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American Congo

Author : Nan Elizabeth WOODRUFF
ISBN : 9780674045330
Genre : History
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This is the story of how rural black people struggled against the oppressive sharecropping system of the Arkansas and Mississippi Delta during the first half of the twentieth century. Delta planters, aided by local law enforcement, engaged in peonage, murder, theft, and disfranchisement. As individuals and through collective struggle, black men and women fought back, demanding a just return for their crops and laying claim to a democratic vision of citizenship. Nan Woodruff shows how the freedom fighters of the 1960s would draw on this half-century tradition of protest, thus expanding our standard notions of the civil rights movement and illuminating a neglected but significant slice of the American black experience.

The American Congo

Author : John Gregory Bourke
ISBN : OCLC:10279930
Genre : Rio Grande Valley (Colo.-Mexico and Tex.)
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King Leopold S Ghost

Author : Adam Hochschild
ISBN : 9780330469944
Genre : History
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WINNER OF THE 1999 DUFF COOPER PRIZE. 'Brilliant .. this book must be read and re-read' Neal Ascherson'. 'A hundred years ago, enlightened people in the western world were outraged by a holocaust in Africa which left millions dead. Denunciations thundered from speaker's platforms around the US and Europe. One open letter to The Times was signed by 11 peers, 19 bishops and 75 MPs. Viscount Grey, Britain's foreign secretary, declared that no overseas issue had so intensely aroused the British public for 30 years. Conan Doyle wrote a pamphlet on the Congo atrocities which sold 25,000 copies in the first week alone. Yet today not one person in a thousand could say what the fuss was all about, unless, of course, they have read this amazing book.' Tariq Ali, Financial Times 'Fascinating ... brilliant and gripping' Mail on Sunday 'An exemplary piece of history writing: urgent, vivid and compelling' Literary Review

United States Relations With Belgium And The Congo 1940 1960

Author : Jonathan E. Helmreich
ISBN : 0874136539
Genre : Political Science
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The low country's participation in NATO, trade of Congo goods, and American policy toward UN action in the Congo are also involved. This work analyzes the contrasting diplomatic styles of Belgian foreign ministers Paul-Henri Spaak and Paul van Zeeland and the atmosphere of disappointment that often hovered over a relationship officially characterized as warm and strong.


Author : Johnny Van Hove
ISBN : 9783839440377
Genre : History
File Size : 78. 61 MB
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To justify the plundering of today's Democratic Republic of the Congo, U.S. intellectual elites have continuously produced dismissive Congo discourses. Tracing these discourses in great depth and breadth for the first time, Johnny Van Hove shows how U.S. intellectuals (and their influential European counterparts) have been using the Congo in similar fashions for their own goals. Analyzing intellectuals as diverse as W.E.B. Du Bois, Joseph Conrad, and David Van Reybrouck, the book offers a theorization of Central West Africa, a case study of normalized narratives on the "Other", and a stirring wake up call for all contemporary writers on international history and politics.


Author : Thomas Turner
ISBN : 9780745656724
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 57. 72 MB
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The Democratic Republic of Congo has become one of the world's bloodiest hot spots. 2003 saw the end of a five-year war in which millions lost their lives - one of the deadliest conflicts since World War II. Despite recent peace agreements and democratic elections, the country is still plagued by army and militia violence. Congo remains deeply troubled, since the deep-rooted causes of conflict have not been adequately addressed. The conflict in the DRC has divided opinion; some call it a civil war, or a war of aggression by the country's neighbours; others a continuation of Rwanda's Hutu-Tutsi conflict on Congolose soil, and a war of partition and pillage. The prevalence of rape and sexual violence has led some analysts to mark it out as a hidden ‘war against women'. Tom Turner's insightful book reveals how each of these descriptions accurately captures the separate elements of this complex and multidimensional political conflict. In exploring each of these contributory factors, he shows how current attempts to rebuild the shattered state and society of DRC are doomed to fail. So long as the full complexity of the Congo crisis is not taken into account and a clear consensus as to its precise dimensions reached, the future looks bleak. The DRC, he argues, will likely remain a global hot spot for some time to come.

A New Plantation South

Author : Jeannie M. Whayne
ISBN : 0813916550
Genre : History
File Size : 61. 40 MB
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In A New Plantation South, Jeannie M. Whayne traces the emergence of a transformed southern plantation system in the Arkansas delta decades after the end of the Civil War. By manipulating laws and federal and state agencies to gain control over land policy, labor recruitment, and financing, Poinsett County planters were able to create a plantation system in the Arkansas delta. The consequences for landless farmers were dire: they came into the malarial swamps hoping for land ownership but found themselves trapped in the tenancy and sharecropping system by the crop lien and commissary. When chemicals and mechanization made these farmers obsolete, they abandoned their dreams and migrated to the cities. Although they were exploited by tenancy and sharecropping, Whayne shows how these farmers fought, albeit unsuccessfully, to maintain their place on the soil. Whayne also offers an analysis of the forces at work on the local level. She suggests that concerted opposition to modernization existed even before New Deal programs gave power to the planters in the 1930s. She also demonstrates that the Arkansas delta experienced many of the same conflicts based on social class and racial caste that were evident in former slaveholding areas. Her research suggests that scholars may need to revise the prominence given to the heritage of slavery as a determining influence of local trends in the post-Civil War South.

East Along The Equator

Author : Helen Winternitz
ISBN : 0871131625
Genre : Travel
File Size : 57. 8 MB
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In this brilliant mix of political journalism and travel writing, Helen Winternitz and fellow journalist Timothy Phelps witness what few Westerners have: life in the ecologically rich but financially impoverished American-backed dictatorship of Zaire, the former Belgian Congo.

The African Predicament And The American Experience

Author : Ali AlʼAmin Mazrui
ISBN : 0275978281
Genre : History
File Size : 35. 60 MB
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Examines the importance of Africa in the development of the West.

The Senator And The Sharecropper

Author : Chris Myers Asch
ISBN : 9780807878057
Genre : History
File Size : 53. 27 MB
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In this fascinating study of race, politics, and economics in Mississippi, Chris Myers Asch tells the story of two extraordinary personalities--Fannie Lou Hamer and James O. Eastland--who represented deeply opposed sides of the civil rights movement. Both were from Sunflower County: Eastland was a wealthy white planter and one of the most powerful segregationists in the U.S. Senate, while Hamer, a sharecropper who grew up desperately poor just a few miles from the Eastland plantation, rose to become the spiritual leader of the Mississippi freedom struggle. Asch uses Hamer's and Eastland's entwined histories, set against the backdrop of Sunflower County's rise and fall as a center of cotton agriculture, to explore the county's changing social landscape during the mid-twentieth century and its persistence today as a land separate and unequal. Asch, who spent nearly a decade in Mississippi as an educator, offers a fresh look at the South's troubled ties to the cotton industry, the long struggle for civil rights, and unrelenting social and economic injustice through the eyes of two of the era's most important and intriguing figures.

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