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Electrodynamics From Amp Re To Einstein

Author : Olivier Darrigol
ISBN : 0198505930
Genre : Architecture
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Three quarters of a century elapsed between Ampere's definition of electrodynamics and Einstein's reform of the concepts of space and time. The two events occurred in utterly different worlds: the French Academy of Sciences of the 1820s seems very remote from the Bern Patent Office of the early 1900s, and the forces between two electric currents quite foreign to the optical synchronization of clocks. Yet Ampere's electrodynamics and Einstein's relativity are firmly connected through a historical chain involving German extensions of Ampere's work, competition with British field conceptions, Dutch synthesis, and fin de siecle criticism of the aether-matter connection. Olivier Darrigol retraces this intriguing evolution, with a physicist's attention to conceptual and instrumental developments, and with a historian's awareness of their cultural and material embeddings. This book exploits a wide range of sources, and incorporates the many important insights of other scholars. Thorough accounts are given of crucial episodes such as Faraday's redefinition of charge and current, the genesis of Maxwell's field equations, and Hertz's experiments on fast electric oscillations. Thus there emerges a vivid picture of the intellectual and instrumental variety of nineteenth-century physics. The most influential investigators worked at the crossroads between different disciplines and traditions: they did not separate theory from experiment, they frequently drew on competing traditions, and their scientific interests extended beyond physics into chemistry, mathematics, physiology, and other areas. By bringing out these important features, this book offers a tightly connected and yet sharply contrasted view of early electrodynamics. Olivier Darrigol is a Research Director at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris. His research focuses on the history of quantum theory and of electrodynamics.


Author : H. J. W. Mller-Kirsten
ISBN : 9789814340731
Genre : Science
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Electrodynamics is a basic area of physics, encompassing also classical and quantum physics, optics, relativity and field theory, and is of universal practical importance. The present text aims at a balance between basic theory and practical applications, and includes introductions to specific quantum mechanical effects. The detailed presentation allows the reader to follow every step. Each chapter is supplemented by both worked examples and unsolved exercises. This thoroughly revised second edition with new sections on networks and diffraction, and with international units stated wherever relevant, covers all the material normally required for a first degree in physics and beyond, and may serve as a step to advanced applications and research.

Covariant Electrodynamics

Author : John M. Charap
ISBN : 9781421400150
Genre : Science
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A notoriously difficult Subject, covariant electrodynamics is nonetheless vital for understanding relativistic field theory. John M. Charap's classroom-tested introduction to the mathematical foundations of the topic presents the material in an approachable manner. Charap begins with a historical overview of electrodynamics and a discussion of the preliminary mathematics one needs in order to grasp the advanced and abstract concepts underlying the theory. He walks the reader through Maxwell's four equations, explaining how they were developed and demonstrating how they are applied. From there, Charap moves through the other components of electrodynamics, such as Lorentz transformations, tensors, and charged particle behavior. At each point, he carefully works through the mathematics, applies the concepts to simple physical systems, and provides historical context that makes clear the connections among the theories and the mathematicians responsible for developing them. A concluding chapter reviews the history of electrodynamics and points the way for independent testing of the theory. Thorough, evenly paced, and intuitive, this friendly introduction to high-level covariant electrodynamics is a handy and helpful addition to any physicist's toolkit.

Foundations Of Applied Electrodynamics

Author : Wen Geyi
ISBN : 9781119957485
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Foundations of Applied Electrodynamics takes a fresh look at the essential concepts and methods of electrodynamics as a whole, uniting the most relevant contemporary topics under a common mathematical framework. It contains clear explanations of high-level concepts as well as the mutual relationships between the essential ideas of electromagnetic theory. Starting with the fundamentals of electrodynamics, it methodically covers a wide spectrum of research and applications that stem from electromagnetic phenomena, before concluding with more advanced topics such as quantum mechanics. Includes new advances and methodologies in applied electrodynamics, and provides the whole picture of the theory of electrodynamics in most active areas of engineering applications Systematically deals with eigenvalue problems, integral equation formulations and transient phenomena in various areas of applied electrodynamics Introduces the complete theory of spherical vector wave functions, and presents the upper bounds of the product of gain and bandwidth for an arbitrary antenna Presents the field approach to multiple antenna system, which provides a theoretical tool for the prediction of channel models of MIMO, and is also the basis of wireless power transmission system One of the first books on electromagnetics that contains the general theory of relativity, which is needed in the design of mobile systems such as global positioning system (GPS) By summarising both engineering and theoretical electromagnetism in one volume, this book is an essential reference for practicing engineers, as well as a guide for those who wish to advance their analytical techniques for studying applied electrodynamics.

Modern Electrodynamics

Author : Andrew Zangwill
ISBN : 9780521896979
Genre : Science
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An engaging writing style and a strong focus on the physics make this graduate-level textbook a must-have for electromagnetism students.

Macroscopic Electrodynamics

Author : Walter Wilcox
ISBN : 9789814616645
Genre : Science
File Size : 87. 48 MB
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“Macroscopic Electrodynamics” is a comprehensive two-semester introductory graduate-level textbook on classical electrodynamics for use in physics and engineering programs. The word “macroscopic” is intended to indicate both the large-scale nature of the theory, as well as the fact that emphasis is placed upon applications of the so-called macroscopic Maxwell equations to idealized media. This book emphasizes principles and practical methods of analysis, which are often presented in fresh and original ways. Illustrative examples are carefully chosen to promote the students' physical intuition, and are worked out in detail to give students a thorough grounding in solution techniques. The style is informal yet mathematically sound, and presumes only a basic familiarity with electrodynamics such as may be obtained in a one-semester junior-level undergraduate class. At the end of each chapter many original problems are provided which illustrate or expand upon specific sections of the text. The problems are at the heart of the text and are meant to encourage students, develop confidence, and emphasize ideas while avoiding both oversimplification and inordinate calculational difficulties. Errata(s) Errata

Cosmic Electrodynamics

Author : Gregory D. Fleishman
ISBN : 9781461457824
Genre : Science
File Size : 80. 32 MB
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This book presents the fundamental concepts of the theory, illustrated by numerous examples of astrophysical applications. Classical concepts are combined with new developments and the authors demarcate what is well established and what is still under debate. To book illustrates how apparently complicated phenomena can be addressed and understood using well-known physical principles and equations within appropriate approximations and simplifications. For this purpose, a number of astrophysical examples are considered in greater detail than what is normally presented in a regular textbook. In particular, a number of nonlinear self-consistent models are considered, which is motivated by the latest observational data and modern theory.

Quantum Electrodynamics Of Strong Fields

Author : Greiner W. Hold
ISBN : 9781489921390
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 38. 97 MB
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The NATO Advanced Study Institute on Quantum Electrodynamics of Strong Fields was held at Lahnstein on the Rhine from 15-26 June, 1981. The school was devoted to the advances, theoretical and exper imental, in the physics of strong fields made during the past decade. The topic of the first week was almost exclusively quantum electrodynamics, with discussions of symmetry breaking in the ground state, of the physics of heavy ion collisions and of precision tests of perturbative quantum electrodynamics. This was followed in the second week by the presentation of a broad range of other areas where strong fields occur, reaching from nuclear physics over quantum chromodynamics to gravitation theory and astrophysics. We were fortunate to be able to call on a body of lecturers who not only have made considerable personal contributions to these advances but who are also noted for their lecturing skills. Their dedication for their subject was readily transmitted to the stu dents resulting in a very successful school. This enthusiasm is also reflected in their contributions to these Proceedings which, as I believe, will in time become a standard source of reference for future work on the physics of strong fields and will help to spread the benefits of the school to a larger audience than those who were able to attend. I regret that the Soviet colleagues Ya. B. Zeldovich and V. S. Popov were unable to participate.

Foundations Of Electrodynamics

Author : Parry Moon
ISBN : 9780486316109
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 66. 40 MB
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Advanced undergraduate text presupposes some knowledge of electricity and magnetism, making substantial use of vector analysis. A serious development of electrodynamics on a postulational basis that clearly defines each concept. 1960 edition.

Newtonian Electrodynamics

Author : Peter Graneau
ISBN : 9789813103122
Genre : Science
File Size : 59. 3 MB
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The book deals with the resurgence of nineteenth century electromagnetism in physics and electrical engineering. It describes a series of important experiments, and new technologies based on these experiments, which cannot be explained by and analyzed with the modern relativistic electrodynamics of the twentieth century. The Newtonian electrodynamics of Coulomb, Ampere, Neumann, and Kirchhoff, which was current from 1750 to 1900, is fully reviewed and greatly extended to deal with contemporary research on exploding wires, railguns and other electromagnetic accelerators, jet propulsion in liquid metals, arc plasma explosions, capillary fusion, and lightning phenomena. Much of the book is based on the atomic definition of the Amperian current element. Finite element techniques for solving many electrodynamic problems are described.

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