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The Spectrum Of Hyperbolic Surfaces

Author : Nicolas Bergeron
ISBN : 9783319276663
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 63. 31 MB
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This text is an introduction to the spectral theory of the Laplacian on compact or finite area hyperbolic surfaces. For some of these surfaces, called “arithmetic hyperbolic surfaces”, the eigenfunctions are of arithmetic nature, and one may use analytic tools as well as powerful methods in number theory to study them. After an introduction to the hyperbolic geometry of surfaces, with a special emphasis on those of arithmetic type, and then an introduction to spectral analytic methods on the Laplace operator on these surfaces, the author develops the analogy between geometry (closed geodesics) and arithmetic (prime numbers) in proving the Selberg trace formula. Along with important number theoretic applications, the author exhibits applications of these tools to the spectral statistics of the Laplacian and the quantum unique ergodicity property. The latter refers to the arithmetic quantum unique ergodicity theorem, recently proved by Elon Lindenstrauss. The fruit of several graduate level courses at Orsay and Jussieu, The Spectrum of Hyperbolic Surfaces allows the reader to review an array of classical results and then to be led towards very active areas in modern mathematics.

Spectral Asymptotics On Degenerating Hyperbolic 3 Manifolds

Author : Józef Dodziuk
ISBN : 9780821808375
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 39. 52 MB
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In this volume, the authors study asymptotics of the geometry and spectral theory of degenerating sequences of finite volume hyperbolic manifolds of three dimensions. Thurston's hyperbolic surgery theorem asserts the existence of non-trivial sequences of finite volume hyperbolic three manifolds which converge to a three manifold with additional cusps. In the geometric aspect of their study, the authors use the convergence of hyperbolic metrics on the thick parts of the manifolds under consideration to investigate convergence of tubes in the manifolds of the sequence to cusps of the limiting manifold. In the spectral theory aspect of the work, they prove convergence of heat kernels. They then define a regularized heat trace associated to any finite volume, complete, hyperbolic three manifold, and study its asymptotic behavior through degeneration. As an application of the analysis of the regularized heat trace, they study asymptotic behavior of the spectral zeta function, determinant of the Laplacian, Selberg zeta function, and spectral counting functions through degeneration. The authors' methods are an adaptation to three dimensions of the earlier work of Jorgenson and Lundelius who investigated the asymptotic behavior of spectral functions on degenerating families of finite area hyperbolic Riemann surfaces.

Extremal Riemann Surfaces

Author : John R. Quine
ISBN : 9780821805145
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 89. 65 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This volume is an outgrowth of the AMS Special Session on Extremal Riemann Surfaces held at the Joint Mathematics Meeting in San Francisco, January 1995. The book deals with a variety of extremal problems related to Riemann surfaces. Some papers deal with the identification of surfaces with longest systole (element of shortest nonzero length) for the length spectrum and the Jacobian. Parallels are drawn to classical questions involving extremal lattices. Other papers deal with maximizing or minimizing functions defined by the spectrum such as the heat kernel, the zeta function, and the determinant of the Laplacian, some from the point of view of identifying an extremal metric.There are discussions of Hurwitz surfaces and surfaces with large cyclic groups of automorphisms. Also discussed are surfaces which are natural candidates for solving extremal problems such as triangular, modular, and arithmetic surfaces, and curves in various group theoretically defined curve families. Other allied topics are theta identities, quadratic periods of Abelian differentials, Teichmuller disks, binary quadratic forms, and spectral asymptotics of degenerating hyperbolic three manifolds. This volume: includes papers by some of the foremost experts on Riemann surfaces; outlines interesting connections between Riemann surfaces and parallel fields; follows up on investigations of Sarnak concerning connections between the theory of extreme lattices and Jacobians of Riemann surfaces; and, contains papers on a variety of topics relating to Riemann surfaces.

A Panoramic View Of Riemannian Geometry

Author : Marcel Berger
ISBN : 3540653171
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 34. 98 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book introduces readers to the living topics of Riemannian Geometry and details the main results known to date. The results are stated without detailed proofs but the main ideas involved are described, affording the reader a sweeping panoramic view of almost the entirety of the field. From the reviews "The book has intrinsic value for a student as well as for an experienced geometer. Additionally, it is really a compendium in Riemannian Geometry." --MATHEMATICAL REVIEWS

Simply Ancient Grains

Author : Maria Speck
ISBN : 9781607745891
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 58. 12 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The award-winning author of Ancient Grains for Modern Meals, Maria Speck makes cooking with ancient grains faster, more intuitive, and easier than ever before in this collection of recipes, most of which are gluten-free. From black rice to red quinoa to golden Kamut berries, ancient grains are showing up on restaurant menus and store shelves in abundance. Yet in home kitchens, many fear that whole grains are too difficult and time-consuming to prepare. In Simply Ancient Grains, Maria makes cooking with these fascinating and nourishing staples easy and accessible with sumptuous recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Her family-friendly dishes are Mediterranean-inspired and delicious, such as Spicy Honey and Habanero Shrimp with Cherry Couscous; Farro Salad with Roasted Eggplant, Caramelized Onion, and Pine Nuts; and Red Rice Shakshuka with Feta Cheese. Maria’s tips and simplified approach take whole grain cooking to the next level by amplifying the flavor and enduring beauty of these nutritious grains. From the Hardcover edition.

Spectral Theory Of Infinite Area Hyperbolic Surfaces

Author : David Borthwick
ISBN : 9783319338774
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 67. 25 MB
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This text introduces geometric spectral theory in the context of infinite-area Riemann surfaces, providing a comprehensive account of the most recent developments in the field. For the second edition the context has been extended to general surfaces with hyperbolic ends, which provides a natural setting for development of the spectral theory while still keeping technical difficulties to a minimum. All of the material from the first edition is included and updated, and new sections have been added. Topics covered include an introduction to the geometry of hyperbolic surfaces, analysis of the resolvent of the Laplacian, scattering theory, resonances and scattering poles, the Selberg zeta function, the Poisson formula, distribution of resonances, the inverse scattering problem, Patterson-Sullivan theory, and the dynamical approach to the zeta function. The new sections cover the latest developments in the field, including the spectral gap, resonance asymptotics near the critical line, and sharp geometric constants for resonance bounds. A new chapter introduces recently developed techniques for resonance calculation that illuminate the existing results and conjectures on resonance distribution. The spectral theory of hyperbolic surfaces is a point of intersection for a great variety of areas, including quantum physics, discrete groups, differential geometry, number theory, complex analysis, and ergodic theory. This book will serve as a valuable resource for graduate students and researchers from these and other related fields. Review of the first edition: "The exposition is very clear and thorough, and essentially self-contained; the proofs are detailed...The book gathers together some material which is not always easily available in the literature...To conclude, the book is certainly at a level accessible to graduate students and researchers from a rather large range of fields. Clearly, the reader...would certainly benefit greatly from it." (Colin Guillarmou, Mathematical Reviews, Issue 2008 h)

Lectures On Hyperbolic Geometry

Author : Riccardo Benedetti
ISBN : 9783642581588
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 64. 56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Focussing on the geometry of hyperbolic manifolds, the aim here is to provide an exposition of some fundamental results, while being as self-contained, complete, detailed and unified as possible. Following some classical material on the hyperbolic space and the Teichmüller space, the book centers on the two fundamental results: Mostow's rigidity theorem (including a complete proof, following Gromov and Thurston) and Margulis' lemma. These then form the basis for studying Chabauty and geometric topology; a unified exposition is given of Wang's theorem and the Jorgensen-Thurston theory; and much space is devoted to the 3D case: a complete and elementary proof of the hyperbolic surgery theorem, based on the representation of three manifolds as glued ideal tetrahedra.

Riemannian Geometry

Author : Isaac Chavel
ISBN : 9781139452571
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 81. 63 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book provides an introduction to Riemannian geometry, the geometry of curved spaces, for use in a graduate course. Requiring only an understanding of differentiable manifolds, the author covers the introductory ideas of Riemannian geometry followed by a selection of more specialized topics. Also featured are Notes and Exercises for each chapter, to develop and enrich the reader's appreciation of the subject. This second edition, first published in 2006, has a clearer treatment of many topics than the first edition, with new proofs of some theorems and a new chapter on the Riemannian geometry of surfaces. The main themes here are the effect of the curvature on the usual notions of classical Euclidean geometry, and the new notions and ideas motivated by curvature itself. Completely new themes created by curvature include the classical Rauch comparison theorem and its consequences in geometry and topology, and the interaction of microscopic behavior of the geometry with the macroscopic structure of the space.

Geodesic And Horocyclic Trajectories

Author : Françoise Dal’Bo
ISBN : 0857290738
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 64. 47 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Geodesic and Horocyclic Trajectories presents an introduction to the topological dynamics of two classical flows associated with surfaces of curvature −1, namely the geodesic and horocycle flows. Written primarily with the idea of highlighting, in a relatively elementary framework, the existence of gateways between some mathematical fields, and the advantages of using them, historical aspects of this field are not addressed and most of the references are reserved until the end of each chapter in the Comments section. Topics within the text cover geometry, and examples, of Fuchsian groups; topological dynamics of the geodesic flow; Schottky groups; the Lorentzian point of view and Trajectories and Diophantine approximations.

Moving Interfaces And Quasilinear Parabolic Evolution Equations

Author : Jan Prüss
ISBN : 9783319276984
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 48. 46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In this monograph, the authors develop a comprehensive approach for the mathematical analysis of a wide array of problems involving moving interfaces. It includes an in-depth study of abstract quasilinear parabolic evolution equations, elliptic and parabolic boundary value problems, transmission problems, one- and two-phase Stokes problems, and the equations of incompressible viscous one- and two-phase fluid flows. The theory of maximal regularity, an essential element, is also fully developed. The authors present a modern approach based on powerful tools in classical analysis, functional analysis, and vector-valued harmonic analysis. The theory is applied to problems in two-phase fluid dynamics and phase transitions, one-phase generalized Newtonian fluids, nematic liquid crystal flows, Maxwell-Stefan diffusion, and a variety of geometric evolution equations. The book also includes a discussion of the underlying physical and thermodynamic principles governing the equations of fluid flows and phase transitions, and an exposition of the geometry of moving hypersurfaces.

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