At the same time, however, the Pieds-Noirs' compulsion to return compromises these efforts. Taking Albert Camus's Le Mythe de Sisyphe and his subsequent essays on ruins as a metaphor for Pied-Noir identity, this book studies autobiographical accounts by Marie Cardinal, Jacques Derrida, H�l�ne Cixous, and Le�la Sebbar, as well as lesser-known Algerian-born French citizens, to analyze movement as a destabilizing and productive approach to the past.

Algeria Is Calling And I Must Go

Author : Ryan Publications
ISBN : 9798729220281
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Algeria Is Calling and I Must Go composition notebook features an Italian flag design on the cover. Details: 6' x 9' (Letter size) pages. 120 lined pages.It can be used as a notebook, journal, or composition notebook.

Memory And Complicity

Author : Debarati Sanyal
ISBN : 9780823265497
Genre : Literary Criticism
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“A sophisticated, nuanced, and beautifully written account of the intersecting legacies of genocide and colonialism in postwar France.” ?Michael Rothberg, author of Multidirectional Memory: Remembering the Holocaust in the Age of Decolonization Since World War II, French and Francophone literature and film have repeatedly sought not to singularize the Holocaust as the paradigm of historical trauma but rather to connect its memory with other memories of violence, namely that of colonialism. These works produced what Debarati Sanyal calls a “memory-in-complicity” attuned to the gray zones that implicate different regimes of violence across history as well as those of different subject positions such as victim, perpetrator, witness, and reader/spectator. Examining a range of works from Albert Camus, Primo Levi, Alain Resnais, and Jean-Paul Sartre to Jonathan Littell, Assia Djebar, Giorgio Agamben, and Boualem Sansal, Memory and Complicity develops an inquiry into the political force and ethical dangers of such implications, contrasting them with contemporary models for thinking about trauma and violence and offering an extended meditation on the role of aesthetic form, especially allegory, within acts of transhistorical remembrance. What are the political benefits and ethical risks of invoking the memory of one history in order to address another? What is the role of complicity in making these connections? How does complicity, rather than affect-based discourses of trauma, shame, and melancholy, open a critical engagement with the violence of history? What is it about literature and film that have made them such powerful vehicles for this kind of connective memory work? As it offers new readings of some of the most celebrated and controversial novelists, filmmakers, and playwrights from the French-speaking world, Memory and Complicity addresses these questions in order to reframe the way we think about historical memory and its political uses today.

Algeria 1830 2000

Author : Benjamin Stora
ISBN : 0801489164
Genre : History
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A particularly vicious and bloody civil war has racked Algeria for a decade. Amnesty International notes that since 1992, in a population of 28 million, 80,000 people have been reported killed, and the actual total is almost certainly higher. This terrible war overshadows Algeria's long and complex history and its prominence on the world economic stage—second in size among African nations, Algeria has the longest Mediterranean coastline and contains the world's fifth-largest natural gas reserves. Algeria, 1830-2000 is a comprehensive narrative history of the country. Benjamin Stora, widely recognized as the leading expert on Algeria, presents the story of this turbulent area from the start of formal French colonialism in the early nineteenth century, through the prolonged war for independence in the latter 1950s, to the internal strife of the present day. This book adapts and updates three short volumes published originally in French by La Découverte. For this English edition, Stora has written a new introductory chapter on Algeria's colonial period (1830-1954) and has revised the final section to bring the volume up to date.

The Sixth Fleet

Author : David E. Meadows
ISBN : 9781101220948
Genre : Fiction
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In the future, America will not fight for freedom. America will not fight for justice. America will fight for survival. The United States of America is no longer a dominant superpower. Countries that were once allies now race to establish their own influence around the globe. Slowly but surely, America is becoming a shadow of its former glory. But America’s old enemies aren’t content to see her fade away. They want revenge. The Sixth Fleet is America’s first defense—and last hope. Written by a Captain in the U.S. Navy who has served in both the Pentagon and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, this electrifying new series offers an insider’s view of international conflict and naval combat as you’ve never read before.

Sisters On Screen

Author : Eva Rueschmann
ISBN : 1566397472
Genre : Family & Relationships
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Perhaps the most vital, emotionally complex, and lasting attachments between women occur between sisters. Whether as best friends or antagonists, "sisters remain entangled in a common tapestry of mutual experience and remembrance, family and history," according to author Eva Rueschmann. Although many of the women-centered films in the last three decades depict the relationship between sisters as a pivotal aspect of a character's psychological development, the now substantial body of feminist film criticism has not taken up this theme in any sustained way. InSisters on Screen, Eva Rueschmann explores the sister bond in a wide range of modernist feature films that depart from the conventional cinematic rendering of women's lives. Drawing on the psychoanalytic concept of intersubjectivity, this book emphasizes the role of a woman's relationship and inner world in her continual quest for self-knowledge. Offering an original and absorbing perspective on women's filmic images,Sisters on Screenreveals how post-1960s cinema has articulated the ways in which biological sisters negotiate mutuality and difference, co-author family histories, and profoundly shape each other's political and personal identities. The films in focus question standards of femininity as they probe into memory, fantasy, and desire, bringing women's realities into view in the process. Structuring her discussion in terms of life-cycle stages—adolescence and adulthood—Rueschmann offers an in-depth discussion of such films asAn Angel at My Table,Double Happiness,Eve's Bayou,Gas Food Lodging,Heavenly Creatures,Little Women,Marianne and Julianne,Paura e amore,Peppermint Soda,The Silence,Sweetie, andWelcome to the Dollhouse. Rueschmann draws upon the works of filmmakers from the 1970s to the 1990s. Some of the directors included in her study are Allison Anders, Gillian Armstrong, Ingmar Bergman, Jane Campion, Peter Jackson, Mina Shum, Diane Kurys, Kasi Lemmons, Todd Solondz, and Margarethe von Trotta.Sisters on Screenwill appeal to anyone interested in women's studies, film studies, psychology, psychoanalytic readings of cinema, women directors, and international modern film. Author note:Eva Rueschmannis Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies at Hampshire College.

Screening The Tortured Body

Author : Mark de Valk
ISBN : 9781137399182
Genre : Performing Arts
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Inspired by Michel Foucault’s examination of state subjugation and control, this book considers post-structuralist notions of the ‘political technology of the body’ and 'the spectacle of the scaffold' as a means to analyse cinematic representations of politically-motivated persecution and bodily repression. Through a critique of sovereign power and its application of punishment ‘for transgressions against the state’, the collected works, herein, assess the polticised-body via a range of cinematic perspectives. Imagery, character construction and narrative devices are examined in their account of hegemonic-sanctioned torture and suppression as a means to a political outcome. Screening The Tortured Body: The Cinema as Scaffold elicits philosophical and cultural accounts of the ‘retrained’ body to deliberate on a range of politicised films and filmmakers whose narratives and mise-en-scène techniques critique corporeal subjugation by authoritarian factions.

World Politics On Screen

Author : Mark Sachleben
ISBN : 9780813143132
Genre : History
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Few American military figures are more revered than General John J. "Black Jack" Pershing (1860--1948), who is most famous for leading the American Expeditionary Forces in World War I. The only soldier besides George Washington to be promoted to the highest rank in the U.S. Army (General of the Armies), Pershing was a mentor to the generation of generals who led America's forces during the Second World War. Though Pershing published a two-volume memoir, My Experiences in the World War, and has been the subject of numerous biographies, few know that he spent many years drafting a memoir of his experiences prior to the First World War. In My Life Before the World War, 1860--1917, John T. Greenwood rescues this vital resource from obscurity, making Pershing's valuable insights into key events in history widely available for the first time. Pershing performed frontier duty against the Apaches and Sioux from 1886--1891, fought in Cuba in 1898, served three tours of duty in the Philippines, and was an observer with the Japanese Army in 1905 during the Russo-Japanese War. He also commanded the Mexican Punitive Expedition to capture Pancho Villa in 1916--1917. My Life Before the World War provides a rich personal account of events, people, and places as told by an observer at the center of the action. Carefully edited and annotated, this memoir is a significant contribution to our understanding of a legendary American soldier and the historic events in which he participated.

Mediation In International Relations

Author : J. Bercovitch
ISBN : 9780230374690
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 29. 25 MB
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This collection of articles examines mediation in a range of situations including international relations, informal mediation by private individuals and by scholars and practitioners, as well as the superpowers as mediators.


Author : Alison Butler
ISBN : 9783030304614
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 65. 88 MB
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This book is about the aesthetics and politics of contemporary artists’ moving image installations, and the ways that they use temporal and spatial relationships in the gallery to connect with geopolitical issues. Displaced from the cinema, moving images increasingly address themes of movement and change in the world today. Digital technology has facilitated an explosion of work of this kind, and the expansion of contemporary art museums, biennales and large-scale exhibitions all over the world has created venues and audiences for it. Despite its 20th century precursors, this is a new and distinct artistic form, with an emerging body of thematic concerns and aesthetics strategies. Through detailed analysis of a range of important 21st century works, the book explores how this spatio-temporal form has been used to address major issues of our time, including post-colonialism, migration and conflict. Paying close attention to the ways in which moving images interact with the specific spaces and sites of exhibition, the book explores the mobile viewer’s experiences in these immersive and transitory works.

Algeria Revisited

Author : Rabah Aissaoui
ISBN : 9781474221047
Genre : History
File Size : 42. 75 MB
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On 5 July 1962, Algeria became an independent nation, bringing to an end 132 years of French colonial rule. Algeria Revisited provides an opportunity to critically re-examine the colonial period, the iconic war of decolonisation that brought it to an end and the enduring legacies of these years. Given the apparent centrality of violence in this history, this volume asks how we might re-imagine conflict so as to better understand its forms and functions in both the colonial and postcolonial eras. It considers the constantly shifting balance of power between different groups in Algeria and how these have been used to re-fashion colonial relationships. Turning to the postcolonial period, the book explores the challenges Algerians have faced as they have sought to forge an identity as an independent postcolonial nation and how has this process been represented. The roles played by memory and forgetting are highlighted as part of the ongoing efforts by both Algeria and France to grapple with the complex legacies of their prolonged and tumultuous relationship. This interdisciplinary volume sheds light on these and other issues, offering new insights into the history, politics, society and culture of modern Algeria and its historical relationship with France.

Europe On Screen

Author : Dominique Chansel
ISBN : 9287145318
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 59. 50 MB
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Comprised of fact sheets on 50 films, illustrating 4 themes - nationalism, women, immigration and human rights -, it encourages teachers to exploit cinema as a source of 20th-century history and provides a pedagogical basis to do so. (from CoE website)

Design Of Earth Dams

Author : A.L. Goldin
ISBN : 9781351455848
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 79. 51 MB
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Earth dams are the most common impoundment structures, with stringent requirements imposed on their design and construction. Modern design require accurate static and dynamic computations based on thorough analysis of stress-strain conditions, as detailed in this handbook (translated from the Russia

Monthly Catalog Of United States Government Publications

Author :
ISBN : UCR:31210019464930
Genre : Government publications
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