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Astrology In Medieval Manuscripts

Author : Sophie Page
ISBN : 0802085113
Genre : History
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In the Middle Ages the art of predicting earthly events and human characteristics from the movements of the stars and planets was a scientific branch of learning with a philosophical basis. Its influence extended to natural philosophy and cosmology, medicine, agriculture, weather-forecasting and alchemy. Yet astrology was never an entirely acceptable practice, attracting both religious and scientific objections. These ambivalent medieval attitudes are just one aspect of this wide-ranging and clearly-written account of astrological ideas and practices in medieval society, comprehensively illustrated from a wide range of manuscripts.

Astrology In Medieval Manuscripts

Author : Sophie Page
ISBN : 1487502958
Genre : Art
File Size : 39. 64 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Politics, medicine, weather forecasting, cosmology and alchemy were all influenced by astrological concepts. Astrology in Medieval Manuscripts explores the dazzling complexity of western medieval astrology and its place in society.

Magic In Medieval Manuscripts

Author : Sophie Page
ISBN : 0802037976
Genre : Art
File Size : 58. 15 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"Magic in Medieval Manuscripts" explores the place of magic in the medieval world and the contradictory responses it evoked, through an exploration of images and texts in British Library manuscripts.

Astrology In The Middle Ages

Author : Theodore Otto Wedel
ISBN : 9780486436425
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 47. 91 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Explanations of a diverse range of physical phenomena raised astrology to a prominent place in the history of philosophy and science. This volume traces the development of astrology from the 5th through 15th centuries, with interpretations from a variety of literary sources that include medieval romances and the works of Chaucer.

Astrology Magic And Alchemy In Art

Author : Matilde Battistini
ISBN : 0892369078
Genre : Art
File Size : 75. 56 MB
Format : PDF
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From antiquity to the Enlightenment, astrology, magic, and alchemy were considered important tools to unravel the mysteries of nature and human destiny. In this latest volume in the popular Guide to Imagery series, Battistini presents a careful analysis of occult iconography in many of the great masterpieces of Western art, calling out key features in the illustrations for discussion and interpretation.

Unlocked Books

Author : Benedek Lang
ISBN : 9780271033785
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 20. 11 MB
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During the Middle Ages, the Western world translated the incredible Arabic scientific corpus and imported it into Western culture: Arabic philosophy, optics, and physics, as well as alchemy, astrology, and talismanic magic. The line between the scientific and the magical was blurred. According to popular lore, magicians of the Middle Ages were trained in the art of magic in &“magician schools&” located in various metropolitan areas, such as Naples, Athens, and Toledo. It was common knowledge that magic was learned and that cities had schools designed to teach the dark arts. The Spanish city of Toledo, for example, was so renowned for its magic training schools that &“the art of Toledo&” was synonymous with &“the art of magic.&” Until Benedek L&áng&’s work on Unlocked Books, little had been known about the place of magic outside these major cities. A principal aim of Unlocked Books is to situate the role of central Europe as a center for the study of magic. L&áng helps chart for us how the thinkers of that day&—clerics, courtiers, and university masters&—included in their libraries not only scientific and religious treatises but also texts related to the field of learned magic. These texts were all enlisted to solve life&’s questions, whether they related to the outcome of an illness or the meaning of lines on one&’s palm. Texts summoned angels or transmitted the recipe for a magic potion. L&áng gathers magical texts that could have been used by practitioners in late fifteenth-century central Europe.


Author : Peter Whitfield
ISBN : NWU:35556036418366
Genre : History
File Size : 78. 99 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This scintillating history traces the key role astrology has played in the mainstream of Western intellectual life for more than two millennia. Peter Whitfield brings together research from ancient, classical, medieval, and modern times -- and then relates astrology to the religion, philosophy, and science of each period. The unique historical manuscripts and works of art that illustrate the text, many drawn from the superb collections of the British Library, show how Western astrology evolved among different cultures and reconciled itself with many different belief systems.This lucid, thoughtful, and stimulating work -- the first serious, comprehensive history of astrology -- gracefully illuminates a significant chapter in the history of ideas.

Mansions Of The Moon A Lunar Zodiac For Astrology And Magic

Author : Christopher Warnock
ISBN : 9780557560783
Genre : Electional astrology
File Size : 48. 69 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Christopher Warnock's Mansions of the Moon is the definitive source for the Arabic and Western lunar Mansions and their use in traditional electional astrology and astrological magic. Mansions of the Moon provides an introduction to this fascinating and hidden system of traditional astrology. With beautiful black and white illustrations of each of the images of the 28 Mansions from Picatrix by Nigel Jackson, the talented mage and artist, the Mansions of the Moon is an ideal source for talismanic magic. Warnock provides a complete history and introduction to the Mansions, practical instructions for their use and extensive appendices from traditional sources on the Mansions.

Designing English

Author : Daniel Wakelin
ISBN : 1851244751
Genre : Books
File Size : 29. 89 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Early manuscripts in the English language include religious works, plays, romances, poetry and songs, as well as charms, notebooks, science and medieval medicine. How did scribes choose to arrange the words and images on the page in each manuscript? How did they preserve, clarify and illustrate writing in English? What visual guides were given to early readers of English in how to understand or use their books?'Designing English' is an overview of eight centuries of graphic design in manuscripts and inscriptions from the Anglo-Saxon to the early Tudor periods. Working beyond the traditions established for Latin, scribes of English needed to be more inventive, so that each book was an opportunity for redesigning. 'Designing English' focuses on the craft, agency and intentions of scribes, painters and engravers in the practical processes of making pages and artefacts. It weighs up the balance of ingenuity and copying, practicality and imagination in their work. It surveys bilingual books, format, ordinatio, decoration and reading aloud, as well as inscriptions on objects, monuments and buildings.With over ninety illustrations, drawn especially from the holdings of the Bodleian Library in Old English and Middle English, 'Designing English' gives a comprehensive overview of English books and other material texts across the Middle Ages.

From Masha Allah To Kepler

Author : Professor Charles Burnett
ISBN : 1907767061
Genre :
File Size : 37. 89 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Astrology has recently become a subject of interest to scholars of the highest calibre. However, the tendency has been to look at the social context of astrology, the attacks on astrologers and their craft, and on astrological iconography and symbolism; i.e., largely looking on astrology from the outside. The intention of this book is to do is to look at the subject from the inside: the ideas and techniques of astrologers themselves. In both Western and Eastern cultures astrology was regarded as a pure science by most scholars, mathematicians, physicians, philosophers and theologians, and was taught in schools and universities. The greatest astronomers of the period under consideration, al-Kindi, Thabit ibn Qurra, Abraham Ibn Ezra, Galileo and Kepler, also wrote about and practised astrology. What did astrologers write about astrology and how did they teach their subject and practise their craft? What changes occurred in astrological theory and practice over time and from one culture to another? What cosmological and philosophical frameworks did astrologers use to describe their practice? What role did diagrams, tables and illustrations play in astrological text-books? What was astrology's place in universities and academies? This book contains surveys of astrologers and their craft in Islamic, Jewish and Christian culture, and includes hitherto unpublished and unstudied astrological texts.

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