human symmetry perception and its computational analysis

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Human Symmetry Perception And Its Computational Analysis

Author : Christopher W. Tyler
ISBN : 9781135628765
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 83. 73 MB
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Symmetry is a fundamental principle of broad concern from the physical sciences to art and design. Much of its significance derives from the perceptual appeal of symmetry to the human brain, as testified by its universal inclusion in those icons of decor--oriental rugs. Although there have been many books on physical symmetry, none have addressed the issue of human symmetry perception. This comprehensive collection provides a wide range of approaches to the study of how we see symmetries, from evolutionary through empirical to extended theoretical treatments. The book is an invaluable resource for those concerned with the methods and analytic approaches to this challenging topic. It soon becomes evident that symmetry perception is not a simple example of neural pattern processing, since the essence of symmetry is to transcend the patterns of which it is composed. Consequently, this volume contains many novel methods relevant to the analysis of the long-range processing of mid-level vision rather than early neural filtering. It provides both a historical background and an intellectual stimulant to future developments in this lapidary field of study.

Spiral Symmetry

Author : Istv n Hargittai
ISBN : 9810206151
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 87. 71 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A collection of essays explores the aesthetic, graphic, literary, scientific, mathematical, and computer-related aspects of the spiral in nature and in the man-made world.

An Autocorrelation Theory Of Form Detection

Author : William R. Uttal
ISBN : UOM:39015000681893
Genre : Form perception
File Size : 80. 67 MB
Format : PDF
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Groups And Symmetry

Author : Mark A. Armstrong
ISBN : 0387966757
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 88. 85 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Groups are important because they measure symmetry. This text, designed for undergraduate mathematics students, provides a gentle introduction to the vocabulary and many of the highlights of elementary group theory. Written in an informal style, the material is divided into short sections, each of which deals with an important result or a new idea. Throughout the book, emphasis is placed on concrete examples, often geometrical in nature, so that finite rotation groups and the 17 wallpaper groups are treated in detail alongside theoretical results such as Lagrange's theorem, the Sylow theorems, and the classification theorem for finitely generated abelian groups. A novel feature at this level is a proof of the Nielsen-Schreier theorem, using groups actions on trees. There are more than 300 exercises and approximately 60 illustrations to help develop the student's intuition.


Author : R. P. Burn
ISBN : 0521347939
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 88. 9 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Following the same successful approach as Dr. Burn's previous book on number theory, this text consists of a carefully constructed sequence of questions that will enable the reader, through participation, to study all the group theory covered by a conventional first university course. An introduction to vector spaces, leading to the study of linear groups, and an introduction to complex numbers, leading to the study of Möbius transformations and stereographic projection, are also included. Quaternions and their relationships to 3-dimensional isometries are covered, and the climax of the book is a study of the crystallographic groups, with a complete analysis of these groups in two dimensions.

Symmetry Causality Mind

Author : Michael Leyton
ISBN : 0262621312
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 74. 68 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In this investigation of the psychological relationship between shape and time, Leyton argues compellingly that shape is used by the mind to recover the past and as such it forms a basis for memory.

Computational Symmetry In Computer Vision And Computer Graphics

Author : Yanxi Liu
ISBN : 9781601983640
Genre : Computers
File Size : 81. 17 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Computational Symmetry in Computer Vision and Computer Graphics provides a succinct summary of the relevant mathematical theory, a historic perspective of some important symmetry-related ideas, a partial yet timely report on the state of the arts symmetry detection algorithms along with its first quantitative benchmark, a diverse set of real world applications, suggestions for future directions and a comprehensive reference list.

The Oxford Handbook Of Perceptual Organization

Author : Johan Wagemans
ISBN : 9780191510472
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 78. 17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Perceptual organization comprises a wide range of processes such as perceptual grouping, figure-ground organization, filling-in, completion, perceptual switching, etc. Such processes are most notable in the context of shape perception but they also play a role in texture perception, lightness perception, color perception, motion perception, depth perception, etc. Perceptual organization deals with a variety of perceptual phenomena of central interest, studied from many different perspectives, including psychophysics, experimental psychology, neuropsychology, neuroimaging, neurophysiology, and computational modeling. Given its central importance in phenomenal experience, perceptual organization has also figured prominently in classic Gestalt writings on the topic, touching upon deep philosophical issues regarding mind-brain relationships and consciousness. In addition, it attracts a great deal of interest from people working in applied areas like visual art, design, architecture, music, and so forth. The Oxford Handbook of Perceptual Organization provides a broad and extensive review of the current literature, written in an accessible form for scholars and students. With chapter written by leading researchers in the field, this is the state-of-the-art reference work on this topic, and will be so for many years to come.

Augmented Vision Perception In Infrared

Author : Riad I. Hammoud
ISBN : 9781848002777
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 33. 72 MB
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Throughout much of machine vision’s early years the infrared imagery has suffered from return on investment despite its advantages over visual counterparts. Recently, the ?scal momentum has switched in favor of both manufacturers and practitioners of infrared technology as a result of today’s rising security and safety challenges and advances in thermographic sensors and their continuous drop in costs. This yielded a great impetus in achieving ever better performance in remote surveillance, object recognition, guidance, noncontact medical measurements, and more. The purpose of this book is to draw attention to recent successful efforts made on merging computer vision applications (nonmilitary only) and nonvisual imagery, as well as to ?ll in the need in the literature for an up-to-date convenient reference on machine vision and infrared technologies. Augmented Perception in Infrared provides a comprehensive review of recent deployment of infrared sensors in modern applications of computer vision, along with in-depth description of the world’s best machine vision algorithms and intel- gent analytics. Its topics encompass many disciplines of machine vision, including remote sensing, automatic target detection and recognition, background modeling and image segmentation, object tracking, face and facial expression recognition, - variant shape characterization, disparate sensors fusion, noncontact physiological measurements, night vision, and target classi?cation. Its application scope includes homeland security, public transportation, surveillance, medical, and military. Mo- over, this book emphasizes the merging of the aforementioned machine perception applications and nonvisual imaging in intensi?ed, near infrared, thermal infrared, laser, polarimetric, and hyperspectral bands.

From Gestalt Theory To Image Analysis

Author : Agnès Desolneux
ISBN : 9780387726359
Genre : Computers
File Size : 46. 80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book introduces a new theory in Computer Vision yielding elementary techniques to analyze digital images. These techniques are a mathematical formalization of the Gestalt theory. From the mathematical viewpoint the closest field to it is stochastic geometry, involving basic probability and statistics, in the context of image analysis. The book is mathematically self-contained, needing only basic understanding of probability and calculus. The text includes more than 130 illustrations, and numerous examples based on specific images on which the theory is tested. Detailed exercises at the end of each chapter help the reader develop a firm understanding of the concepts imparted.

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